Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Kitchen Maus challenged me to make a fish soup at 11 p.m. Who am I to say no. Besides her food photos had made me really hungry.

First foccacia to go with the soup. 1litre allsorts flour, 50 gram yeast, 1/2 liter luke warm water, 1/2 ts salt, 2 ts brown sugar, 2 tablespoon olive oil, black seedless olives, cheese and sea salt sprinkled at the top.

Vegetables for the soup, carrots, potatoes, celery root, red onion,
leek, green pepper, frozen herbs after your liking, herb salt,
whole, sweet fennel. One rich liter of water, cod for 4 persons,
crabsticks and 1/3 liter of cream.
The fish should not boil, but draw for 25 minutes.
Same time as the foccacia should stay in the oven.
Bon appetite.


Jim said...

Felisol, please save a cup for Mrs. Jim and me! That looks soooooo good. And the focia too.
Oh, there are a few ingredients I would leave out, starting witht he fennel.

Hapy RT! :)

Jim said...

Misspelled foccacia. I'm sorry. I got lazy.

Crown of Beauty said...

lovely meal...it's my kind of bread and soup.

I'll try it sometime, or coax my daughter in law Chosen One to do it. She loves soups and breads, like me!

but maybe not at 11 pm!

What time did you get to eat it?

I love foccacia bread dipped in a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Amrita said...

Oh wow Felisol, this is mouth watering.I can almost taste it thousands of miles away.

Such exotic ingredients for me . Never tried fish soup. But I know it very healthy too.

I just love the olive bread.

Mrs. Mac said...

Both hearty good foods! When do you sleep? You're a good blogger cook ... nice directions. Fresh ingredients make for the best nutrition.

Terry said...

yummy ingredients felisol!!
i know that you are a sea food lover...i wonder though how ham or chicken would go in this soup?
oh i love leeks and carrots and potatoes and celery and onions[i have never used red onions but that sounds good!].
i don't know what allsorts flour is but i will google it...
alas, i don't care for fish but i am sure that ham or chicken would taste good...ha!!
i will let you know how it is when i try this recipe on my own guinea piggie, bernie!....love terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
all sorts flour in my mind = ordinary wheat flour.

You are very like my two eldest cousins.
They used to say, "Fish is fish and meat s food."

Fish is about the healthiest food one can eat. We are lucky with plentiful supply of day fresh fish.
Just now s herring time.
The only fish my mother never served us. She simply could not stand all the bones.
My grandmother bought barrels of smoked and salted herring.
This way she fed her family through the hard thirties.
In Haugesund we have great herring festivals in summer. Jazz, dance and all kinds of herring salads for free.

Terry said...

yes of course you are right felisol.
fish must be very good for you.
after all it was the meal served by the lord jesus when he met his disciples on the shore after their fishing excursion!
ha!..you think that dad golden is so quiet and would never raise his voice at the golden kids misdeeds and this is true, except for once with me...the only time i can ever remember.
he used to like to fish and one time for some reason, he had placed the fish he had caught into the bathtub.
well, when i saw them, believe me felisol, they were still moving their gills...i ran the water into the bath tub and when dad golden came in and saw what was going on he, asked in not a low voice, "terry WHAT are your doing?"
"dad", i answered...the poor things are still breathing and they need the water to keep them alive!"
hmmm.did i ever get a tongue lashing! the first and last time that i ever remember! hahahaha!
and that was when we were living in my beloved manitoba!
love terry

Felisol said...

You are Canada's female dr. Doolittle.
Saving your father's dinner, that was what you did.
He should of course have wrecked the fishes neck and cut them open once he got them.
That's the only way to treat fish.
Or, one can keep the fish alive -in water- and finish the "killing" just before the fish is to be eaten.
In Norway that's considered to be fresh fish.
One's got to pay extra for that, but the old Madams of Bergen would never consider buying anything, but fresh fish.
They also will demand cod liver and cod roe to follow the cod.
(Which by the way s a salt water fish and has to be kept in such. A bathtub filled with freshwater would have killed it.

Otherwise I thing Dad Golden did well n catching sweetwater fish for his family..

Most Americans survive a long life without tasting fish, so you continue doing what you like.
I'm sure the Lord loves you more than anyone I know of. Meat or fish..
Love Felisol

Jada's Gigi said...

What an interesting dish!! and at 11pm?!? Now you are so energetic! BTW..thanks for commenting on my new post...I figured everyone had forgotten me by now. :) I used to sing...a lot..and semi professionally...haven't done that in quite a while. I miss it a lot. I miss me a lot..so I'm doing something about it. :)

Jim said...

I learned how to eat fish. Thank you. I had never heard of cutting their necks but come to think of it the fish in the market don't have heads.

Your foccacia bread looks good. Our Kroger store makes is. And Mrs. Jim has a foccacia mix in the cupboard but she says it is pretty old to make. I am betting that since she has it she will try it soon.

The second phase of my diet is to take a mile or two walk every day (five a week) and the third is to have soup for one meal a day. My food plan says homemade soup and to make enough for a week at a time.

The first phase is to have breakfast, I am doing that. Without the other two I put a few of my lost pounds back on. I don't know what phase four is. I hope is isn't to cut out ice cream before bed time.

My dad used to order fish from some place on the Great Lakes, Wisconsin or Minnesota, during the depression. Otherwise we grew or raised most of our food on our little farm.

Have a nice weekend,

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...


This is another reminder to me of my mother and her love of fish. Having grown up in Norway, when she moved to America, she was never completely pleased with the 'freshness' of the fish! And of course like you said, in Norway, it is always fresh and available, right out of the sea!

This soup looks like what I would love to have for dinner tonight! I might have to try it.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Norway postings. As you know... It's in my blood!