Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The birches and pines along the east facade of our home.

We've had eight warm, shiny days filled with songs of birds, garden work, planning for outwards remodeling, long pleasant walks and terrace meals. Due to reverse thinking the photos begin with yesterday and ends at May 6th.
The old garden chairs have been spray painted red and on the upper marquise the wonderful clematis are showing the first pink flowers; God's own summer curtains.
The blood beech have sprung, offering shade and rest for a hammocker.
May tenth was last day on school for the media students. Here's Serina's class of journalist and photo students.Where is our daughter. Well, there's always one of these teachers who has to steel the spotlight from her students. Serina's hidden behind the broad, blue back.
By the dinner table for students and their parents. "I shall not cry,"was Serina's motto.She did not manage to keep that.
Tina was a very special girl from the author class. She'd contributed to a book with a heartbreaking story called "Eva".
9th we revisited old, familiar sites not far away from Drammen where Serina went to school.
This is the arsen tower of the cobalt mines, called the Blue Colour Plant.
The cobalt blue color is use in fine porcelain decorating. The Royal Copenhagen have used it on their famous Mussel pattern for almost two centuries.

Trying to get inside a mine opening.
The old(yes I like oldies)eletric power plant looks more like a castle.

Fresh from school I worked as a teacher for children with various psychic problems. The headmaster and his wife lived upstairs in the school building.
There also was a wonderful big dorm
which before ww2 had served as a sanatorium for people with tuberculosis. It sadly burned down in 1983. The farm also belonging to the premises now had a new white farmhouse, and a very friendly owner, who let us go around as we wanted.

The old doc's house where I lived for a year.Using the waiting-room as a kitchen and his office for living/sleeping quarters.
The Blue colour Plant and my new Nokia N95, cellphone that is.
The snow melting has flooded the area and drowned several trees.
Gunnar below an authentic lamppost from the beginning of twentieth century.
We just had to visit the girls at the arrival after eight hours of driving. Serina and her roomie Vanja overlooking Drammen city.
Posing with her new American bought photo lens. "I saved 400 Us Dollars on that bargain, Mom," she said. Who can argue against economy?
We had to cross the Long Mountain Ridge on 1000 meters over sea level on our way from west to east.
Full winter and Pentecost vactionairers skiing outside the chalet.
The main entrance is flourishing.
Work still to be done in the herb & berry garden. The bench former served in a chapel; remember the ones from the 40ies?
The tree called Christ Thorn blossoms every spring, but never carries any of the decorative red berries.
Stairs and a fir leading to the upper garden.
The Cherry tree at full bloom, the birds are singing there all day, but no berries in the autumn. I insist on keeping it, because of the beauty of the flowers.

Herb salad made for next day's soup.
6 different herbs, I just cannot look them all up.
I am raised by an old fashioned Mom.The summer wardrobe to be washed and stored for the winter. Next spring put away the winter clothes and so on. I wish I had a walk in closet with lots and lots of space.
Before our journey over the mountains looking for bags and suitcases. I'm never traveling light.Remark the one with United States Lines label on it.
That's genuine, but just for show off.
Part of our kitchen at midnight. I'm preparing herb juice and ointments for Gunnar.
Dandelion juice.
We're living in a fertile area with old and rare flowers. Bright yellow Mary Chainband, White Anemones in abundance, Mary robe, Brook Blooms are to be found just a few minutes outside our house.
Here they call this a river, but it is a slow brook actually, with trouts waking in the evening.
Gunnar photo shooting at half past nine in the evening.
Old Scandinavian stone monuments called bauta stones.
A lot still to be found in our county.
Makes one wonder what and who were here some thousand years ago. Eldest man found in a moor nearby, showed to be a woman 7000 years old. She did not bother to lie about her age.
White Anemones and Mary's chain band.
Summer Lady has stayed out the whole winter to guard our terrace.
Old saying foresay a fine summer:
Oak before Ash,
means splash.
Ash before Oak,
no soak.

The Ash has sprung, but the oak still has no leaves.


Mrs. Mac said...

I so enjoyed your photo journal. There is always some new/old place to tag along with you ;) ... Really, now dandelion tonic? I just dug up some nice large specimens today so they wouldn't explode ... reproducing in my lawn ... should I have made a salad or tea? They are not sprayed with any pesticide ... good eats? That Serena of yours is so beautiful ... she has a great big heart I can tell.

