Sunday, June 10, 2007


Slowly I'm regaining the feeling of being alive.
Yesterday I went to the grocery store, buying food, for the first time in weeks.
I've been totally worn out from the dramas the last 60 days.

Sitting on the terrace, eating, sipping cautiously white wine, dreaming by the fire with my near and dearest, finally made my blood tingle.

The blond nights of Norway. I don't know if heaven is better than those seldom caught moments.

There's gonna be a new heaven and a new earth, and God self shall live midst amongst us.
My father often talked about the new earth, where the lion and the lamb would grass side by side.
He even prayed for our dead cat Mieuman, bless our cat on the new earth.
How it comforted my brother and me to think that he was not lost forever.

This summer I have hardly worked a week in our garden. Somehow the garden has crept in on our terrace. The flowers embracing us.
I feel so thankful, for my family, for our garden peace and for my beloved blogger friends, with whom I can share joy, sorrow and prayers.

Rose, I'm still resting in psalm 37, especially verse 5.
I'm going down to my prayer room.
Hoping you all will have a blessed Lord's Day, wherever you might be.
I'll have to do like my father name each and everyone, Rose, Terry, Will and his family, Pilot's Mom and Dad, Lil Pilgrim Siblings, Jim, Sioux Sue and her grandchild, Justin, Dad Golden, Jel, Arlene, little Billy, Vivi.

God, bless, encourage, protect and heal.
Thine is the power and glory for ever and ever.


Terry said...

Dearest Felisol
I could not go to bed without coming down here to wish that you have a blessed Lord's Day.
I guess you are already enjoying it!
I was so glad to see your new post.
It brought tears to my eyes as I saw the list of the beloved children of God and right in the midst of this dear crowd, my dad's name.
If you don't mind, I am going to print it out.
I have been printing him out my posts with all of the comments from people who are praying for him and so he will surely recognise the names;..Rose, Curious Servant, Pilot-wife and dad, Lil Pilgrim Siblings, Jim, Sioux Sue, Judas Hate, Jel, Arlene, and Felisol.
As I wrote down this list Felisol. to me it is truly an honor list!!
I will be forever thankful for all the dear Chrisians that I have met on the blog and what dear friends they have become to me!

What a list!!...Love Terry

Sue Seibert said...

Oh, Felisol, you are such a blessing to me. I am so thankful you are beginning to feel again. I know it's been so hard, but so joyous knowing your father is in the glorious heaven with his Savior! Praise be!

We are having a restful Lord's Day. We are back from mass, and Carolyn and Bethy attended with us.

Joey broke his mom's car this week, so everyone is scrambling around trying to get it fixed before he goes into the Marines. He has a friend who's going into the Navy Thursday, and he's helping Joey with the car before he leaves.

We had a party for Joey last Friday and one of my cousins came from West Texas. We had about 40 people, kids and all...all of Joey's cousins and family. It was nice.

Anyway, Felisol, again God bless you and keep you are're in our prayers.

Pilot Mom said...

Felisol, your garden terrace looks to be a wonderful sanctuary to stop and rest, smelling the flowers and gazing upon God's beauty. What a great place to sit and meditate on one's favorite verses or to learn a new verse of Scripture.

Alas, I have not done anything with flowers this summer. Too much other "stuff" going on, you know? But maybe I will set out a few pots on my patio. But then I would have to water them and really, if I'm honest, I truly don't want another thing which I have to take care of right now. ;)

Terry said...

Dear Felisol...
I keep coming back here to look at those inviting ights in the windows of your house.
This picture is what you would only see in dreams.
It is so nice and peacful!

I just love camp fires and this one is so nice.
Just where you can sit for hours and just watch the flames and not even saying a word.
When Bernie and I used to go out west by motorcycle, I would really look forward to a camp fire every night.

Well, I hope that you are getting some much needed rest Felisol.

Bernie and I think of you every day and now my mom is even talking about you and my sister Grace!

Take care and God bless...Love Terry

jel said...



