Monday, February 02, 2009


My office is situated downstairs, which to times is a bit impractical. I therefore gradually have developed a second one in my kitchen, the heart of our home.
My kitchen dresser is horseshoe shaped.
So convenient to turn my back both to the sink and the stove when I write or surf.
Downstairs I'm reading, painting,
thinking, creating stuff from odds and ends.
Both places music, read: i-pod and loudspeakers, is essential.

I guess this is the last time I go for a tile composition. I just had to prove to myself I could do it on my own. Please do double click to enlarge and get the pix sharp!
A Happy Ruby Tuesday all over the world.

This poem by H. W.Longfellow has been much loved by both my father and me.
It also kind of describes the situation of a blogger.

I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

It breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For who has sight so keen and strong,
That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroke;
And the song, from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend
Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.


Catherine said...

I love your Red collage. Very lively !
I'll have to think about it, I get so many red things in my decoration.
I imagine you, Felisol, so busy, in your kitchen. I do the same.

Ralph said...

I like the look of your office. Except that with all the more interesting things cluttering up your office, i at least would be too distracted books and other things that I would get no work doe!

EG CameraGirl said...

I like your style, Felisol. That's great that you have two offices. ;-)

You can see my Ruby Tuesday post at my alternate blog, More Of Me

Pia K said...

I can't distinguish all the details of your office, but from what I do see it looks lovely and warm, cosy and creative and a very nice place to be. And a wonderful poem too!

Carletta said...

'Music is essential' - yes, it is for me too. I have to hear some everyday.
Love your eclectic surroundings and the Longfellow poem is a favorite.
Have a wonderful day!

Tink *~*~* said...

What a colorful "office" you have, and what a lovely poem you chose to share - thank you :D

My Mobile Adventures *~*~* Presents: RED Stuff at the EPCOT Festivals in Walt Disney World

Tink *~*~*

Leora said...

You have a pretty house, Felisol. Looks very cozy. I like the room details.

Dora said...

Wow! So beautifully decorated. :)

Happy RT.

My RT post: snacks and drinks for CNY celebration.

eastcoastlife said...

Wow! you have two home offices.
I like the spacious office and the idea of a home office in the kitchen is fantastic!

Mojo said...

It's hard to think of something so warm as that as an office. Lovely!

Jim said...

You did good, Felisol, with the 'tile composition.' Serina is a good teacher. I can't do that but I didn't try either.

You have a nice office. It looks like one your can spend a lot of your time, spare and not spare.

Happy RT! I am sitting RT out this week. There are so many comments that I have to catch up on now. Maybe next week. ;-)

Crown of Beauty said...

wow, the post is so personal,gives me another glimpse into your life, and the pictures are so interesting i took time to enlarge it and look at all the details. The Sky Flakes can of crackers is made in our country. It is original here, how did you get it? Is it for sale there too?

Robin said...

I love all that red, it makes your space look so warm and inviting.

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Just as I would have imagined your home to be like, warm, welcoming and colorful.

Your Dad's favorite poem reduced me to tears...have had three very strange days.
Have a very lovely Ruby Tuesday!
Glod bless,

Becky said...

Lovely red collage. I really like it.

My image is posted here:

Please stop by if you get a chance.

Jim said...

Felisol, do you have Ground Hog Day on February 2 in Norway? You don't have to be a meteorologist to determine how much more winter we will have.
Just look at the ground hog (a form of squirrel) on February 2. If 'he' sees his shadow when he comes out of his nest/hole and sees his shadow he will run back in afraid of it. He will stay in for six more weeks and then come back out.
If he can't see his shadow then he says 'it must be spring' and stays out.
Ground hog observations are given a lot of weight by the people in the United States.
Of course we all smile and know it doesn't really work like that, a squirrel doesn't affect the weather nor does he predict it.
But the ground hog did see his shadow in Pennsylvania, the official site, so we will have six more weeks of winter.
Bottom line, if squirrels can predict the weather so can Adi.

