Sunday, March 21, 2010


John Cowart says: For a real toe-tapper, I don't think you can beat "Once To Every Man And Nation".
Other than that, they're all just songs.
Since he was the first to answer the call, I thought we might listen to him.


Felisol said...

My brain and heart are full of music today.
I must add to my list:
Amazing Grace ( A direct line from ear to heart to tears flowing from my eyes)

Deilig er jorden, Wonderful is the Earth. It's the song of the medieval crusaders, now ending the Christmas Eve service every year.
A new organist tried to replace it with another. There were riots among the peaceful congregation members.

Herre Gud ditt dyre Navn og Ære, ("Good Lord, thy precious name and glory").Written by the extraordinary Norwegian minister and poet Peter Dass.

John Cowart said...

Dear Felisol,
Thank you so much for honoring "my song" in your post. This was certainly a surprise to see. The children are teriffic.

Another of my favorites is "Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise"

Amrita said...

Really very sweetly sung. O I love the fella in the front

Terry said...

oh sweet this is!
i really don't think that there are any better voices than those from little children!
may this bright group keep this innocence and happiness for the rest of their lives.
thanks to john cowart for bringing this song to you attention!
and i am glad that your heart and brain and soul was full of music! terry

Constance said...

For me it has to be "REVELATION SONG" by Kari Jobe!!! I am lost in praise and worship every single time I hear this song, it just ushers me right before the throne of grace!

Carol Joy said...

Hello Felisol! I have seen your comments on my sister's blog (Sonja) and I love them. I am so in love with Norway as my mother's place of birth, (Tromso) and we are in touch often with our aunts and cousins over there. We have taken our kids as well and my daughter loves it so much and feels the same connection we all do that she is going to get married in Tromso this summer. I could go on and on. Our Christmas Eve service has a favorite "Oh Holy Night" that we await for. I make many Norwegian recipes of my mother's throughout the year. Do you get the picture? I LOVE NORWAY!!!! Thank you Lord for giving me a Norwegian mother! My favorite singer Sissel Kyrkjeco singing "Jeg er sa glad hver julekveld" sends me over the top!(can hear my mother singing)
Just wanted to say hello and that I appreciate you! Gud dag my fellow Norwegian!
Carol Joy

Saija said...

and blessings on you ...

music is such an uplifter, isn't it? i know if i am down, a good gospel song will ALWAYS uplift my spirits ...