Terry said...

Dear Felisol..
I was just listening on the news and I hear that even though Norway had 90 degree weather yesterday that there were snow flurries today and that summer is in two days!!
What is happening to this weather,eh?
And yet your picture looks so warm and comfy.
Praying for the little one that she will pass her English oral with an A.
You know what Felisol?
I can even hear your nice accent in your writing! It is really cute!!
My dad, so far is doing fairly well and I really feel that with the dizzy spells and his not being able to sleep good at night, that the Lord is using these times to speak to dad.
This Sunday when I was there, I took pictures of the pictures that mom and dad have on their wall and I am going to make a post of them.

Well it is 1AM here so I will say good night for now Felisol and hope you are having a good day.
God bless you all...Love Terry..

Oh I forgot to sign in as Canadian blogger but I have already written this so you don't mind if I am a pilgrim pal do you Felisol??
Take care now.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mrs. Felisol... (what is your last name?)

Thank you for mentioning me on your list. I thank God taht you ar resting in Psalm 37...does verse 37 remind you of your dad? It ismy sister's favorite verse. I willtell you the story behind it when I have more time on the computer. I always open the Pilgrm's, check our pals site, and if time allows, one or two others. Tonight time allowed for your, although I really should be gettig to bed, now.

Praying for you always,
With Love

Felisol said...

Dear Rose,
I am always glad when I see your signature in mine or other's blogs. I reed the Pilgrim Pals often..
My first name is my brother's nickname for me. When we were children we had a cat we loved dearly, and he made up a language to Mieuman and between ourselves.
My last name is Ljung which means heather.
If you should want and have got very good time, our family site is linked to my blog. It's called Exodus. (It's under reconstruction though, front side is not good at all.)
Verse 37 in Psalm 37 IS my father, how could you know??
Verse 5 is where I'm resting these days.
I'll try to walk in my father's footsteps. Anyone who came on his prayerlist remained there.
In his funural came a collegue of mine from the town where I live, (not where I was born). She had cancer seven years ago. One of my friends told her not to worry, Felisol's father is praying for you. She rested in that through chemo and all that foolows, so certain that she would regain her health. Later on she talked freely, how about my father prayed for her and she began praying for him..
That's what my father called a prayer circle.

Let the circle be unbroken!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind comment you left me at the Pals site, and thank you for praying!

How is your mom doing? My grandma's health went downhill after my grandpa's death, but I know it started with her skipping meals...she forgot to eat.

Anonymous said...
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Felisol said...

Dear Hebr. 11.1,
Thy will is done.
It's late night. I'll be writing more tomorrow.

Felisol said...

Dear Hebrew 11:1,
you're carrying so many burdons on your tiny shoulders. Worrying for your own faily, your neighbours and also your grandma.
I pray with and for you, also reminding God that you have illnessses of your own to cope with as well. I know he'll help and strengthen you. By my father's bed and chair I wrote the promise from Hebrew 6:13. Its an overwhelming strong and comforting promise. Now I hand it further to you.
You're never alone, you know.
Elderly tend to loose appetite when they feeel lonely or depressed.
Perhaps you could encourage her to make you or your sister a meal to share with her.
She too needs to be needed.
God bless you all. Felisol

Anonymous said...

Thanks fow writing back...I have no time to write much, now, but suffice to say my poor grandma lives about 2500 miles away from me, which in itself can be depressing! I love her dearly, but what can I do? I would give up this life of luxury to live in with her and care for her the rest of her days...

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Dear Felisol,

I see here that you mentioned my name, too, in prayer. God bless you. I haven't checked many blogs lately because I just haven't been up to it, but was pleasantly surprised tonight. What a family we have become. I am not sure about Hebrews 11:1 because you can't check her blog. I assumed because her title is not highlighted that she doesn't want mail, but she too has been on my blog and very encouraging, just like terry and the rest of the pilgrim's pal and so many more. I just can't get over what a wonderful world-wide family this has become. Still praying for you in the loss of your dad.