Saturday, March 14, 2009


Which Grand Designs House Are You?

You are the Peckham Space Pod!

The Peckham Space Pod Grand Design. From 4Homes.

You're ingenious and just a little bit mad

Your practical, can-do attitude and ingenuity mean that the Peckham Space Pod is your ultimate Grand Design. This compact, clever design speaks volumes for your common sense, high intelligence and problem-solving ability. You also have taste that, while not always popular with the mainstream, is undeniably unique and 'you'. more!

Hi, Debbie. Instead of following up your meme, for which I actually don't have the capacity, I'll at least show you one side of myself I wasn't really conscious about. I follow the TV program Grand Designs by British Kevin McCloud with enthusiasm and great interest.

I could not resist taking this test as I stumbled over it at the internet.
The house I ended up with was the least pretentious of them all.
I like it though.
I also like to have a good laugh at my own cost.

Here is Gunnar's result. A little over my league. Together we are dynamite.

Bold and strong of opinion, the Yorkshire Castle is your dream Grand Design because it reflects all of these qualities and more. You are highly intelligent, well-educated and value the lessons of history highly. Your respect for quality and timeless design is reflected in this project, as is your sensitivity to the preservation of history.


Amrita said...

You landed up a great result Felisol. Mine would be a mud hut or a tree house!!! LOL.

Debbie Petras said...

Felisol, I always love to learn new things about you. And I never want you to feel pressured to do any of the memes we have. I love that you did your own. And why am I not surprised you are practical? I always love to visit your blog on the far side of the sea. It warms my heart to think of you in Norway. Did I tell you that I've been to Bergen? Loved the fish and flower market! A big hug to you across the miles.

Rebecca said...

This was my result!!!!
You are the Cumbria Underground House!

You're clean and green with a social conscience
A sensitive soul with a social conscience, you are definitely suited to the Cumbria Underground House. You care for the environment but don't think this means sacrificing luxury; merely being careful and considerate in the way you live is enough. Your taste reflects an eclectic mix of influences, but always remains stylish yet functional.
These little games have hilarious results, but are fun to do

Rebecca said...

I go to the Netherlands on Tuesday for it is my former home and I come back here and then back to Canada on the 23rd!