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Originated by MaryT, check hers for today. Don't forget to wish her happy birthday.

With me being the constant gardener, there's not much time for PC or photography these days.
With the help from God and Gunnar I have some nice garden pictures to serve for this Tuesday.
The tulips are already history for this year.
Some wonder they are though. Three packets of bulbs remain laying of the terrace till February had even started sprouting when they were put in earth.

The red and the lilac rhododendrons are setting our spirits on fire just now. South west of Norway is rhododendron climate. Mild winters and moist springs.
In the background the poppies are lurking while the scarlet rhododendron is whispering good night.
Some late bloomers on the terrace.
Even our Christ Thorn is full of blossoms. Never understand why we don't have the red berries in autumn.
The fur don't have much red in its flower, but is a part of the garden picture.
The Prince Apple tree is promising this year. Hope the bumblebees will soon arrive. I'd love some red apples this fall.
Yours truly admiring the blood beech south east in the garden.
Resting on a red chair under the Swede Apple tree.
God's own summer curtains are covering the windows of our living room. The clematis.

The clematis has worked its way around the corner up on the terrace.
The bell bush is also springing out these days.

I'll let Dylan and Springsteen sing to congratulate Dylan with birthday May 24th and teach Mary with hers May 25th.