Monday, December 07, 2009


Advent orange with 24 tacks and a fur cone nisse mother accompanied by fresh juniper.
Hiker ladies gathered for Christmas workshop in my kitchen.

The Christmas in Cobbler's Street was sent back when Norway only had 1-one- TV channel. Young and adults gathered to celebrate advent time with cobbler Andersen, his little lodger Slipperius, and young & old living in Cobbler's Street.
Andersen invented the advent orange with 24 tacks in it. One to be removed each day in December till the 24th.I think I've had my own Advent orange ever since. It smelling so wonderfully of Christmas memories.

Join in for Ruby Tuesday at teach Mary's


Annie Jeffries said...

The cloves and orange is such a reminder of Christmas past. I remember doing this as a child. This would be a lovely thing for me to do again when I'm sitting in the evening watching TV. i have the oranges. I'm going to pick up whole cloves tonight. Watch for pics.


Robin said...

Happy birthday dear Felisol!

I'll bet your advent orange smells absolutely divine. I love the smell of cloves, homey and festive all at the same time.

Ralph said...

The cloves offer a pungent spiciness that blends so sweetly with the citrus orange. The kind shoemaker is very obliging to Slipperius (and us English only speakers) as he explains the Advent orange. So nice this fruit is, and the wonderful giving season...

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

nice to see ladies sitting down and making Christmas things. The cloved orange looks nice. I have never made one. I pick up cones from a tree next my school, and put them in my room. The kids want them, i tell them, go pick your own.

Leora said...

That's what we do to an etrog after Sukkot! We stick cloves in it to get a nice smell for the havdalah ceremony, which signifies the end of Shabbat.

When my mother was a little girl in Russia, the only time she saw an orange was at Christmastime.

Ivon said...

Hello Felisol! This is a great trip to the past. Maybe before my past, since this is new to me. You have sparked my Norwegian heritage, and there is rumor that I have one. I have put cloves into an orange, what do I do next? Thanks.

Ivon said...

Felisol, no need to publish this note, but I wanted to let you know that your link is broken on the Ruby Tuesday page. Sorry that I forgot to mention this in my previous comment.

Terry said...

dear's beginning to look like somebody's birthday and i am very terry

hey we 49ers must stick together, eh?

Amrita said...

Hapy birthday Felisol. Many Hapy Returns of the Day. May God give you a joyous and blessed year ahead.Have a beautiful day with your family and friends.

The orange with cloves looks delghtful.Hello to the hiker ladies so busy at work. I will watch the video now, the light might go off.

Sherri said...

I have been doing an advent calendar with my kids and my uncle referred me to your blog so that we could make an advent orange. We are starting late, but I am excited to do it with the kids! Thanks for you great ideas!

Jim said...

Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!
Happy Birthday Felisol!

Happy Birthday to You!

A birdie told me about your birthday.

I won't ask how old you are. Did you know that only old people tell how old they are?

Happy RT too! Your Advent orange turned out good. It made a really good Ruby Tuesday as well.
I am not playing so there isn't much new on my blog (I am just plain too busy until Wednesday).

Debbie Petras said...

I love the sound of the Norwegian language. And of course, it brings back wonderful memories as my family members all spoke fluently. I wish I paid more attention when I was young.

I see that Robin wished you a happy birthday. I wish you one too.

I love how crafty you are Felisol. It looks so inviting to sit with these women and work with yoru cloves and oranges. I wish I could stop by and help out too.

Love and blessings to you,

Marice said...

those are really great photos! so colorful and happy!

u may view mine here

Dianne said...

I love the way you captured the candle flame, that's beautiful

Happy Birthday
I wish all good things for you

Crown of Beauty said...

I can imagine the smell of Christmas in your home.

Happy Birthday today Dec 8, dear Felisol!

Just found out from the Sisters' blog, thanks for Ms. Terry.

Have a meaningful year, my dear friend.


Jada's Gigi said...

My kids and now my granddaughter make these every year. We don't count off 24 nor use them for advent but make little designs on them and hang them around or put them in a bowl. ummm smells SO good!

maryt/theteach said...

What a wonderful idea - an Advent Orange! We call those "tacks" peppercorns or cloves. Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

And it's your birthday? well, Felisol, Happy Birthday to you! All the best for a wonderful day! :)

Saija said...

Happy Birthday to a very special lady!

big ((hugs))

EG CameraGirl said...

What a lovely tradition. I have never heard of an Advent orange although I have seen oranges studded with cloves. The aroma is heavenly.

Unknown said...

i love the cloves in the oranges. looks like you all had an enjoyable time! it looks like it is your birthday so Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

Felisol! Did you and Gunnar see the strange lights spiraling over Norway recently??

Trish said...

Next year will try to remember this Advent Orange...I absolutely love it!
I think I can smell it's fragrance from here...LOL.