Friday, January 09, 2009


I kind of thought I was used to being ill, spending 12 hours a day in bed due to my ME.
How dumb and totally out of empathy can a woman of the mature years still be?
This flue, sneaking up on Sunday, at the Chinese restaurant, dribbling, itching and cramping in my lounges all night to Monday, the day of Serina's departure for school, almost paralyzing me Tuesday, when I had invited the Hiker Girls for lunch and with the marvelous help of Gunnar managed to pull it through, left me unconscious for the rest of the week Sleeping one hour consequently at most, neither knowing whether it was night or day. Breathing hurt most. Then all my limbs, including my pinkytoes started aching.The fever went rocket high. My feet and hands kept freezing until i put a wet blanket over my boiling brain. My stomach went bananas mostly because of the wild mix of Lem Sip and Kodein mixture I'd absorbed. And I could hardly feet myself out to the toilet. I've lived on water, coca cola, banana and grapes for a week, and haven't even lost a pound. This is not fair.
To be honest; I haven't done much exercises either, except from throwing me from side to side in bed.
Were it not for Gunnar, standing faithfully by my side; providing all I asked for and even more, and voluntarily evacuating the bedroom
, I should probably not have been here today.
In times like these one gets reduced to one's own big bellybutton. No more, no less.
As my capacity for thinking revives, I am aching for daughter Serina. For nine consequential weeks she was on antibiotics this autumn, due to a severe streptococcus throat infection, the same which gave her arthritic fever summer of-07.

I never for a second heard her complain, nor talking about giving up. Wow, am I proud of my trooper girl.
I wish there were more I could do for her though.
She deserves only the best.
I also caught myself complaining about not being able to get around taking sign pics for Ruby Tuesday. My friend Raven, who cannot get out at all, did she criticize me for being self absorbed or ungraceful? No, she promptly offered to send reiki healing, that is help me instead. Can you imagine that such wonderful people still exisit?
Terry and Amrita
both hastened to pray for me. My Mom has called every day, giving me strength to prentend I am better than was actaully was the situation.
On my way out of this weird land of shadows I once more can confrim:
God is good, and his blessings are eternal


Debbie Petras said...

Amen to that! Felisol, I hadn't realized how very ill you were. I'm glad you're better now though. I had missed seeing new posts on your blog and now it makes sense. If you lived closer, I would have made you chicken soup. :) Isn't it something? Going through all that and not to lose one pound! Isn't that funny how we think about things like that?

John Cowart said...

Sounds like a horrible illness to go through; I'm glad you're better now.

Kate said...

Hello again Felisol, I'm so sorry you haven't been well - I wondered why there was such a long time since you had posted a blog and I too had missed hearing your voice. You probably think I'm 'doolally' saying that, but I feel at times that I can 'hear' your voice when I'm reading your words in English but hearing them with a Norwegian accent... I look forward now to hearing you once again. I hope that you are not unduly affected by your recent illness.

Hugs and Blessings to you from the land of the Tartan for a New Year which is hopefully full of good things for you and yours.

Cheers Kate x.

Amrita said...

I am glad for that last sentence. Means you are getting better.
Oh dear Jesus heal Felisol . put a halo of warmth and strength around her. I pray this for Sweet Serina too.

Gunnar is such a caring husband to stay by you and help you. Flus can be so weakening.
Ask your doctor about Vitamin C tablets.

I am also better, have slowed down a bit. Its all the stress and tension which brought it on.My head feels better though.

But yesterday i was very tired at the funeral of the Dean of the Bible Collge.
Love and prayers for you.

Patti said...

Dear Felisol,
I am sorry to read that you have been so sick.
I see you at a lot of blogs I visit, and I came to see your Ruby Tuesday post.

Please get better soon. ;-)

I'm sending good thoughts your way (and it's far away, I know)

Terry said...

Dear Felisol
For so many months now you have been worried and praying for the Golden family and here you lie sick now. I feel so bad for you.
I never knew until a few days ago that Raven never got out and you are right she doesn't even complain! She puts out such a wonderful blog.
I am so glad that Amrita is feeling better.
Felisol i am still praying for your princess and for Marissa.
I have made a special post for Serina ....: Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Debbie,
Sometimes it helps singing laments. Even for a flue. Gunnar said Friday, "it has turned, you speak coherently now."

