Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My step grandmother left some unexposed films.
Gunnar converted them to black/white.
I fiddled with it in photoshop and found this early 20th century very young man.

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Learn more about Sepia Scenes here.


Annie Jeffries said...

Elise, this is wonderful. What a treasure to find. I hope you will show more of the discovered pictures.

Carletta said...

I like everything about this image!
A classic of times gone by. You must have been thrilled to come across such treasure.
I second Annie's comment in hopes you will show us more pictures.

annalarssonphotography said...

I agree with Annie!

What a treasure to find!!
And I fore sure hope you will show us more of these pictures :)

Have a great thursday :)


Ralph said...

The look of this estate in the day is wonderful. We use the sepia to make the modern look old, but an original view in sepia truly makes the past come alive!

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary photo - He looks lost, but this is a very nice sepia scene!

Amrita said...

Both Gunnar and you are both so creative, ingenious and talented.
This is a classic photo.

I have a trunk full of old b/ws but all thumbs with them

Terry said...

oh! felisol!....oh! elegant!
love terry

Constance said...

WOW! That's gorgeous! The whole picture (house, boy, etc) have the ability to transport you back to another time!

Thanks for the recommendations on the Churchill books. I haven't heard of them but may have to see if I can find them at our library.

Whether people totally agree with a Political Leader's platform, I am certain that Churchill and Roosevelt were placed into position by God for their roles in World History! I can't imagine the outcome of someone else had been in those positions!

Have a lovely weekend!

maryt/theteach said...

Beautiful shot, felisol! I love the young man's outfit! :)

Deb said...

I love the photo! Old photographs are favorites of mine. A treasure indeed! We want to see more!

Maria's Space said...

This is too cool!

Crown of Beauty said...

What an extremely beautiful find! I am sure your heart must be brimming with excitement.

Thank you for sharing your creative heart with us!


aspiritofsimplicity said...

What a great old photo. Imagine dressing like that.

Debbie Petras said...

What an interesting old photo that is, Felisol. I like that whole sepia look too.

Ash said...

What a lovely find!

Jada's Gigi said...

this is a wonderful find Felisol! Beautiful!
and I do think you should look into a Kindle like Deb might be a wonderful tool for you.

Crown of Beauty said...

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Unknown said...

Kjær Elise,

Jeg er trist jeg har ikke fått bak til deg tidligere. Jeg er slitt ut å prøving til å ta vare på Julie etter hennes surgeries, ungene, hus, kolonialhandel, vaskeri, og alt ellers. Jeg vet ikke hvordan enkle foreldre gjør det !

Onsdag var helvete. Doktorene burde ha beholdt henne på sykehusovernatten. Hun har vært slik syk og i derfor mye smerten. Hun kunne holde ingenting nede for merenn et minutt eller så, samt smertemedisin. Hun måtte slutte spise og drikke fra og med tirsdag natt. Surgeries var onsdag morgen. Det var sen torsdag morgen før jeg kunne få henne til å beholde noe som helst i hennes mage. Hun gjør mye bedre nå men enda i derfor mye smerten. Hun er frustrert hun er ikke leger kvikk. Jeg gjør kunner som jeg kan til å berolige og til å trøste henne, men jeg føler meg slik hjelpeløs. Å seing noen som jeg elsker derfor mye i smerte skader merenn noe som helst i verdenen ! Jeg ønsker jeg kan bar det for henne.

Takk deg derfor mye for din tanker og bønner ! Og Altmuligmannen klokkeide var stor. Jeg kjøper henne liten Altmuligmann klokketing all det

Jeg håper deg at Gunnar og Serina er all brønn og glad.



I know that is probably all incorrect, so here it is in English.....

Dear Elise,

I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. I am exhausted trying to take care of Julie after her surgeries, the kids, house, groceries, laundry, and everything else. I don’t know how single parents do it!

Wednesday was hell. The doctors should have kept her at the hospital overnight. She has been so sick and in so much pain. She couldn’t keep anything down for more than a minute or so, including pain medicine. She had to stop eating and drinking as of Tuesday night. The surgeries were Wednesday morning. It was late Thursday morning before I could get her to keep anything in her stomach. She is doing much better now but still in so much pain. She is frustrated she is not healing quicker. I am doing all I can to reassure and comfort her, but I feel so helpless. Seeing someone I love so much in pain hurts more than anything in the world! I wish I could bare it for her.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! And the Tinker Bell idea was great. I buy her little Tinker Bell things all the time

I hope you Gunnar and Serina are all well and happy.



foto CHIP said...

Awesome - I love your photo! Where is it?

Jim said...

Felisol, your 'young man' picture is a nice one. I believe that fellow is a garden sculpture, a 'yard boy.' I would like to have him in my yard.

Kris said...

Sooooo pretty.

I want to live there.

Can I live there?

I also want to find pictures like that. <3 Fantastic.