Monday, May 31, 2010


Die Grenadiere
These tulips waving in the early morning sun( half past five)somehow remember me of a poem by Heinrich Heine. The grenadiers, standing tall and proud, yet so fragile.
Maybe I'm subconsciously being inspired by the Veterans Day.

This week I have been fiddling with manual photography. Feels like I'm learning to swim again.
As a child I read a novel called "The Black Tulip"
by Alexandre Dumas. He has skilfully described the value of rare tulips, both political and economically.
One can say that the bottom has fallen out of the tulip market long time ago.
Their beauty are ageless.

This aging Mad Max has let all pride go, but is nevertheless a sight for gods and soar eyes.

Originated by MaryT, check hers for today


Life Ramblings said...

I love tulips. They really do remind me of Amsterdam. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Ralph said...

The flowers are a deep red, not somber but regal in tone. The tulips are yet to bloom, yet the teardrop shaped bulbs seem so elegant as they sway in the breeze. The loving work of the gardener is shown wonderfully here!

Leora said...

Your red tulips are splendid. "The grenadiers, standing tall and proud, yet so fragile." - how you have captured a Heine quote and added it to a post so well.

I am going to read The Black Tulip - I must have seen a dramatization of it once upon a time.

Nora Johnson said...

Such beautiful flowers - remind me of Amsterdam too!


Manang Kim said...

Like those red shiny tulips awesome shot! Happy Monday!

BM-Memorial day

Joops said...


Hope you can take a peek on my memorial day post dedicated to my uncle who died in Normandy France. Happy Memorial Day!

lynda howells said...

I loved reading the Black Tulip. I love tulips but they fall over to much when cut and put in a vase, so l would rather they stayed in the garden.
Nice imagex Happy Ruby Tuesdayxlynda

EG Wow said...

Beautiful tulips! Yes, Tulipmania is long over. Doesn't it make you wonder what in our society is seriously over inflated?

Debbie said...

The tulips are simply beautiful Felisol! I love the bright red color. I think you did a wonderful job photographing.

Much love,

Sonja said...


I simply have to 'bow' to your photographic skills! I do not have them, but I am such an 'appreciator'!! The red tulips just made my day!

Love you my Norwegian friend,


A 2 Z said...

That tulip glistens in the sun. Its quite spectacular to be able to capture it so well. Thanks for sharing.


Amrita said...

Good gracious! They are super-gorgeos and well photographed by you Felisol.

In India tulpis are cultivated in Kashmir and other Himalayan states. The capital of Ksshmir has a vast tulip garden thronged by tourists. A family friend once managed to grow tulip in the Delhi winter and won a prize for it.

The Dumas book sounds like a good read.

Johanna S said...

Love your tulips - sooo rubyred!

Ivon said...

Hello Felisol! Another interesting post. Tulips are on of my favorite flowers. I took some closeup pictures of the cent of some tulips. They made quite some interesting photos. I always look forward to Rudy Tuesday, and I read your post first. Take care long lost cousin. :)

Meri said...

Tulips remind me of the Skagit Valley here in Washington -- our tulip-producing center.

reg said...

now that is an incredible red for tulips

Jim said...

Very pretty tulips you have found, Felisol. Amsterdam had a lot more but I don't think they were this pretty. I remember a lot of yellows there.

Happy RT! I hope you guys are doing okay.

Marice said...

lovely tulips! and it looks like you have been doing great in manual photography :)

u may view mine here

Terry said...

oh felisol..these beautiful red tulips look almost like they are made of fine china..oh they are so nice!
felisol, what do you mean when you say that you are using manual photography?
i guess that norway is keeping their tulips longer than we are.
here in southern ontario,the hot sun the last while has taken all of the daffodils, tulips and the lilac bushes away for another year!
so nice felisol...would it ever be so nice if you could send a bouquet of them to our terry

Trish said...

Felisol...You have an eye for beauty...I always love your photo's! Tulips, are one of my favorites. Just wish that they lasted longer!

Ann said...

This is red like fire. I studied in Economics about the tulip, and also the Black tulip story.

Patti said...

Gorgeous ruby tulips, Felisol. They are perfect for a Ruby Tuesday post.

I like the quote that accompanies your photos.

Jada's Gigi said...

Wow! really ruby red! lovely!

Saija said...

as ALWAYS, i love the pics you choose and share with us ...

blessings on your sunday, my sweet Norwegian friend!

Mrs. Mac said...

Your Mad Max tulips appear to be carved of beautiful red wax. I never tire of them .. although in the North Woods we have to grow them in window planter boxes or the deer and moose eat them for a snack.