Now chicken soup would have been the thing. Earlier water, fruit and bread were main ingredients. And all that fever. I still cannot believe that I didn't loose weight.

I need to you now. Preferably ten kilos. I guess it'll take a lot of physical activeness to gain that goal, if ever.

Thank you for caring. In my dreams I have a large bowl of chicken soup just now.

Dear John C,
Flue passes, I very well know I should not complain at all. So do you, dear.

Hello Kate,
No I don't think you are dolallying at all.
I write in broken English/Norwegian and that's about the best I can do. If I should use more time on writing right, I would only have been able to stay in contact with a few. Now I'm blessed with a great big blog-family whom I treasure highly.

Dear Amrita,
Oh, I am hoping you are gettting better, but healing from exhaustion takes time. That implicates that you have to stay quiet for a time as well.
Can you also learn to say NO in between?
Please take care.

Hi, Patti,
thank you so much for sweet and uplifting thoughts.
They are warming and helping. In my head I'm projecting next Ruby Tuesday. See you then.

DEar Terry,
your middle names should be love and concern.
How did your bloodtests go. I am so anxious to know what the doctor can do for you and your chronic disease.
You are not talking much about your own burdens. I'd like to learn that you are slowing down your pirate taxi traffic.
Let other take care of that.
You are needed in so many ways, there's hardly room for you to breathe.
I care for you (& the Goldens, Dad G in particular)
I sure would feel a lot better if I knew you spent some quality time for yourself.
The ones with Bernie and you out photohunting in the red car are priceless.
Then I know for sure have a good time.
Enjoy your burnt muffins Sunday.

From Felisol

Terry said...

Dear Felisol
I will know how my tests went next week and I go to Hamilton Jan 19
Guess what?...We bought Mom Golden a Sony camera and it is the neatest thing Felisol!
You can put the view a picture on and if you push a certain button, the pictures will go into a slide show and it has pretty music and everything playing. We will give it to her tomorrow as an early birthday gift! Oh I just can't wait until she sees it. Maybe she will forgive me,eh? .....for swiping her brownie camera,47 years ago...Ha!!.
Please get better because we all miss you!
I better hit the sack It is two in the morning!
..Love Terry

Guess what...The word verification that I had to type in was REGAL...That is what you and your family on tbe far side of the sea are!

Felisol said...

Yes, Princess.

Robin said...

What an awful sounding illness. I'm glad you're finally on the mend again. My thoughts are with both you and your daughter in your recoveries.

Thank you too for always having such kind and supportive words for me on my blog.

Felisol said...

Dear Robin,
I feel my words become empty and meaningless, like ashes in my mouth.
I do have the best of intentions though.
I feel strongly for Israel and her inhabitants in all their trials.
My her borders be safe and her peace like the flood.
From Felisol

Saija said...

our poor felisol ... i'm glad that amrita & terry were praying for you! i didn't know you were sick either ...

and you sound like me, after an illness - so thankful for the good days! with more sympathy ...


donna said...

dearest Felisol,
I have been praying for you....last night was the first I posted on my blog and here it is the 11th of january....little vera has been sick and jen also..bronchitis and she broke out in a hives like rash or something.....ron had his surgery on friday....i think tomorrow they are all off to work and I may just go outside and walk for a bit and enjoy the cold brisk air...and try to sneak in some pictures of the snow.....I am thanking God that you are better...for Gunnar and for your sweet precious Serina...
hugs to you

Mrs. Mac said...

I guess I didn't realize just how sick your are/were dear Felisol. I just assumed you had a 24 hour flu, not the lie in wait in fever covered up sweating in bed type of bug. I feel terrible for not visiting and inquiring about your condition.

Please dear Lord, give your sweet daughter healing of her body and restore her health. Amen.

Hugs from me.

Leora said...

Felisol, I do hope you are feeling better. Wish I could make you a pot of soup.

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Felisol,
I do come by your blog once in a while, and I just found out you were sick. You have such a sweet spirit, I can feel it across the miles. Bless you and your husband, and family... yes, they are all right, what the comments say. You are a royal family. I hope you continue down the road to recovery. I am praying for you to be completely healed and be strong again.

Trish said...

Oh, Felisol I am sorry to see that you have been so ill! I pray that you are getting stronger everyday. Love your Ruby Tuesday
photo's...little red shoes of your daughter's are adorable!
p.s. husbands like Gunnar are blessings aren't they?