Sunday, June 28, 2009


mouse wrist or mose hand usually comes from using one's arm wrong when using the pc mouse.
with my for ever ruined right hand, (after a double osteoporosis breakage ten years ago),
i should not overdo anything. that means fighting against my nature. i spray painted two chairs this week, and that did the final trick. my right hand doubled its size and must be bandaged to be stabilized.
the tiny bones are all in a mess like a bunch of mikado sticks.
serina is home and we are fine. 4 trope nights in a row(more than 20 celsius degrees by midnights)
we leave for sauda in a couple of days to celebrate my mom's 84th birthday.
may this day be our, mine and yours, best day.
from felisol


Crown of Beauty said...

Oh dear Felisol, you are right, you should not overdo anything. Spray painting overworked your hand... and now I pray you will recover soon, even before you leave for Sauda.

It is good Serina is home with you.

I will be looking for the great pictures that I know you will be taking back with you, together with the memories.

An advance happy 84th birthday to your mom.


Amrita said...

Praying for your healing Felisol.

You did such a lot of work , I am glad Serina is home to help you.

Enjoy Mom 's 84th birthday in Sauda. And get lots of pictures for us.

Your 20* is super temperature.

Mrs. Mac said...

Dear Felisol, please take care of your 'mouse wrist' ... your health is too important to put a strain on it. Enjoy Serina's visit home ... and your upcoming trip to enjoy your Mom's 84 birthday celebration. Take lots of pictures. Give my best regard to her from me.

Hugs from the North Woods,

Saija said...

hope you have the best of times in sauda, celebrating your mom's birthday ... you seem to be able to bind your family around you in such a ring of love ...

(hugs) to you all ...

Terry said...

dear felisol, i looked up mouse wrist but could not believe that you were using your arm wrong on the mouse.
i really pray that you will be feeling good for that special birthday! is a lot better to just type in small letters,eh?
take care of yourself and i am glad that the princess is with terry

Jim said...

Oh Felisol, I am so sorry you are hurt. I don't know much about these, when will the swelling go down? Will you put ice on it? Have you seen a doctor? Will it hurt your travel plans?

I am glad that Serina is there as she will be help and comfort to you.

You are on my 'overtime' prayer list as of now.

You'd better be able to lift a fork with your left hand to eat the birthday cake!

Blasé said...

I've had surgery on both wrists. What a bummer..

Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Felisol,

I'm just back now and catching up. It has been three days since your last post. I hope the swelling on your hand is easing. Go easy, dear friend.


John Cowart said...

Sorry about your wrist. That really sounds painful.

Jada's Gigi said...

Ouch! I'll be praying for your wrist. Have fun with your family and happy B Day to your mom! Sounds like you are enjoying the summer.

Constance said...

I have been sick ever since getting back from our daughters and helping her out with our new grandson Twizzler. I think Kit Kat & Sweet Tart gave me something to take home to Texas! I am finally feeling better but I haven't had much energy & enthusiasm for being on the computer. Hoping you are on the mend and back to your sunny self soon!

Vicki said...

Thinking of you and praying for your wrist and hand to heal. Take good care, and happy birthday to your dear mother!

Mrs. Mac said...

Just checking up on you, dear Felisol ... I do hope you are on the mend and have given your hand much needed rest.

Hugs from across the sea.

Debbie Petras said...

Dear Felisol,
I was just checking in on you. Sorry to read about your wrist. I guess you really need a break away from the computer. Have a fun trip to visit your mother. Be safe.

By the way, I've been catching up with many of my new found relatives. It's been fun. We're all exchanging emails and been on Facebook. Are you on Facebook?

We are celebrating our Independence Day today. Most of all I'm so thankful for the freedom I have in Jesus Christ. Love you.

Terry said...

hi felisol
just dropping by to say hi to you and wish that you are feeling better.
felisol..i would really like it, if you sent me a picture of your bother, kel so i could put it in mom ljung's card.
could you email me one over?
it would be an easy job to do and it is only fair.
when you are feeling better, let me know, ok?
love terry

Jim said...

Hope you're having a good visit and didn't eat too much cake!
See you,

Terry said...

Thank felisol
your brother fit in just perfectly!
love terry