Monday, December 28, 2009


Overseas Christmas is over once the gifts are opened Christmas Day.
Not so in my country. The Norwegian Jul, pronounced Yule,is not over till 20th Day of Christmas, January 13th. Then comes Santa Knut and chases Christmas out the door.
Today is the first workday since Christmas Eve.

Our small family has as always been gathered.
Home for Christmas is a privilege, not an obligation.
From my first year my mother, Monten, has been Mater Familias, and head of the celebration. Even when regular guests like my grandparents or my aunt and uncle who later immigrated to America
were visiting, my mother did the all preparations, the cooking, baking, silver polishing, decoration and purchases on her own.

Things have gotten easier lately, but the spirit is the same. Also the habit of crushing me in Chinese Checkers.
My mother here posing in her red chair, wearing a blouse Serina bought her and proudly presenting much appreciated gifts from America.

Join in for Ruby Tuesday at teach Mary's


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful photo of your mother.

Trish said...

It is as always nice to learn of your traditions Felisol...I love them.
What a lovely photo of your Mother and how blessed you are that she is still so active!

Debbie Petras said...

I love to read about your Christmas. Your mother looks so serene and beautiful in this photo. I didn't realize the Christmas celebration lasted so long in Norway. I still have my tree up though and love this time of year. It's finally cooler here, even in Phoenix.

I pray that you will have a wonderful 2010 and stay healthy. And most importantly, to draw closer to our Lord each day.

Much love,

concretenprimroses said...

What a thoughtful pic of your mom taking a well deserved rest!
What a great tradition of the 20 days.

Jim said...

Thank you, Felisol, for sharing more of your Norway Christmas traditions and laws.
Your Mom is looking nice in her red chair with her new blouse.
Happy RT! Thanks for looking at my old cars. When you come to Texas you can see them all and ride in some.
The 911 thing was the difference in treatment Tiger got from Charlie Sheen. I will see how this goes, it might 'go away.' :-)

Ralph said...

Many traditions seem wonderful, it would be nice if Americans could continue the Yule as long as the Norse tradition.

Your mother has an elegant look as she sits proudly. The loving matriarch is a pleasure to see, the history of the family continuing for another Christmas. Have a wonderful Jul, and Happy New Year!

Miranda said...

It's neat to learn of the traditions in different countries.

Kim, USA said...

Here in US basically Christmas is done and gone. But not for me I came from Philippines and we celebrate the longest Christmas (i guess). Thanks for sharing!

Salsa and Tomato sauce

John Cowart said...

Your mother appears to be a gracious and lovely lady.
Enjoy all 20 days of your Jul.

Leora said...

Nice to see your mother. You really do get a lot of holiday. I like hearing about the Chinese Checkers. Fun game, I'd like to play her, too.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Your mother looks so lovely!

My Ruby Tuesday. Wishing you and your family a happy new year!

Margaret Gosden said...

A wonderful tribute to your mother!

Unknown said...

what a wonderful family tradition you have. and your Christmas being chased out the door---that is so cool!:p

a lovely photo of your mother.

Ivon said...

thank you for your comments on the 20 days of Christmas. At my house a lot of preparations and excitement exists for just one day. I agree that family is important. Tell your mom "Hi" from America. Thank you.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Somehow your tradition of 20 days makes more sense than ours of cramming Christmas into one hectic day! Then visiting, at least can be spread out over a little time! Your Mum looks like such a beautiful lady!

Auntie E said...

Very nice photo of our mother. My family Christmas is not over until the 7th of January. I like yours better.

Pat said...

Dear Felisol,
Your post is so lovely, filled with wonderful pictures. You really know how to capture the moment with your camera.
My favorite line was when you said, "Home for Christmas is a privledge, not an obligation". Too many forget what a privledge it truly is.
Enjoy Jul!

Marice said...

thats a lovely photo of your mom :)

u may view mine here, have a happy holidays

EG CameraGirl said...

Your mother looks great in the blouse your daughter gave her.

I bet she'd beat me at a game of Chinese checkers too!

storyteller said...

I enjoyed reading of your Christmas traditions ... seeing the lovely photo of your mother in this post ... the Ruby statue you shared last week (that I seem to have missed) and checking out your winter wonderland in this post and the previous Ruby posts too. Where I live it never snows except in the mountains. Thanks so much for dropping by Small Reflections. Wishing you and yours a Joyous New Year!
Hugs and blessings,

Patti said...

I'm a tiny bit Norwegian from my paternal grandmother (Nelson) and I love this time of year. I didn't realize your celebration went on for so many days. It's a wonderful tradition!

I also love this season because yesterday - Dec. 29 - was my birthday and my daughter's birthday. Double celebration here. ;-)

That's a lovely portrait of your mother. She looks beautiful and content.

I haven't played Chinese Checkers in decades. I would have to learn how to play again.

I wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy 2010, Felisol.

Mrs. Mac said...

A lovely Christmas you have had and continue to enjoy. Perhaps if Americans didn't start celebrating practically before Thanksgiving then we could extend the specialness of the season into January. As a child we didn't decorate until a day or so before Christmas ... and the day was spent at my grandparent's home .. stores were closed, etc. Now the all mighty dollar has been king (sadly). My tree is still up for another week or so. Your traditions are to be cherished. Nice portrait of your mother with her special gifts ;) I found a cousin from Denmark that lives near Seattle ... he's been teaching me the Danish Christmas traditions .. next Christmas I hope to attend his Danish Brotherhood party. Hugs from the snowy North Woods.

Terry said...

dearest felisol...i hope that you and gunnar and your princess and your mother have a blessed and peacful new years..thank you for all the encouragement and prayers you have showered on bernie and me and the whole golden family and your continued praying for your prayer child, dad golden.

Sherri said...

I love your ruby pictures...and how you share great traditions with us! You have a wonderful blog!

Amrita said...

The picture portrait of Monten is so enthalling, she is in a reflective mood it seems, maybe contemplating a checkers move.

She is a grand lady, a keeper of precious traditions and a creative artists. You are so blessed Felisol