Thursday, December 28, 2006


I'm a sucker for happy endings. I prefer feel-good series on TV.

I love the Christmas Gospel, the Son of God born as an innocent child with angles singing and wise men bringing gifts.

The fulfillment of God's salvation plan, crucifixion, a tortured man forsaken by his friends, family, even by God, who sent him...It's too tough, really. I'm not a huge Easter fan and would make a lousy Catholic. Even though there was a happy ending on Easter Sunday...

Even though I wear a cross around my neck as a symbol of my belief.

I feel so devastated when things go wrong in my life. I keep putting so much effort in getting things right.

Then I fail. Others fail too.
I can't take it. I need a happy ending.

Or at least an ending.
I simply cannot allow bad attitudes keep on being passed on for generations.
Guess I need to call upon my favourite, Saint Peter, for help, at least to make me a better person, and to heal open wounds.

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Curious Servant said...

I think it is a happy ending, Elise. for He used that to open a door large enough for all of us to come close.

I wanted to thank you for dropping by and commenting on the painting I did for my church last Sunday (Christmas Eve).

I also wantd to invite you to help yourself to the finished image (completed this afternoon).

If you can use it in anyway, please feel free.