Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Judging Amy tonight;
"She's just being battle tired."
"When is that?"
"That's when the burdens of your past and your worries for tomorrow are too heavy to bear."

I think my mother has been battle tired for a long while.

More Judging Amy:
"She's closing us all out. She won't let anybody in."
"That's because she's afraid what we might find."

Poor mother, poor me, poor all of us.

I often longed on tiresome road
out there - to peace,
but land of elves first is revealed
when sun goes to ease.


Terry said...

Dear Felisol
When I read your comment the other day on Curious Servant, I wanted to write to you and didn't but now, a few days later. I think the timing is right.
I read about your working with the retarded and it so touched my heart.
Well today after I got home from work, I went to my friend David Fisher's Blog..pilgrimscribblings
He has a posting there today about his son who has autism and I thought that you would be the person to encourage him as he DOES need some.
I hope I have not been too forward in asking you this but it would be so nice if you write to David!

This poem of yours so good and yet so SAD.. from Terry[Teresa]

Terry said...

Thank you so much for considering it Felisol and I really appreciate that you will be praying about it first..Thanks so much..your's truly Terry

Terry said...

You are such a kind loving person Feliso albeit a wise, and praying person too.
I would like to copy out your comments to David Fisher for my sister Gail..if you don't mind..
Thanks so much...from Terry