We shall see how 'green' my thumbs are. With my luck the deer will nibble all my efforts away ... or attract a black bear. I have carefully screened the trees with posts and netting ... but really a moose could munch his lunch in my yard. Your river is a about the size of an irrigation ditch over stateside ;) ... trout? Good eats, eh. My fishing pole are ready to go ... just say when and where to meet OK ;) hugs from across the big blue pond.

Amrita said...

OH Felisol, the pictures and description is so delightful.
I 'd give my right arm to live in a place like this.

THE trees and flowers and Serina....Miss Norway.

It revived my heart.
Like going on a nano holiday in Norway!

Thank you for you lovely words on my blog Felisol. You encourage me so much.You are wonderful caregiver too and have been through difficult times, so I know God ';s grace is sufficient for all of us.

Today i had to appear in court for our church hearing but i asked Pastor to represent me as i can 't leave Aunt S.

Did you hear about the bomb blasts in Jaipur (India) Its just so terrible. We are living in the last days.

Vicki said...

Oh my dear Felisol! These photos are so precious and make my heart long for Norway and a visit with you. Miss Serina is a beauty, inside and out. I love your kitchen and that brook!

All the photos are wonderful and I feel like I have, indeed, visited with you awhile this afternoon.

Sending love & prayers,
Vicki across the sea

Unknown said...

I love all the photos, makes me think of quaint places only seen in the movies, you live in a fantastic country with beauty everywhere. Thanks for sharing it was a lovely tour.

Renae said...

Oh, I love these pictures! I don't know which to comment on first!

I'll start with Serina. She needs to be in front of the camera, not behind it. Amrita is right - she is Miss Norway.

I love the old suitcase! Love the plaid purses, as well. You and I have similar taste.

Thanks for the peak into your kitchen! I would love to be there, and smell all the wonderful herbs.

Thank you so much for letting us tour your homeland with you!

Blessings, dear sister.


Jim said...

Hi Felisol, this is such a nice tour. Thank you very much. I vote for the old lamp and post.

Is Serina home to stay now? I rather think not, but that she will soon have a job and be self-sustaining.
That is what the speaker at our granddaughter's graduation said yesterday.

I'm glad Serina got here camera. Yes, you'd best be taking advantage of our shrinking American dollar. We soon might have a leader who is concerned about more us than oil profits for them.

Saija said...

WOW! you out did yourself this time! what a wonderful feast for the eyes!!!

you guys seem to be enjoying the spring time ... we are too - but at the moment, it just means "lack of snow!" ...


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Dandelion tonic is superb. I hope you have tried the recipe i sent you on a suitable victim.
Preferably without pesticide.
Serina's got a great heart, so has your Nathan. He's a boy just after MY heart.
I'm sure you'll find a way to conquer the nature. That's how the inhabitants of America have survived during centuries.
We are not used to the big, wild animals here, but due to mild winters and to few animals allowed shot during the hunting season, especially the deers have become annoying to people living in the outskirts.
From what I have heard smell will scare them off. Old fashioned naphthalene balls are supposed to do the trick. one has to put some network over to avoid poisoning birds or domestic animals. It's the odeur that's supposed to have a scaring effect.

I am all for preserving nature, but where people are supposed to live, the wild life somehow has to suffer.

Nah, you just bring your fishing rod and I'll bring a good book, and we'll catch some nice trouts for supper.
In the real rivers there still are salmons to catch. Needs a strong throwing arm and lots of patience to get some though.

I prefer fishing from a boat in the salt sea. Better bate, better results and better meals on the shore.

Dear Amrita,
I think you would miss your right arm very much. This week we've had sun, blue sky and 9 celcius degrees!! No wonder arthritis is a common disease along the coast.
Then again, we are mostly free from economic troubles, that is if we can keep our expenses on a reasonable level.
The Americans are far more into all kinds of smart things then we are. Luckily, as long as our neighbor don't have them either, I don't care. Solomon said, Lord, don't give me wealth nor poverty, let me eat my daily bread.
That ought to be enough to us as well, but I have to admit, I use too much money on cheap garbage that I don't need.
It's so sad.
It would be my pleasure to have you staying here for some while. I'd have to order better weather though, or you'd be sitting by the fireplace all day.

Honestly I so do hope that you may have your well deserved vacation.
Waiting for an answer real soon.

Dear Vicki,
you've been a caring support for so long. I have to thank you over and over again.
You're welcome in my home and in my heart anytime.

