Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Gunnar is born December 22nd. The sun has turned. We are all celebrating the heading towards brighter days. In the evening we celebrated with the 10 chained inner circle of Gunnar's family.
The Lady with the lamp,Gunnar's Sister Sigrid.
The couple in the middle, cosine Kristina and her Osmund are to be married this year. We wish them luck, also with finishing five years of music education.
My mother was not at all sure she wanted to celebrate Christmas this year.The emptiness after my father simply seemed to tough to cope with. Neither would she come to us in stay in the town for some time. Then one morning she phoned that it was to be Christmas as usual with Mom at the steering wheel.
We all had to set everything and everybody aside to achieve this aim.

My father's headstone is not yet on its place. After Christmas Eve mass we lit a lamp and hung a wreath at his grave.
Serina and my brother Kel at the church yard, both in deep reflections.
Gunnar and my dad were real good friends, they shared many interests and showed mutual respect. "We'll have to wait till Gunnar comes home," my father used to say when there were troubles of any kind.
Our small but tightly knit family gathered around the dinner table. Roasted lamd and crisp roasted pork with vegetables and wonderful Mom made sauce for main course. Monten as we call her, also has hand painted all the porcelain for Christmas table.

The ordeal was reading the gospel from St.Luke 2. My brother sitting on my father's place took over my father's task.
He even read the "extended" version to verse 20, like my father would always do.
The torch was delivered on, my dad had taken over in 1961, when my grandpa had recently passed away.
We knew we all would shed a tear at that moment. Sorrow is the price of having loved. I was willingly paying that sum.
For dessert; rice cream and cloud berries with a hidden almond in it. The finder gets a marchpane pig for a winning price.
el found the almond, Serina was delivered the pig. Last year she got it from my father. In nineteen years she has never had the luck to find the almond herself. The saying is unlucky at games makes lucky at love.

After the washing up is done and I have had my daily rest; time for opening the gifts. Gunnar is trying out some new gadgets. The Mighty Mouse.

An angle from Ruby was highly appreciated. Christmas coffee set handpainted by Monten.
Too much of everything is wonderful. My hand spun and hand knitted dress origins from 1974, when I was twenty kilos younger.
Chaos is unavoidable, even though we were only five adults. Guess I would miss it, if only checks were passed around.
My mother also shares the same thrill of the unexpected. From midst November when she changed her mind about Christmas celebration she knitted four pairs of woolen socks and one tiny black scarf, crouched a big tablecloth(Serina), kitchen curtains(aunt Lilly), two pairs of potholders(Sigrid) and small table table mats for her dear friend Aile. She then washed and decorated the house, made all the special purchases of Season groceries with not even her car to help her. She's huge. "I can manage anything if I'm only allowed to work," is her slogan.
Serina with a small selection of presents.
First Christmas Day has always been my favorite. The tension and hurrays are over, now is time for enjoying each other's company, read the welcome book gifts, watch feel good DVDs eat, play card games, totally relaxed and contented.
Tough Monten is looking victoriously over her successful work.

Serina wanted to return to Haugesund to party with a bunch of old friends New Year's Eve. The old Nisse man from her childhood is getting a good hug.
Grandma has taught Serina a special art of crouching, called hacking. She proudly demonstrates her new skills at home.
Sundown at Cross Hill on New Year's Eve. The sun has risen a cock's inch from December 21 st, my grandma used to proclaim. We are heading towards spring, and still having Serina with us for another few days.
It has been a most special and memorable Christmas to all of us. We feel tighter knitted than ever. So thankful for having each other and our anchor safely placed in the cradle and the cross.


Pilot Mom said...

Felisol, it looks like you and your precious family had a good Christmas in spite of it being the first without your father. The "first" holidays are always hard after losing a loved one.

Serina looks so much like you and your mother! So very pretty!

Your mother is very talented! To be able to paint and crochet is what I would love to learn. Alas, I believe I may be to old to learn! ;)

I'm delighted to find out your mom came around to the idea of Christmas. :)

May 2008 be filled to overflowing with blessings from above!

Felisol said...

Dear Pilot Mom,
so nice hearing from you.
It has been a while, and it's probably my fault. December was quite hectic.
We put some effort in beforehand a had a most precious Christmas.
Never been more grateful since I was a child.
I find Serina pretty too,(after all; she is my only child). Alas she does not think highly of her self, and nothing I can say can change that.
My Mom is a razor. She takes every new technique as a challenge,-and she always comes out a winner.
I think she was about 55 when she took up porcelain painting. Her first works were not exactly exceptional, but she did not give in until she cracked the code.
She has a very good friend who encourages her, and now I think she'll take up painting again after a four year's pause.
I think you are exactly the right age for learning whatever you want.
As one's getting more mature one's self esteem grows and one dare to learn by trial and error.
New Year is just a perfect time for taking up new projects.
Mine are simple, but hard; more exercise and less unhealthy eating. Guess I can enjoy a chocolate bar in the week-ends or what?
Happy New Year to all in the Pilot Family
From Felisol

Unknown said...

Hello, from Michigan, I found your blog through another's. Most interesting to share your Christmas, you have a very nice looking family & appears all were enjoying themselves..
I lost my father one year ago on Christmas day so this year was a bit different for our family as well... Happy New year to you & yours...

Amrita said...

Lovely hearing about your celebration and family time toether. the photos are to good.

Glad Mother could also join in

The presents look to nice.

The tradition being passed on from Father to son are so special.

Happy New Year.

Your mother 's hand painted coffee set is so beautiful

Sue Seibert said...

What a beautiful, wonderful, blessed and happy Christmas. What a lovely, loving family. That love is what Christmas is about.

Happy Epiphany to you all!

Terry said...

