Monday, May 07, 2007


We've come down with a really bad stomach flue, the three of us this last week.
Serina became ill the day my father went home from hospital, three days later I joined her, and today Gunnar went down likewise.
Being totally sat out, as we all were one after another, really changes perspectives on what a precious gift life and the little things in life are.
I lay longing for the day I would be able to drink one glass of cold water in one draught.
At that time it seemed to be an impossible fantasy.
Or getting that kicking horse away from my stomach.
At least be able to turn around in bed without every joint screaming from pain.

I felt I'd come a long way, when I was able to read small, cozy stories from old Reader's Digests.
(I have an arsenal of old copies stabled in my bedside cabinet, for "rainy days" or sleepless nights.)
When I started planning how I'd like to redecorate our living room without extra expenses, I knew I was going to survive this time too.
The wonderful thought of standing relatively firmly on my two feet again...

Praise the Lord for the little things, which are fundamental to functioning slightly normal.
The things we take for granted, even claim to be a right He owes us.
To walk, sit, read, listen to music, eat, drink, play, talk, enjoy art, smell flowers, relaxing in the sun, being safe, strengthened and inspired by the company of relatives and friends..
I am so overwhelmed by His blessing every day.
I guess I needed to be set aside for a short while, to fully appreciate God's gifts given by grace alone.
Today He's hung up his summer curtains in our living room. The unique Clematis.


Terry said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear that you have been ill Felisol.
There has been a really bad flu going on here too...the kind that has been lasting a couple of weeks.

Glad to hear that your dad is out of the hospital though.
My dad is really happy that he is out!
He phoned me last night quite upset because the man in the next bed to him at the hospital passed away on Tuesday evening.
The nurses had moved Dad to a different room before this happened because they didn't want to have Dad upset.
Sandra and I had decided not to tell him either so when he did find out yesterday, he could just not believe it.
He told me, "It can't be true..I was talking to him!"

What Dad had been doing was talking to another guy that he thought was Gerald. He just looked like Gerald..
I had to tell Dad last evening what had happened.

"Dad when you were in that first room beside Gerald ,I noticed a change in Gerald's breathing."

Felisol,I have worked so much with the dying that I knew that Gerald's breathing was getting bad and that Gerald was dying.

"Dad, Gerald started saying softly, "God please help me!"

"Yes Terry, I heard him saying that!
He said it more than once."

"An hour later as Gerald lay quietly on his bed, I noticed that his eyes were looking upward at the ceiling.
Dad, there was no fear in them.
He was just looking up.
Dad I think that God heard his prayer and Gerald is OK".

"You mean he is in Heaven?"

"Dad, Gerald is OK."

"I am so happy to hear that!"

"Dad, it is just the same as the thief on the cross."

"Oh now I will be able to sleep,"

"Dad, it IS past your bedtime.
How come you are not sleeping yet?"

"I couldn't.
I have been laying here thinking about Gerald.
I just couldn't' fall asleep."

You see Felisol, my dad's bedtime is 7PM every night!
And it was already almost 8..

When Dad phoned this morning, he sounded happy.
Saturday is the day that he picks up my brother, Gary [who has three kids living at home with him yet] and takes him to the Laundromat to do his laundry.
Dad has looked after his children for over 60 years and is still doing it!

These pictures that you have here are so beautiful!!
You have one good camera.
What kind is it Felisol?

Well take care now and have a blessed Sunday and I sure hope that the three of you will be feeling better soon...Love Terry

Unknown said...

Dear Elise,

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad and all that you are dealing with.
My thoughts, prayers and love are with you and your family.


Curious Servant said...

I've been thinking about you and your family. I know there are challenges.

I love the photos. It seems most of your pictures with people are taken from angles which emphasize what they are doing, thinking, feeling. I like that vey much.

God bless.

Terry said...

Still thinking aobut you all and praying Felisol..Love Terry

Sue Seibert said...

Felisol, I hope by now you are feeling wonderful again.

I know what you mean about the wonder of God's love. Sometimes the blessings He bestows on me just overwhelm me. He is so Good.

Lots of love coming your way from Texas!!

Sue Seibert said...

I agree with you 100%. We must keep our faith, our values, our principles, and we must take care of our children and elderly! No the government, but we of each community should care for our own.

Bless you.

Terry said...

Good Morning Felisol
It is Sunday morning and I am thinking about you and your family and praying for you ..Love Terry

Terry said...

Dear Felisol...I have never regretted asking you go encourage Pigrim David Fisher.
Since then I have made a great friend in you.
I have been truly blessed and I thank you so much!

I am so sorry about your dad but rest assured, he knows you are there and he feels your comfort.
I remember one time there was an elderly man patient in the hospital room where I was visiting one of my friends.
The man was in his 90's and his family was very faithful in visiting him.
One day as I entered the room, I saw that one of the man's sons who was a great lawyer in our town was standing with his head bent, weeping at his dad's side.
When he saw me coming in, he was quite embarrassed and he shrugged his shoulders and gave a quick wipe of his eyes with his hand.
I don't think that men like to be caught, crying.
He exclaimed to me.." I just wish that I knew that my dad knows I am here and that he can hear when I am speaking to him!"
"He DOES know." I said.
"His hearing is still there even though he cannot communicate with you."
Several days later, Felisol, I was privileged to be in the room when that dear elderly man awoke from his coma and said to his son.
"I knew you were with me Phil and I could her everything that you were saying."
How great was THAT Felisol!
So you and you mom must know for sure that your dad realizes that his two beloved are there and he is appreciating it!

I will continue to pray for you all...Love Terry

Thank you for all of your kind comments to me.
You are way too nice, Fel!

Anonymous said...


I came over from Terry's blog. I just want to let you know that I have been praying for you and your family every day. May God grant you the strength to go through each day.

The Little Pilgim Pal