Dianne said...

I love the collage, lots of red and other rich colors

Anonymous said...

Very cheery office collage ... most colorful! I enjoyed the familiar poem in this context for it DOES describe blogging doesn't it.
Hugs and blessings,

Amber Star said...

I love your red collage, too! Your home is so warm and inviting, and interesting...and not antiseptically clean. I love it.

ellen b. said...

Oh that is a great poem for a blogger!!
I really like your rich red collage of your office!

Felisol said...

Hi Catherine,
I am actually ashamed over my collage. It became so blur when I tried to enlarge it on my blog.
When small none would have known what it was all about.
Double clicking does the trick though.
I love my red kitchen/office stuff.
Gives energy and sparkle to everyday chores.

Hello, Ralph,
Half the fun of being my own boss is I work when I want and read/draw/paint/play/listen in between.
Don't you just love that freedom of flying?

Hi, EG,
I actually have a third office too, just a small old secretary in our living room.
It didn't have any ruby on it, and lost the race.

Hi, Pia K,
I deeply apologize for the blur pictures. When sharp the pictures were just too small.
I'll never do tiles again except for macros.
Guess if I was frustrated yesterday!

Hi, Carletta,
I don't think I can breathe for long without music. If nothing else is available I a cat.

Hello think,
I love the poems a bit out of style.
This one by Longfellow is very dear to me.

Dear Leora,
My house may to times appear to be disorganized chaos. Somehow both Gunnar and I are able to retrieve our belongings when needed, but not each others...
I guess we like it this way.

Hi Dora,
you are too kind. Thanks anyway.

Hello to ECL,
to me a kitchen office is very practical. I then can cook, wash, entertain guests and even have a meal in between.

Hi, Mojo,
My office is for pleasure, therefor it has to be cosy.
I don't live to work, I write for pleasure and I actually have a lot of inspiring experiences, meeting wonderful people like yourself.

Dear Jim,
I am enjoying life and therefor making myself comfortable.
I even have two chairs, that I can sit by my machine for longer hours.
When the bears and squirrels are out from their winter sleep, I will also take my writing out on the terrace.

Dear Crown of Beauty,
You are always so inspiring, too nice, really.
The Sky Cracker tin box was bought about a twenty years ago.
The crackers were delicious and the tin box handy for storing all kinds of hobby materials. I have not seen the Sky Crackers lately.

Dear Robin,
Why don't you just pop over for a nice cup of coffee or tea. I'd be delighted!

Dear Eaton,
I also love the poem.
Hope you are doing better. If not, please let me know.
You are such a nice person, I hate to think you are not doing well.

Hi, Becky,
nice meeting you.
Yes, I have already visited your place.
Nice blog you've got.

Hello, Dianne,
you are too kind on my red pictures this week. I hope I will make a better impression next Tuesday. See you then.

Hello, happily retired girl,
My soulmate..
(Happily retired).
Would you ever expect so many nice persons on the blogosphere.
I guess one gets response on the arrows sent out.
It's a blessing.

Hello, Amber Star,
you are so right; my home is not antiseptic clean. I once had a sign. "I wash my house every other day. This is not the other day".
I vacuum more often and wash my dishes by hand every day!

Hi, Ellen B,
thanks for the encouraging words.
Highly appreciated.

From Felisol

Gattina said...

Looks very cosy in your house ! I love wood and red !

Amrita said...

Both places look so warm cheery and welcoming and you have your music too, that is an add on too.

I must learn how to make a collage.

Now i can picture you working on your offices.

We learnt that poem in school and had to recite it in class. I remember it so well.

John Cowart said...

I loose more darn arrows that way!

Patti said...

Hi Felisol,
Per usual I am late visiting for Ruby Tuesday.
I love the Ruby red collage of your office space(s). And your kitchen looks so homey.

Annie Jeffries said...

I love the look of your creative areas and totally identify with all the clutter.