Dear Nancy,
thanks for visiting.
I love my country the same way you love yours. There's good and bad everywhere. This year Noway sunk for first to third safest place in the world to live in. That actually says a lot.
Our nature is also being used and pollluted in a way we don't appreciate. Nevertheless, there's a lot left to enjoy, and that's just what I'm doing.

Dear Renae,
love to have you here. I actually tried to show what a mess we were in just before making our big trip eastwards.
I am so enjoying my herbs and berries, being nostalgic and raised by a mother who was capable of making any and everything herself.
I also have a thing for old things of quality. Saturdays Gunnar and I will be trawling flee markets and antique shops for "treasures" .
The art is knowing when to stop.
Hope you are having an interesting trip this week-end. I am so looking forwards to your new insightful "lectures".

Dear Jim,
some day I'll write a long, educated post about lamps..until then you'll have to endure my awful Pidgin English. My poor husband, the English teacher, has long time ago quit reading my posts. They're just too embarrassing. I have lots of fun meeting people from all over the world, and am getting a good laugh when I read through the weird things that sometimes is popping out of my head or my PC.

You are right; Serina has to work for a couple of month this summer and we are all very anxious to find out where she's going next year. She has so many plans. Photography, writing, languages.
Hopefully God will open the right door and keep the others closed.
It's not that easy to find one's way in the world.
Meanwhile we are having a wonderful time together.

Serina had a good time in LA and San Fransisco and came broke, sunburned and almost shark eaten back home. Well, she was on that very beach two days before the white shark struck. Else she might not have been here at all.
Prices were so low in America, and therefore she had to by so much...
She still has some growing up to do.
The camera lens was a true bargain though.
For America I hope for better times, that will be good for the rest of the world as well.
(Selfish as always)

Dear Saija,
by now I hope you are enjoying the real spring too. i read something about 20 celcius degrees. Our thermometer is showing about ten most of the time.
A Norwegian poet wrote about her love for the naked spring. It's true, the expectations, the promises the small wonders popping up day by day, that's the best time for me too. Now there's a full explosion outdoors, birds, flowers, weeds and the irritating sound of the lawnmowers..
But the nights, the nights are heavenly. Now it's just past three am and it's already dawning. I open my window to listen to the early morning birds.
To me these truly are blond nights in white satin.

Love from Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

5/23/08 Dear Felisol, I did gather some dandelion specimens today (without pesticides) ... and made an infused tea for myself and the mr. He drank it with little insistence on my part :) ... I 'nursed' mine during a nice long bubble bath. Thanks for the recommendation and the herbal information. It wasn't too bad tasting. I actually think the fresh greens will taste good mixed in a salad. We just got back from a lovely dinner. Hoping you and Gunner and Serina are fine. Hugs

Lila Rostenberg said...

I came from Soiux's blog. You have shown us so much of the changing season and end of school too! Serena is a beauty!
I enjoyed the "Oak and Ash" rhyme!

Terry said...

Dear Felisol
Bernie has gone to the Laundromat to wash his working clothes and here I thought I had a good hour to read over this post and already almost 40 minutes have passed and I so want to comment but I will probably just have to comment a bit and then come back later!
I am not of the normal type I guess. After I finish reading your posts, I am always way too nosey and have to read what friends have dropped in to see you and so I have to read all of THEIR comments too. There they all are, your usual friends and all friends of mine too; Mrs. Mac, Mr. Jim, Vicki,Saija [my Manitoba girl]. our India Princess Amrita . I am going to have to check out Nancy and Renae one of these frosty Fridays. They always have such good comments too!

I have been wanting to ask you about your pine trees because I have been praying about them but I guess I was just too afraid to be asking and then finding out that the neighbours have got their way and that the pines will be cut down...

Well there you go...I guess I will have to come back later this evening because Bernie is returning and we have to go to Wal-Mart to pick out a wedding gift for one of the girls I used to take to Sunday school since she was 2 years old and that has grown up on me and now is going to be married!!

Take care my dear friend and I will be back.
I will certainly do something about that broad blue back that was hiding your little princess!! I will collage that beautiful little girl right into the picture. I already have in mind the favourite picture of her that I love and it will be done!!...Love Terry

Hmm...40 minutes walking with you in this tour was way too short!!......

Jim said...

Felisol -- go to Ask Dr. Jim (blog)
and try the first link in the most current post. It is the answer to your question like I sent you via comments.

BUT, it has a link to click that will get you there. If you can't, then, yes, it is sensored in Norway!