Sunday, July 04, 2010

Ruby dripping Laestrogians # 10

The Laestrygonians (or Laestrygones, Laistrygones, Laistrygonians, Lestrygonians; Greek: Λαιστρυγόνες) are a tribe of giant cannibals from ancient Greek mythology. Odysseus, the main character of Homer's Odyssey, visited them during his journey back home to Ithaca. The giants ate many of Odysseus' men and destroyed eleven of his twelve ships by launching rocks from high cliffs. Odysseus' ship was not destroyed as it was hidden in a cove near shore. Everyone on Odysseus' ship survived.

This chapter is about the wandering Leopold Bloom trying to get himself some descent lunch at the hour from 12 to 1.
All the time he is philosophizing about Irish politics, various Christian Churches and Judaism.
Bloom is painfully obsering how lust for power is corrupting the good intentions both in politics and religion..
"In aid of funds for Mercer's hospital. The Messiah was first given for that. Yes Handel. "(James Joyce) Here: Gunnar ans Serina in the St. Mary

Bloom is analyzing the life in various social layers from the outcast whores and beggars, and their contradiction; the noble upper-class.
He chuckles at the memory about the time he sneaked in to a royal dinner at Dublin Castle and mingled with vice king and his court.
My mom is also a bit bewildered about her seven course Chinese dinner...

He's jealous of a man, Boyle, who he suspects his wife might have had a one night affair with.
This does not prevent him from keeping fantasizing about the woman Marta, who he just might like to have a more intimate relationship with ...
A man of contradictions and knife sharp observations.

He's using money to feed the seagulls, but cannot seem to find an appropriate place to have his own lunch.
Lamb at sundown, in two months; lamb chops."No fear. No brains. "(James Joyce)
He is disgusted by the over eaters as well as the poor, literally eating from the street.
Bloom would have hated this. Potato cake, shrimp salad, sausage, bacon and smoked ham.From hiker ladies last day out.
Finally he ends up in a vegetarian restaurant, very pleased and relieved.
A posh place and very up to 2010 standards. I don't think we even have a restaurant like this neither in our town nor on the island.
Fish eaters after sundown July thrid.
All the time his reflects on various sides of the theme advertising.
Some of his ideas are simply brilliant. The Leopold Bloom of 2010 would own his own firm and probably run a multi million pound business.
"Wouldn't have it of course because he didn't think of it himself first. " (James Joyce)
It has never been profitable to be ahead of ones time (read:equals).

"Heart to heart talks.

Bloo... Me? No.

Blood of the Lamb.

His slow feet walked him riverward, reading. Are you saved? All are washed in the blood of the lamb. God wants blood victim. Birth, hymen, martyr, war, foundation of a building, sacrifice, kidney burntoffering, druid's altars. Elijah is coming. Dr John Alexander Dowie, restorer of the church in Zion, is coming.

Is coming! Is coming!! Is coming!!!
All heartily welcome. "
(James Joyce)
A druid grave from with triangles of standing stones. The old St. Olavs Church and a third standing stone across the strait.Midnight shot July forth.

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Terry said...

dear felisol.
i am so glad that you took mom ljung out for such a delicious meal.
she does look a little bit puzzled, eh?
ha the look on her sweet face is priceless and you look real pretty too felisol...really pretty!
well i will say good night for now and wish to you a happy ruby terry

Ralph said...

The coastline is aglow in a beautiful sunset of ruby (even the sheep has a ruby glow), the look is so lovely. The peasant fare might have been a problem for the royalty. But not me, sausage, bacon and shrimp looks lovely!

EG CameraGirl said...

I LOVE the photo of the lighthouse!

I haven't found a copy of Ulysses yet so I can read it too. :)

Leora said...

I started reading Ulysses again this weekend. Then I took out my guide by Stuart Gilbert and started reading that one.

Did you ever read The Dead, which is in Dubliners? I wrote a paper in college about the food in The Dead.

My son read the original Odyssey for school, so I was asking him questions, too.

Love how you interspersed the food in this post with Joyce and Leopold Bloom.

Felisol said...

Dear Leora,
I'm so glad you challenged me to blog about my reading.For the first time of m life, I have been a slow reader. I'm high lightening my copy, reading comments, some Irish history and thinking pictures all the way.
To enhance my English, I aslo listen to an audio version while reading. Wow, I'm getting the old songs sung as well.
I have read Dubliners, and find it impressive that you have written about the food in the Dead.
Next weekend I will attend a concert here with the Dubliners band. Get some Irish folk revival.

Robin said...

Gorgeous pipe organ and I love the shot of the lighthouse, what a beautiful spot.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Beautiful post, I love all the photos esp your mom's bewilderment over chinese foods lol.

My Ruby Tuesday could be found here

lynda Howells said...

wow..beautiful images and loads of food and history and stories..what more could one ask for.xxHappy Ruby Tuesday my friendxxlynda

LifeRamblings said...

the shots of the coastline are stunningly beautiful. Happy RT!

Trish said...

I love Chinese food and what a feast you have before you! Your sweet Mom probably didn't know where to start...I love the expression on her face.
And as always dear Felisol, your photo's are amazing and your Norway breathtaking.
Thank you for your prayers.

Carletta said...

What a creative post! Such time and effort put into it.
Love the lighthouse shot and the last one.
Thanks for your visit. :)

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Hi felisol, an amazing, beautiful Ruby glad I visited.

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, these are lovely photos interwoven with your story.

I would be overwhelmed by the Chinese dinner too. The hiker ladies are great cooks I know.
Enjoy the beautiful days of summer

Felisol said...

I have trouble receiving comments. Sorry

Crown of Beauty said...

Again too beautiful for words.

THe photos are lovely...

the Chinese dinner with your mom - was that on her birthday?

I love Chinese good.

And the seagull, the sheep, the sundown, the druid grave...

Will we have photo exhibits in heaven, dear Felisol?

I truly hope so...


Terry said...

dear felisol..i have been having a real hard time receiving comments too.
i had to do a lot of copying and pasting the comments that i got through my email.
i decided to take off the enabling comments, because for some reason the publish comment came up with an error and would not let me publish!
maybe gunnar could figure out this..he is a computer whiz! terry

reg said...

A fantastic group of pics, and as Terry stated your Mom does look a little over whelmed, But the so would have I!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had missed this. Great post and I like the new layout.

maryt/theteach said...

Felisol, came here because of Leora's facebook comment... Thank you, Leora!!

Incredible, outstanding, exquisite post combinning Joyce and your photos. I'm going to send people to your post from my next Tuesday's Ruby Tuesday post. :)