Longfellow's poem speaks to the adventurous heart and is the perfect blogger anthem.

You were absolutely right about neglect of creativity and pleasure in accomplishment. Lived well, age and activity are perfect companions. Soon it will be my turn, 100%.

Crown of Beauty said...

Hello, I read your comment on Saija's just now. Would love to see pictures of snowbells, maybe you could post some when they come out? The Sky Flakes crackers no longer come in tin cans...they use plastic boxes now. If you want some, can send you some too! We have lots of 'em here. Will add my email link on my blog one of these days, and you can write me what address I can use. Have a blessed day on the far side of the sea!

Saija said...

this is so lovely ... :o) ... you have done a great job! and it's not white white white like my post - yours has some zip to it! :o)

we don't have those bluebells you were talking about here - or at least i haven't seen them ... it will be a good 2 to 3 months before we see any greenery around here ... but we always still hope for an early spring!

blessings on you!

Sue Seibert said...

Love the tile photos...especially of Gunar and Serena! That desk/workstation is great, too.

Longfellow...a great poet!

Felisol said...

Hello, Gattina,
I love your home office too, the one pictured on your post head.
It looks so comfy and inviting.

Dear Amrita,
Just now I'm sitting in my kitchen, writing and having morning coffee, while listening to the radio.
I have, however, no rosegarden, but snow outside the window.
Just as I thought spring was around the corner, we got an inch of snow.
It brightens up the scenery though and is not so bad at all.

Dear John C,
I guess you get some friends back instead of the arrows, or what?

Dear Patti,
better late than never.
My kitchen was pretty big in the beginning.
Now it's filled with hobbies of all kinds.
I buy plastic boxes and store stuff in the attic. I can hardly throw away good memories.

Dear Annie,
you are so right. Creativity take place.
I am not the type to go out and buy stuff if I feel like making things. I have to chests and shelves for storing things, hence all the boxes.
You have a lot to look forward to when going into retirement.
It's retired from work, not withdrawn from the world!

Dear Crown of Beauty,
I thank you for your overwhelmingly friendly offer.
I think there's no way I can accept.It will mean to much work to ship a fragile box of fragile crackers half the way around the world.
The offer in itself was so deeply touching. I can hardly believe someone would go to that much trouble just to create joy in a bloggerfriend's life.
With your gentle offer you have actually given me more than you can imagine.

Dear Saija,
I learned from Wikipedia that the flower is called snowdrop in English. It's originally a wild bulb plant. We buy bulbs and plant in our gardens. As I told you, they spring out in full bloom under the snow, when spring comes late.

Dear Sioux Sue,
the picture of Gunnar and Serina is background on my laptop desktop.
I enjoy it too.
Longfellow sure knew what he was talking about.
I have great respect for him.

From Felisol

Vicki said...

oh, Felisol! You have inspired me today! I love the warmth of your heart and home. Seeing these images makes me want to get back to creating something lovely in my own home...which has been sorely neglected this winter because of depression. I enjoyed seeing your kitchen and office...and the beauty of the "reds." Red is my favorite color, actually.

maryt/theteach said...

Felisol, I have no idea why the collage is blurry when it is small and sharp when I click on it and make it bigger... it's a mystery! Happy Ruby Tuesday! Lovely office! Great place to work! :)

Debbie Petras said...

Felisol, it's fun to see a bit of your world. I loved the collage you did with your kitchen and showing us your office. You are so talented. I love the poem too. I hope you are well.

Terry said...

