Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Serina is celebrating her twenty second birthday with cousin Kristine Maria in Oslo. They have been friends from the day Serina was born.
Kristine Maria was four then, and came to visit us at the hospital.

Aunt Sigrid, Serina, Kristine Maria and me dressed for "herring jazz" street parade.
Serina is chauffeured by dad Gunnar to a birthday party in the neighborhood.
They both enjoyed the ride.

Imogen Heap is the reason Serina and her cousin are celebrating together. They are attending a Heap concert tomorrow.


Crown of Beauty said...

Such lovely photos, and even more special, the memories that they bring to the surface!

The photo of Serina and Gunnar on that beautiful car is something!

And so is everything else!

Happy 22nd birthday to Serina!


Terry said...

happy birthday little terry

John Cowart said...

Cute kid photos ... But tell Gunnar I envy him that car! What a beauty. Hope he still has it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Felisol, again today your blog is not accepting my comment, don 't know what has gone wrong. Here is what I wanted to say.

How lovely to have 2 birthdays close together in the family.

Happy birthday Snow Princess Serina. I call you Snow Princess because you were born in a snowy nonth! Have a smashing celebration with your cuz.

You girls look so pretty in the photo. Love the dresses and hats, so elegant - very beautiful

Amrita said...

Hi now I can again say that 22nd is a lovely tender age...enjoy your youth Serina - how precious is the idea of praying for those being taken in an ambulance.

I am so happy blogger accepts my comments once more

Mrs. Mac said...

Has it been four years since I started reading about your sweet Serina? How can she be twenty-two now?! The pictures show such endearing glimpses of her childhood and loving family. Please give her a birthday wish for her twenty-second year: May the Lord bless her health, watch her every step, as she honors Him and those that love her. Happy Birthday Serina! (one day I shall have to show you a picture of my strawberry blond niece with the same good name, Serine ... they could be sisters;)

Lina Kristine said...

Fantastisk bilde nr 2!
Herlig :) jeg savner 90-tallet! said...

Happy Birthday to Serina and to Kel also! The pictures are adorable! The little outfits in the first picture are so beautifully Norwegian!

Blessings and Birthday fun!


Kris said...

Wish her a belated b-day from me. A person she doesn't know. Haha. Imogen Heap rocks my socks. Hope they liked the concert. :) Very cute pictures!

Patti said...

I love the photo of Serina and Gunnar in the car. Wow.That looks like fun.

And you ladies all look so elegant in your dresses. It's so nice when little girls get dressed up. ;-)

Tell Serina one of your blog friends said Happy Birthday ~ 1988 was a good year in our family as well.
That's when our Allegra was born. Maybe the girls will meet someday! They may have much in common.

Debbie Petras said...

Happy Birthday to Serina! I loved the photos you included here. What a fabulous car too. I pray that your Serina had a fun day to celebrate.

Blessings and love,