Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I heard the front door closing softly,
As I wakened from my sleep;
With the last touch of her kips, Lord,
Like a whisper on my cheek;

And I cursed the sun for risin',

'Cause the worst, Lord, was yet to come;
'Cause this morning, she's just leavin',
But, come sundown, she'll be gone.

Kris Kristoffersson

Serina left for school today, after 3 wonderful weeks together.
The only things worse than her leaving, would have been if she wasn't able to leave and create a life of her own.

I have deliberately blurred the picture. She came and went like a mild breeze.

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Annie Jeffries said...

Letting go is so bittersweet. Odd that my Krista is still here but I find myself experiencing a letting go process anyway. Something for me to ponder.

Carletta said...

It's so hard to part from our children (and grandchildren). My two wonderful children are out on their own with children of their own and it is still hard not having them with me.

I so enjoyed the photos of Serina in church below. They made me smile. :)

Colleen said...

Oh Felisol. :( I'm so sorry. It's so hard to say good bye to those we treasure and love. When is the next time your beautiful daughter will be home again? I'm praying for strength for you until then although I know you already have it my friend.

Those words at the beginning of your post are beautiful and so true aren't they?

Thinking of you today. Klem.

Amrita said...

Oh Felisol, parting hurts so much and i know how much you miss Serina.
But don ' t worry time will fly very fsst an d she will be home for the spring break or semester break.

The bond between parents an d child is so strong in your family. It is a blessing

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

I can feel your heart in this one Felisol! I remember when mine left. They are the bright lights in our lives. But just wait! When Serina marries one day and has children of her own, the joys multiply all over again. Meanwhile... she will be bouncing in and out of your home always.

Even so... I'm saying a special prayer right now for you and Gunnar. I understand.


Crown of Beauty said...

My dear Felisol,
I am back at your blog after being absent for a few days... I cannot bear to read your blog in a hurry. Too beautiful to miss out on the feelings that arise as I read the words and view the photographs - everything so carefully put together.

Yes, Serina came like a gentle breeze. A beauty, a fragrance... yet she touches your life and gives color and spice to your days.

But so do you, my dear friend. A visit to your blog always lights up my morning, or evening...

Love to you,

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

Yes, I understand....I let my daughter go (again) at Christmas time
when she came and got the kids....she called today and said she will be leaving for Afghanistan on the 15th of February....letting go is SO hard. Hugs....

Terry said...

oh felisol...i have no children but i know maybe just a little of your pain...when betty left home for good while we were living in my beloved manitoba and she moved hundreds of miles away, my heart was broken and i was in the depths of despair...betty my sister...but gunnar's and your daughter..how much more the agony.!
you are such great parents felisol....love terry

Felisol said...

Dearest Terry,
Of course you know about the pain of parting.
Growing up with 8 siblings (you being the ninth), and even loosing one brother, you know the pain as well as anybody.

Emily Dickinson had no children, yet she wrote a profound poem, ending with, "Parting is all we know of heaven and all we need of hell."

I still know that it would be incredibly selfish of me to even think that Serina should stay in our town. She needs to find her own paths in life and get the education she wants.

The fact that she was seriously ill with rheumatic fever about the time my Dad died, and she was graduating from gymnasium, made me understand that her recovering and being able to fly away from home, in fact was a blessing.

Trish said...

I agree with Lidj...a visit to your blog always moves me.
I can feel the love you have for Serina! And can surely see the love between father and daughter in that beautiful sepia tone.

steveroni said...

Every good parent must have that feeling of 'loss' or 'what could I have done better?' when that time arrives: "Fly, little bird, fly with the wind, or against it if you must..."

(I wrote a short poem about that 60 years ago--or so.

Somehow I believe that God has a feeling similar, when one of His Peeps begins to take charge of their own life...avoiding His counsel (through others) and direction. I "Let go and let God"...

But sometimes God has to "Let go and let me." Tragic as that seems!

LOVE your blog--Felisol--your topics, and the fact that you honor me by 'following' and commenting. I'm grateful.