Thursday, January 20, 2011


The angel in the old chandelier, this far unknown to both Gunnar and Liv, even though they were Christened and raised in this Church of Our Savior.

My arthritis has developed in leaps and jumps the last years.
Finally all my fingers are aching and twisted, except for my two ring fingers.

Gunnar, the intelligent observer, suggested that wearing gold might be worth trying, since gold has been used in treatment for rheumatism for years, and has been worn on my ring fingers for the last 45 years.

I searched and found rings for all my fingers, except for my left index finger, which had become thick, crooked and swollen.
When my good friend Liv heard and saw this, she impulsively ran indoors, and returned with a thick gold ring.
She took my hand and slipped it on my index finger, "This is for you."
I was too confused to protest, and even more when I found out it was the ring her late husband and my friend Sigve, had worn till the day he died.
I was advised by Gunnar to consider it as a valuable loan, and wear it with gracefulness and awe, which I have done since that special day in June.

My fingers aren't healed, but they have stopped aching, and I can play my two summer tunes on the guitar again.

December 19th, Serina and I got two last minute tickets to a concert with Norway's Hanne and the Three Opera Tenors.
The Church of Our Savior was packed to the brim. We crept in on the fourth balcony row, and I made some quick point and click pictures before the concert started.
Afterwards I was lost to music.
One of the soloists performed Nessun Dorma with such force and skill, that the applause threatened to blow the roof off the church.

English Translation of "Nessun Dorma"

Nobody shall sleep!...
Nobody shall sleep!
Even you, o Princess,
in your cold room,
watch the stars,
that tremble with love and with hope.
But my secret is hidden within me,
my name no one shall know...
On your mouth I will tell it when the light shines.
And my kiss will dissolve the silence that makes you mine!...
(No one will know his name and we must, alas, die.)
Vanish, o night!
Set, stars! Set, stars!
At dawn, I will win! I will win! I will win!

I applauded wildly with all my locked up enthusiasm released.
It wasn't until the next number I felt that something was missing. Liv's ring. I whispered to Serina. She told me to wait searching until the concert was over. I prayed to God, "please, please send an angel and place the ring in my handbag", and went back to the magic of heavenly voices sharing Christmas carols and hymns from their cornucopia.

After sharing the ultimate hymn from the 11th century, "Deilig er Jorden", standing, the assembly split.

A smiling elderly man, my age, helped us searching the balcony for half an hour, but in vain. I prayed silently to God for help as we drove home, but told Serina what I was doing.

"But, mama, did you look in your handbag?" my sweet daughter asked. The zipper of my bag was still 2 inches open. I opened it, and the first I saw, was,-- the ring.
In spite of my lack of belief, my prayers were heard.


Colleen said...

What a beautiful post Felisol and an awesome and inspiring answer to prayer. I am so thankful you found it. I could just feel the anxiety you must have when I read it was missing!

What generous gesture on your friend's behalf.

I will pray your hands continue to heal. God bless, my friend! said...

Okay my frined, you have really done it to me with this one! I absolutely LOVE the music, love Pavarotti and the song, but Sissel and the views of the second song made me put my head in my hands and cry for remembering my own mother and picturing her singing,in her Norwegian accent, as I watched the church in the snow.

Your story is precious Felisol and I'm so happy the ring was safely tucked into your purse.

I think I will go and do my 30 minute walk right now, before I cry again!! :)

Leora said...

I am listening to the beautiful music as I work. I'm so glad the rings have helped you, and you found the one that you thought you had lost.

steveroni said...

The Blog-Of-The-Day award goes to--

I could not 'hear' Pavarotti in "Nessun Dorma", but "Deilig er Jorden"...OH! How moving. It was (listened twice) spiritual moments of this afternoon, for me, almost 'personal' like from a friend--grin!

And your STORY, OMG! Those are the BEST, when accurate, true, and well-written. I congratulate you, could almost 'touch' your hand. Bless you. PEACE!

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, don 't mind me saying this - I am saying this in a admiring way - this blog post appears like an episode from a gripping drama.

The music

the mystery

and joyful recovery!

I am so happy you found your ring, I gasped when i read how you lost it.

I am so sorry to hear about your arthritis Felisol, I have been through this pain and understand. I couldn 't even hold a spoon.

I used to wear a silver sing with a pearl but my finger got swollen and so pinful I couldn 't get it off so someone had to cut it off. I have my broken ring .
I bought when I first started working.

Maybe silver is not good for arthritis.

I am so glad you found relief with gold - I never knew its healing properties. Valuable knowledge in every sense of the word.

I will pray for your healing as well as mine. Sending you best wishes.

Fairest lord Jessus is one of my favourite hymns.

Crown of Beauty said...

Oh dear Felisol...

I am sorry for your hands, but so thankful for the story of the lost ring that somehow found its way back to your handbag...

Always always always, your posts never fail to lift my spirits.

You are a dear blog friend. I love reading about the culture and heritage of Norway.

Will pray for you.


Terry said...

dear felisol..we are at dad goldens and he asked us , "how is norway these days?" and so i came here to see and oh what a wonderful story!
we all read it together and felisol what an answer to prayer!
god is so faithful and i am so glad that he found that precious ring for you!
ha! i have to chuckle when you say that an"elderly man", your age helped you are NOT elderly!
hahaha that miss patty is the elderly one in the sisters...don't you dare tell her but you and i, the 49ers are spring chickens compared to that gal! HA!!!
god bless you have such beautiful caring hands! terry

Mrs. Mac said...

A good story .. music and suspense :)
I'll have to do a little research .. my friend has the same arthritis and has good diet tips she share with me to handle inflammation flareups. My grandmother used to get 'gold' shots for her rheumatoid arthritis .. and acupuncture. She used to like washing dishes .. the warm water made her hands feel well.

Felisol said...

The story IS good, because it is true. Even Serina says the odds for that ring to land in the small opening in the handbag on the floor were not to be measured in percents, but microscopic.

I was in need and He freed me.

I am very interested in diet tips for my arthritis. My stomach doesn't cooperate well with anti inflammatory medication. I can in fact not use any of my doc's prescriptions.
I drink Amrita's teas and they are working to some extent.
Hot water and green soap works well.
Weeding my garden make my fingers swell like sausages, but it's so good for my farmer girl's soul.
Sometime one has to choose.
Moi, je ne regret rien.