Saturday, January 17, 2009


With a little help from my friends.
Robin told me about where to look (in photoshop).
Gunnar found the actual choice to make to find sepia.
I made the changes.
Happy days with Serina on Rhodes.
Guess who sat in the kitchen when we came home from a trip to the city art gallery?


John Cowart said...

Looks like an intriguing place.

Amrita said...

Lovely sepia effect. mkes the photo look richer. This place reminds me of old romantic movies.

Thank you for your prayers Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

The photo looks like a painting! Very beautiful. So, where are you headed for a reprieve from winter's winds?

I'm making plans to visit with my dad at the end of the month to surprise him for his 80th b/d. It's nice and warm in California ...

Felisol said...

We are surfing the web just now.
I'd like to go to Madeira or Lanzarote, but Serina want a big city trip.
Only trouble is that all of Europe is freezing at the moment, south of France and Italy included.
California is too far away.
From Felisol

Sue Seibert said...

Beautiful, Elise.

And I thank you for the prayers for Joey. I appreciate them so much. He is still not in a good place...making poor choices, but I pray for him, too, that God may speak to him and cause him to begin to mature.

Love to all of you!!

Robin said...

That is a splendid choice for sepia! Beautifully done Felisol.

PS Tel Aviv is warm ;-). Not exactly beach weather, but certainly no heavy jackets in sight, and plenty of sunshine, perfect for strolling through the city and sitting in outdoor cafes by the beach.

PS I think the plant you were thinking of the other day (the allegory for Israelis) is the sabra, not the fig. It's often said that Israelis are like the sabra fruit (prickly pear in English) - prickly on the outside but sweet on the inside LOL.

maryt/theteach said...

I love this shot and the shadows! Great Sepia photo! :)

Terry said...

Oh Felisol!
Serina looks more like a princess than she EVER has! So beautiful!
Love Terry