Monday, February 01, 2010


February first came with more light powder snow but also more light; 2 hours 6 minutes since winter solstice.
Every season has it's flowers, also at the florist's. Primroses are flooding in January. Last week they were two for 2,5 dollars. I bought eight,- food for my soul.
For the sake of Ruby Tuesday I placed them on terrace while the powder snowflakes were dancing from the white sky.

The author Ludvig Holberg (double click to read more) was born in Bergen in 1684, a child of the era of Enlightenment and the baroque. His plays, mostly comedies and satires, are well known, performed and loved even in the new millennium.
His most famous role figure, Jeppe, has a drinking problem. Holberg described Jeppe's dilemma in two sentences ; "Everybody's talking about Jeppe's drinking, but nobody's talking about why he's drinking."
This quote has helped people asking the important "why," searching for an underlying cause instead of condemning.
I think those few words alone have made us a more tolerant people.

Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.


Carolyn Ford said...

Such nice reds for Ruby Tuesday. Those flowers are sure signs of spring on the horizon!

Carletta said...

Beautiful flowers!
I love that first shot of the flowers and the red spine of the book - creative shot!
A quote to think about. :)

EG CameraGirl said...

I love to buy primroses in winter too, then plant them in my shade garden so they bloom the next year. But I haven't seen any yet! Pretty soon they will be in the shops. Yours are very lovely. I like the mixture of colours.

By the way, I have read about 900 pages of the Ken Follett book. I have only the last section yet to read. I'm glad I followed your suggestion! ;-)

ellen b said...

That's a great challenge to ask the why instead of going straight to condemnation. Love all your rubies!

Ralph said...

The snow, cold and gray of Winter call for a colorful and attractive distraction. These primroses fill the bill very nicely! Indeed, we do need to understand 'why' for everything: To improve or make better. It is easy for us to criticize others without looking at ourselves and our faults, first.

Two hours of daylight? I'll never complain about the lack of daylight again!

Felisol said...

Oh, dear Ralph; two more hours of daylight since solstice!
Sun up at 8.50 and down at 4:57.

Kim, USA said...

I agree many people do that though. The flowers makes the white snow not so boring ^_^

My red shoes

Leora said...

OK, so you got me thinking about Jeppe's drinkin...

Lovely flowers, against the snow or anywhere.

EJ said...

I been seeinng flowers lately, I would be glad to welcome spring..

Our Mini Date

Lynda Howells said...

Just thought l would let you know that Valentines day is on Feb 14. love your imagesxxsaw your comment about noth knowing the date.xlynda

Crown of Beauty said...

Beautiful primroses! They don't grow here in our country, but I have seen them in Chiang Mai, Thailand where very many beautiful flowers grow.

The author you featured is someone I never heard of before. But he says it well, we can be more tolerant and understanding if we know the why behind someone's seeming wrong actions.

Your blog post for today is once again food for my soul as well.


Terry said...

dear felisol...the prim roses are so beautiful but even more beautiful are the words spoken by
mr. holberg!
he is so right. once i was at a bible conference and in between meetings, some of us were walking around the small town and a drunk man approached us and some, but not all of the group i was with started to make fun of almost broke my heart for the poor fellow..i just went up to him and said hi and he said hi back and smiled and then he went on his way.
i wished that i had of had a little bible tract to give to him but i am sure that god had his eye on that man and he would tell him soon about his precious son who died for his sins.
after all felisol, even though some of us were never drunkards, how many more sins did we commit?

Luke 15:2
And the Pharisees and scribes murmured, saying, This man receiveth sinners, and eateth with them.

thanks for such a good ruby tuesday post felisol.
jesus hates the sin but he loves the sinner and died for every last one of us! terry

Chubskulit Rose said...

Those are gorgeous flowers.

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The Cunning Runt said...

Nice shots! I did flowers as well, though in a greenhouse.

Unknown said...

Jeppe's dilemma got me thinking...:p

love your rubies!

John Cowart said...

You beautifully display that intriguing set of books.

As to the question "Why", I've heard it said that to understand all is to forgive all.

Marice said...

what a nice series of lovely flowers! perfect for RT :)

u may view mine here

Marites said...

love those flowers, they sure will light up any room. That book looks quite interesting! Happy RT!

Rechie said...

i love all the reds in your photos..most especially the macro shot of the red flowers

mine's here

Amrita said...

The primroses are very very beautiful, they must bring color and warmth to you and also the promise of spring.Snow like white powder - wow sounds very preety to me.

Its true many people are driven to drink to escape their sorrows. Its a sad senario.

Your book looks antique

Annie Jeffries said...

I seriously like this book. I missed Ruby Tuesday this week. Inspiration totally folded on me. Alas.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Beautiful Reds! I love your snow angel pic in next post !

Patti said...

I love the primroses, Felisol. A sign of hope, of springtime..I saw them at the supermarket the other day, and was tempted to buy them, but I didn't. :-(

Interesting quotation you've shared. There is always a reason why people drink too much, or eat too much. We should not judge so quickly.

Rebecca said...

There is always a "why"
and always the opportunity to bless instead of curse.......but for the Grace of God.....