So nice Felisol!
I have not had the courage yet to put in all of the pictures I have of Dad Golden with the family this Christmas Eve.
'What if it is the last?
I can hardly bear it Felisol..
What a dull light I am in your lovely posting..
After all of my bravery of saying, "I am turning Dad over to the Lord."
I am too weak..
What a wretched person I am!..Love Terry

Saija said...

there are so many traditions that we keep ... that the Finns keep ... the candles lit at the graveyard (did you know my dad's name was Arne?) ... the rice pudding ... the cloudberries ... dressing up for Christmas ...

you shared in such a lovely manner ... thank you ... and much happiness in 2008 to you and the family ...

Kris said...

Thank you for the kind comments in my blog. I'm glad to see that you have enjoyed Christmas and did okay in spite of your recent loss.

Serina IS pretty. Her hair is lovely and she has such a cute face.

Hope you are well. Happy New Year.

All the best from Kristin

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Ljung,

I am very sorry that I have not been by yourblog in a LONG time! I have not made my round to all my favorite blogs in a VERY long time!

But I still pray for all the Pals every morning ;)

How are you doing? How is your mother?

My dad had his 1st chemo last Thursday, and has good days and bad days. Lately he has been doing very well.

I will write more when I can...

Love and Prayers,

Terry said...

Dear Felisol....I am still praying for your mom....Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Nancy,
thank you for visiting. I have had a peak at your blog site as well, and will come back as soon as time is on my side.
Just now I'm pretty tied up, my Mom has been hospitalized and when she came home to live with us for a while, we became aware that she's had an undetected brain-stroke.
So for the next weeks we shall be quite busy.
You having had a major loss yourself, you know how things take time to find new traces.
Cause we know things can never go backwards, we just have to find new ways to cope.

Dear Amrita,
you are always so polite and concerned. Thank you for being so, even with all the different things you have to strive with in your own life.
Good that we can pray for and with each other.

Dear Sue Sioux,
love hearing from you. We had a wonderful Christmas and now we are into deep water again with my Mom's illness. I guess that's what life is like. Never taking anything for granted, and as an old scout I should always "be prepared."
I hope there'll be time to look up more of your recipes and handicraft. Lots of my interests are there. If my mother shall be staying here, I know I can inspire her with new thoughts and new techniques.
Then we'll have to go to your sites for ideas.

Dear Terry,
I'm so happy you did put up your lovely Christmas pictures. I feel I get to know both the Shirkie's and the Golden's. Lovely family cats as well.
We have to embrace the happy moments they are stars shining in the dark winter nights.
My Mom will be staying here till we have found out how to help her in the best way with her minor stroke. She cannot live by herself as things are, and we have the opportunity either to have her stay in our home or in a flat linked to our house which the former owner set up for his old mother.
Step by step, day by day.
Still praying for your Dad, he's having a tough time now.
Send him my lovings, please.

Dear Saija,
happy New Year to you and Leo,
i guess the Scandinavian countries have lots of culture heritage in common.
Old farmer usage and custom, protestant churches, pre viking cults and the rune alphabet, rough,dark winters, daybright nights in summer..
Christmas with its sun turning has always been of immense importance.

Dressing up for Holy Days as well.
When I was a child, back in the fifties, I had clothes to play in outside our home, a nicer outfit for school use, then Sunday skirts or dresses. For Christmas and May 17th (our National Day) we got new clothes, not extravagant, but new.
Even my mother tells that she and her eight siblings got new outfit twice a year. That was back in the "Hard thirties", but my grandma somehow managed to provide clothes for all of her children. My grandpa was over in Montana making money for a new farm. He'd lost the old because of bailing out for an elder brother and a friend.
The times certainly have been changing, some for the better, some for the worse.

Dear Kris, thank you for answering. I check up your site now and then, hoping you are doing well. Christmas cacation in Canada must have been huge.
I'll show Serina your comments. She need someone who is not her parent to give her good feedback.
Don't we all?
I'm looking forward to new reports and writing on your homepage.
God bless you.

Dear Lil Pilgrim Pal,
you don't owe me anything. I'm fully aware of how busy you are with taking care of your dad, your family and then making money as well.
I'll never stop praying for you and your family anyhow.
Take good care.
My Mom always says the good Lord gave us our common sense to use it.
From Felisol

Vicki said...

My heart was warmed to read about your famlly's Christmas, and to see the beautiful photos of everyone. Thank you for sharing your life with me. It is a joy to know you, to pray for you,and to share faith with you.

love & hugs across the sea,

Unknown said...

Felisol, Thank you for the comments made on my blog, it is equally as interesting for me to learn of other cultures. I'm so glad there are true Bible believing friends even in far lands!!! Come visit again soon

Unknown said...

oh, I forgot to say, I'm sorry your Mom is ill I do hold her up in prayer.

Amrita said...

Thank you for your email and comment.I told my Mom about the lovely porcelain your Mother painted for you as a Christmas gift. She is an artist. My mom used to knit and make lace.

Thank you for your comment. I managed to change my blofg template

Amrita said...

Hi Felisol, How are you? I 've got a bunch of flowers (roses) for your dearest Mom and Dad Golden on my blog.
God bless

Terry said...

Dear Felisol...
I have just visited our friend Mr Jim's blog and I saw that it was your dad's birthday yesterday.
The special days like this that come up must make you miss him even more but I just like the idea that you made it his day still.
I hope that you had a blessed time together remembering the good times that you have had for so many years and also knowing for sure that those good times will continue when you will all meet with him in heaven someday..And by the way we will be there too!
Your family is a treasure!!
Give my greetings to Gunnar, Serina, Ruby, Liv and your aunt and especially to dear Mom Ljung...Love Terry

Vicki said...

Just checking back on you....thinking of you and praying for your mother.