Thursday, July 19, 2012

Precious Family

In less than a year my mother has lost three dear siblings.
Last week was the funeral for my aunt Liv.
We met, 8 cousins and one uncle (plus in-laws, second cousins of Serina e.t.c.).
Somehow  this funeral was not only depressing, but a rare meeting of much appreciated family.
The man on the picture, my uncle Kaare soon 89 years of age, is still living in his home. He has some help of his daughter sitting next to him and nurses to see to his unhealed hip, but he's coping day by day in his own. He is also doing some gardening, he is and always was an outdoor man.
Never ever heard him complain. His wife was ill for a good many years, he never let her alone for a single day.
When he was seven years old my grandfather and my eldest uncle went to America to earn money to buy a new far to replace the nice farm he lost because of the depression.
"You have to be the man of the house now," my grandfather instructed, even though there were four elder sisters left.
My uncle took his burden on his shoulders without a word. My mother tells, he never played like his three younger siblings. He was the man.
Even reduced after years of pain and illness, he still is The Man.
I hope you can see what a great fellow he is and has been.
When my mother nursed my father and my aunt Henny nursed her husband, uncle invited them to stay with him for a fortnight several summers. The three siblings had  a wonderful time together, laughing, remembering, forgetting all their sorrows.
I just thought I'd write these words while he's still amongst us.

You Care About People
You care about people
and it shows.
You are generous with your time,
giving of your energy,
lavish with your unselfish deeds.
I will remember your kindness to me.
Thank you for brightening my world
with your thoughtfulness.
It really meant a lot.
By Joanna Fuchs

My uncle Kaare with cousin Anne Marie by his side and I on my knees before him. One of those fairytale summers on my grandparents' farm.


Debbie Petras said...

What a precious photo you have of your Uncle Kaare and you and your cousin. I also had an Uncle named Kaare. He was born in Norway and was my father's mother's brother. He has since died.

I love that he took on the duty of caring for the siblings without complaint. My grandfather was the eldest and he left for the US. The family farm was then given to the next son. But it is still in our family in northern Norway.

I am so sorry for your recent losses. It is hard to lose loved ones and to also see them suffer in the elder years. You do have a precious family; a perfect title for this post. And I love the poem "You Care About People". I think I need to write that one down in my journal.

Love you,

Jada's Gigi said...

We must love our family while they are with us...too soon the old ones go away...

Trish said...

What a man of character your Uncle Kaare. Thank you for honoring him while he is still here...
Cheryl's words are true...too soon the old ones go away.
Big Hugs,

steveroni said...

In ten years I will be the age of Uncle Kaare.

I see in his photo a smile, and gleam in his eyes--and truth. And trust is showing there.

Where is that old-fashioned trust gone from our world?

I pray that my composure stays as his own, and that I keep my own continuous smile, as he does.

I hope that my eyes also show a life of goodness, but some miracles will have to occur for that to be!


Amrita said...

Your family is outstanding Felisol. Such strong, resillient and responsible people - living an d caring for others. Your generation and Serina is carrying it forward.

I am so sorry to hear about your dear ones passing away at such proximity, must be so hard for all.

Your baby photo is so cute - happy memories

Colleen said...

These are beautiful words. What a truly excellent man. May God bless him.

Becky said...


Mrs. Mac said...

I have re-read this story several times taking in all the familial connections and history. He is a family treasure!

Roan said...

What a wonderful tribute and precious memories. You are lucky to have him in your life.