Sunday, November 28, 2010


In summer we have blond nights, but in the winter, with sundown at four p.m., (and it's still going to get darker), we have the blue hour.
This picture was taken outside the church after Christmas mass a year ago, in the blue hour.
It's magic. So silent and yes,- so blue, the light is blue, the sky and the snow is blue
A fairytale tells, that the blue-nisses of the mountain make the blue hour from blueberry juice.
Our heavenly Father knows better. He knows the laws of physics and the psyche of his children. He made it so wisely, that in our darkest days, before the sun once more is turning, the scenery is dressed in white and both dawns and sunsets are blue, filled with dreams and hopes.
To day was first Sunday of Advent, and in less than three weeks my girl will be home for Christmas.


Crown of Beauty said...

So lovely, this blue hour...and the photo you shared with us...

First Sunday of advent already.

He is coming soon. Maranatha.


John Cowart said...

The way the background of Blue Hour matches her eyes and the lines in her coat--you really captured beauty in your portrait.

Felisol said...

Dear Lidj and John C,
I've rewritten parts of this blog, to honor Him, to whom all honor belongs.

As you will see, this picture is a raw file, without any fiddling done.
I tried to photoshop it, but it came out with all its magic gone.
So, for a brief moment, this is exactly how Norwegian winters may be.

Colleen said...

Felisol, your words are so stirring and lovely, they truly moved my soul. Thank you.
Is that your daughter in the photo? Her face is so beautiful, she has lovely bone structure!
I hope you are doing well and settling in to enjoy a cozy, beautiful winter filled with good things for you and your family!

Felisol said...

Sear Colleen,
You are right. It's my daughter on the photo.
I agree; she is beautiful the way Lord created her.
Sadly, she doesn't see that herself.
I hope she'll soon get a new "mirror", and not wait until she sees, only in retrospect.

I am having a somewhat busy, but wonderful advent time. Wednesday I'll gather six friends for a Christmas workshop. That will be my way of having a "julebord".

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol,

I am listening to Christmas music online as I visit my blkog friends.

They are playing a modern version of Joy to the World and your lovely poetic post an d eye capturing photo makes me sing along Hallelujah.

Indeed the beauty of God' s creation can be seen in Serina 's eyes and the sky. said...


Serina IS the picture of Norway at this blue hour. May she know deep within her own heart, that her life is a gift, and that she can be whatever He chooses for her life to be. I join you in that prayer for this precious, beautiful daughter.

Love you.


Sue Seibert said...

I know you will be so thankful to have her home for a while.

The Blue beautiful!

Terry said...

dear felisol...i am sorry that i did not get here sooner to see this lovely post with the princess in a mass of blue!
my favourite colour is blue..
oh it is just so nice that the princess will be returning in less then three weeks now and i am praying that she does well in all of her exams!
she has turned out to be a real lady!!..just like her cameo gramma and her own dear terry

Mrs. Mac said...

The blue hour in pure light .. heaven sent. Enjoy the preparations you make while we await the celebration of His birth. Serina is a beauty :)

Mrs. Mac said...

''is'' pure light

myletterstoemily said...

dear felisol,

i came over from sonja's blog. don't you
love her?

when we visit our colorado home in the
winter, i wait each day for four o'clock
and announce, "blue snow!" the late
afternoon light turns the snow the most
gorgeous shade of blue . . . just like in
your photo!

my heart lifted when i came here, because
i sense His nearness here.

merry CHRISTmas,

Annie Jeffries said...

Oh Elise! I missed this. But now it is found as I just found you wonderful workshop post. Going over there now to comment. Serina is so beautiful, the color blue, curiously, does not make her look cold at all.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

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