Dear Felisol
Please forgive me for not commenting sooner, but I have to say that this is the most beautiful "office" I have ever seen!
For the last two evenings, I have just been feasting my eyes on it.
I have been spending just a quiet time visiting you and Gunnar and Serina in your little castle.
There are too many things to write down here to tell you what I really love so I will just mention a few!
Of course, the picture on the computer of Gunnar and Serina heads the list!
Your two sweethearts!
I admire the wine glass collection you have on the wooden window sill.
Oh just see the lovely refections they make on the dust free wood!
And the old fashioned scale beside them, and outside the frosty window, are these some of your pine trees Felisol?
I like windows that have so many square panes!
I am wondering what the aged book is on the stand but I think that it is a Bible, almost worn out from the much reading, and turning of pages.
I would just imagine that it is opened to Psalm 139!
And even more books lined on the shiny wooden computer shelf, with pretty flowered trays behind them.
Would you serve your visitors piping hot tea put into fine English teacups from these trays Felisol?
And is that antique radio a short wave one?
How classy it is!
What treasures are stashed into that cupboard of many squared windows?
And what a fine collection of tins, lined all in a straight row on top!
Well here I am being a long winder again but I just must tell you how I love your table...a little nook where friends could sit and talk and every so often look out the window beside it!
Maybe be able to see the sea, or at least HEAR it?
All those cans of pens and pencils and paper scattered around and sweet pictures on the wall, probably creations of Serina!
Oh just lovely my Felisol!
Are there some photo albums on that table that we could look through?
I think that a person would really feel at home in your office.
After all, I have really felt at home just looking at it from the outside!
There are just too many other things to mention but I think I had better shut up for now![Alas! Mom Golden would always get after us for saying bad words, like "shut up", but what she doesn't know won't hurt her, eh?]
Well good night from my neck of the woods and good morning to you, Felisol in your neck of the woods!
God bless you.....Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Vicki,
I am glad if you could get some inspiration. You sure are one of the really talented. Your jewelry collection is stunning. Wow. What an accuracy, patience and eye for colors and shapes.
I am sorry to learn you have had a rough winter. Things can be too tough in the cold and dark months.
My best remedy is walking.
Getting out of the house and spend some energy while watching the ever changing scenery sure does me a lot of good.
You are in my prayers, now more than ever.

Hello , teach Mary,
thank you for visiting and for being so polite about my blur pictures.
I have an idea of what I did wrong. After spending two days working with the collage, I will not try to repair it. It might turn out even worse!
Thank you also for being so engaged about the Holocaust denial.
It is a shame what the Pope can tolerate on behalf of 6 million Jews.
It is also a shame that the English elementary schools will remove the facts about Holocaust from their curriculum, after pressure from Muslims.
Hitler was responsible for Holocaust, not the Muslims.
I am proud that Norwegian children still use time and effort to visit Auschwitz in ninth grade. It is voluntary, but many choose to do it.
Else I am not proud about the Middle East policy of our government.

Hello, Debbie,
i am frankly not proud of the blur collage, but this was what I made Sunday and Monday. Tuesday is my hiker day, so then I am quite busy and exhausted afterward.
Anyway, you're always welcome...

Derest Terry,
You never have to tell you're sorry.
I know you were busy with the gospel meetings all week. That is important, this not.
You are right about the Bible. I got it at the age of fourteen. I feel so home there, I can hardly read "strange" bibles. I like the Bible gateway, though. Helps me communicate in English.
The Psalm opened is the 37th.
That has been a guidance and a resting place to me for years.
I over and over find a Hallelujah sentence here.
You are right about the pine too. It's one of five. Then there are five birches in a row.
You are wrong about our house. We have to walk five minutes to be by the see. Two minutes to see i No, one actually.
Serina has made the office painting alright.
I would wish you and your family welcome on the minute, Terry, and serve you whatever you like. I am very good at buying...
Hope to hear good news from the gospel meetings soon.

From Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

Your offices both are warm and inviting. I like the knotty wood paneling or siding you have ... and the lovely view out of your kitchen window. My laptop is on indefinite loan to oldest daughter ... otherwise I'd be like you enjoying the heart of the home as a second office.

Raven said...

Wonderful collage. I've enjoyed scrolling down the page and reading the poems and looking at your reds and sepias...

And the beautiful photo and touching post about your father.

Mrs. Mac said...

Your 'resharpening' efforts have paid off in this beautiful picture.