Monday, September 07, 2009


Bergen is surrounded by 7 mountains which make a perfect sheltered harbor on the windy west coast of Norway.
Gunnar walking in the boarded alleys between the old Hansa buildings. The lens louse to the right remind in the picture because of his bold pink & lemon green clothing.
A viking ship replica is anchored side by side of a tall ship outside the coast culture building.
Cobbled stones and the ancient town gate to the right.
Close to the old fish market where one still can buy live fish. Tourists from all over the world are mixing peacefully.
Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.


Debbie Petras said...

Felisol, I love the photos of Bergen. I've actually been there and walked some of those streets. I purchased a beautiful jacket that I still wear in a shop along the waterfront. I loved to see the fish market! Such an exciting and busy place to visit. And I love fresh salmon; my favorite. Thank you for the memories.


Terry said...

oh felisol. these pictures are so beautiful!
you have been taking such stunning pictures the last while.
they would surely win a prize.
i think that princess serina would be so proud of you and maybe you will tie with gunnar in being her favourite photographer!

those line of houses all have the same design...the only difference is some are white and some are red and they have different windows.
i love the white ones with their quaint windows.
i love the street that is filled with so many people, felisol.
there are four ruby red jackets, one hanging ruby red shirt and one ruby red coloured hair lady.
yep....lots of ruby tuesday here my felisol!
and wow that was one handsome guy that you were taking pictures of!
love terry

Amrita said...

I prefer the charming old towns like these not the steel and glass jungles.
Lovely place and the buildings and streets speak for themselves.

I would love to visit such spots and natural locations too.
Your countrymen have preserved their shipping heritage very carefully.

I am glad you took some Holy Basil tea Felisol. Once I get the seeds I 'll send you some for planting, after the winter.

Crown of Beauty said...

Such beautiful pictures of Bergen! How my heart longs to see such beauty with my own eyes. And that replica of the Viking ship! How striking!

Every picture is beautiful, and you have once again captured for us your blog readers a slice of life in that part of the world.


John Cowart said...

Your beautiful photographs are so full of textures.

Dora said...

What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. :)

storyteller said...

What a MARVELOUS set of photographs of this beautiful town ... filled with lovely reds! I've shared my Ruby Post at Small Reflections ... still watching TENNIS of course ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Stephanie V said...

These are amazing photos of Bergen. I love the old cobbled streets and the roofs on the houses. The angles and shapes make beautiful photo compositions.

Leora said...

Beautiful photos. Especially the bottom one - I would love to be a tourist there!

Mamí♥Picture said...

☼¨`*•.♥LOVE ALL THOSE SHOTS♥.•*¨`☼
Thanks for sharing!
Have a Lovely♥Day!
To view my Ruby Tuesday you can visit my kiddos blog @
See ya!☺!

Ralph said...

A beautiful harbor we see, and it seems that red is the perfect color for ancient seafaring towns, in the Norway, the US and other places. This protected harbor makes for a town I wouldn't mind being stranded for the winter waiting for the icy seal lanes to clear in the Spring. A beautiful city with the feel og a village. A lovely capture!

Robin said...

What marvelous photos! Oh how I'd like to return to Bergen. To all of Norway. Someday...

ellen b said...

Hello Felisol! I really love all these scenes with the great red buildings in them. Just beautiful. I want to walk there...

Dianne said...

each photo is better than a postcard!
I really love the first shot, the red building just comes to life on the screen

well done!!

Miranda said...

These are so far my fave RT today. Im a big fan of rowhouses....they were all good pics. I love, love, love the last one!!!

Becca said...

Wonderful pics! I love all of the red photos :)

Jim said...

That Bergen is soooooo pretty, Felisol. Are you sure the top one isn't a post card! You really got some good ones this time, even the one with the louse was good.

Did you know those live fish are from Malaysia? They freeze them and ship around the world. Then at the destination they are defrosted.

Happy RT, I have a granddaughter (KP) on mine again wearing red.
BTW, those fish don't really come back to life. But they do ship LIVE fish round the world. :-)

Jeanie said...

The photos on your blog are just stunning! I am so very glad I stopped by!

MyMaracas said...

What a magical, wondrous place. I wonder - are the structures around the windows to keep the wind out?

The colors and sharp focus of your photos makes me feel as if I am there in the streets and on the dock. Thanks so much for showing us these.

Mrs. Mac said...

Very striking. Is that a wooden clock (hands only) on the side of building in the fourth picture from top? You have filled each frame beautifully. I can almost smell the salty air and the scent of fresh fish from the market.

Saija said...

that is so picturesque! what a lovely fairy tale look your Ruby Harbor has! :o)

Deb said...

I just said to Brillo Man (again) that we need to go visit Norway! Your country is so beautiful!!!