Saturday, December 18, 2010


Prayer and the faith in a living God, who always wants the best for his children, is implanted in me from I was a baby.
Nevertheless, I tend to want to fix my own life as best I can.

"Mother, don't pray for me, I want to win this tournament by myself," my brother instructed our mother as he was entering a major chess competition. With his sense of fair play, praying to win was equal to cheating.

Yesterday not only did I pray, but I engaged my entire family and the circle of blog Sisters of the Traveling Scarf to pray for daughter Serina's safe return for Christmas.
She rode her little car over two mountain ridges, via three car ferries and two under water tunnels ( running three hundred meters under the fjords), for 12 hours, through storm and ice in arctic darkness, and she turned up at our front door the very minute she was expected. Completely safe and sound, while four buses and a trailer were blown off the road in her track.
Seldom have I felt so small as when following the news on the internet. Seldom have I felt the blessing of my tiny, wobbly belief so complete. I couldn't to anything, but leave it all to God, his angels and my co-prayers.
I needed to believe then and every day.
The- nut- shell- sailing- on- the- Pacific- feeling, is a spiritually healthy experience.


Colleen said...

Thank God she arrived home safely. What a great blessing, especially in these conditions.
So thankful to read this and wish you a blessed celebration with your family.

Klem til dere.

Amrita said...

I have thinking an d praying for Serina and you all and was meaning to email you to ask, but here is my answer.

A great testimony about the help an d protection of God an d answer to prayer.

Many time s in my confusion and busyness I tend to neglect praying, sometimes I don 't know ho w to pu t my prayer into words, bu t the holy Spirit knows our weakness and H e prays for us as the book of Romans says.

God is our very present help said...

I didn't see this in time to pray, so I am so thankful with you, that God brought Serina safely to your door. I love that song that says 'angels watching over me every step I take... it also talks about us not even knowing how often we are protected!...

Now I KNOW that your Christmas will be wonderful!

Merry Christmas to my Norwegian 'other family'.. and lots of love!!


Crown of Beauty said...

As a mother I feel the same way you do about Serina...traveling over that wintry road and underwater tunnels, oh so unsafe in this weather. But you are right, the nutshell on an ocean feeling is good for us.

I am so relieved to know your baby girl has arrived safe and sound. While others traveling the same road were not so fortunate.

It is prayer and faith that has paved the way for her, no doubt.

Have a meaningful Christmas week.

Love always

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

You know...this is exactly what makes our Christian life so wonderful! That we need not fear anything...and that when things come along that would seemingly knock the footings out from under us...we can take heart- we can rest assured in our Father's love.

Don Carlo said...

Battleships sink, as nut-shells float by unharmed.

Whoever reads this is also now breathing better, sighing their the impact of your 'story' becomes realized reality!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news, Felisol

Annie Jeffries said...

A host of guardian angels from around the world were with Serina. I'm convinced that when we are safe and bad things are happening around us, God's hand is truly at work.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones,

Debbie Petras said...

Praise God that Serina is home safe and sound. God is so good. He loves your Serina beyond what you can understand. Isn't that wonderful?

Merry Christmas to you friend.


Mrs. Mac said...

I'm so glad you are able to embrace your dear daughter safely at home. It surely must have been a bumpy drive for her .. and a nerve wracking time for you. Praising God for his traveling mercies! Hugs,