Wednesday, January 26, 2011


No need of a walking chair. Curiosity made baby girl stand on her own feet.
Interesting.. even kept her on her toes..

The reason why I gave up keeping books in alphabetically order

As google will not let me comment on my Ruby Tuesday blog under "comments",
I have to publish them here.
Dear Colleen,
See what I mean; no control at all. These things which seemed so important beck than...
Can you imagine; when the health care nurse came for her first home visit, Gunnar and I had made a list of 20 "vital" questions?

In retrospect everything about the babies are adorable. Back then I clearly see, I should have laughed even more.

It was fun and overwhelming being overpowered by my four month old daughter.

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Serina was and still is strong willed. That has made her a survivor, and I so respect her for that.
Being a mother still is a challenge and question of balance to me.
I am grateful all the time..
I find the Norwegian health care system for children very satisfying. The town is divided into four stations and parents have free nurse and pediatrician till the child is seven. The first two years. the baby is regularly admitted for controls and vaccinations. Vaccines are free and the parents may decide whether the baby should have it or not. Rich and poor are given the same, first rate treatment.

Dear Sonja,
You are right.
Serina is as dear to me to day as she was the day she was born.
She has brought far more smiles than tears into my life, and given life a new dimension.
The day Serina was born, my parents, my brother and Gunnar were out, celebrating. Gunnar saluted that they all had gotten a new status in life. (Fatherhood, uncle and grandparent-hood)

Indeed, time flies, like a watch in the morning.
I wish I knew back, then how valuable every minute was.
I still find time my most priceless asset.

EG Wow,
I fully agree. Some mental characters are there from the beginning. I guess I wasn't aware of that back then. Physical heritage is accepted, likewise partially gifts like intelligence, musicality e.t.c.

My grandma, mother of nine, used to say, "God gives the talents. How they are used, is every humans responsibility".

Pagan Sphinx,
I agree. Good public health care should be available to everyone.
If we say that all humans are of equal value, they should be treated so as well.
Finding those long forgotten photos was a huge source of joy for me as well.
One single photo can make doors of memory wide open.

Dearest Terry,
I never knew that you have taken care for a baby for a year.
I might have had you for a candidate to such unselfish work. You have a heart of the size of a barn.

(My doctor says the only thing you can use washing ears with, is your elbow!!) No Que-Tips.

We had baby "dolls" in nursery school, and even exams in baby caring. I'd forgotten all about it 20 years after. Besides, child care theory will always turn out to be inadequate. There are thousands of questions professors cannot figure out on beforehand.
I'd thought you to be an expert though, with 7 younger siblings.
I used to bombard my friends with all kinds of questions. Till this day I am grateful for their patience with me.

Dear John C,
I'm so glad you are rewired! I have missed you and your
surprising and new way of seeing things.
For your hip I'll recommend you to contact the American RAW wrestler association. I think Hulk Hogan might have a gold belt or two to spare...

but, feeding satisfied babies are also the most rewarding situation I can think of.

Yeah, cute.

When my book of life shall be opened, this will belong to
"Eternal moments".

How lucky you are; grandchild.
Looking at old pictures really reminds us about how happy and lucky we were.

I like your cat-sign.
I might as well hang by the entrance door.
I think being adopted by Miss Kitty has taught me to accept that she is but a loan.
I cherish every day we share, and accept that she probably will be gone one way or the other before me.
I guess she might deliver some kittens in a short while. After that we'll have her sterilized.

Steve E,
You pinpointed the nature of our daughter.
She was born a B human.
Full of joy, laughter and energy when it was bed time.
We kept an arsenal of song books and fairytale books by her bed.When her dad fell asleep in verse # 35, she was not amused.

Those were the best moments of my life.
Serina was the kind of baby who would make everyone smile.
Guess I'm not exactly objective, when saying so.

Dear Amrita,
Yes I was both proud and happy. I still am.
And a lion mother, if and when that is necessary.
You need to have a chat with Tutankhamen for your gold needs.
Oh, I wish there were something I could do to make your pains go away.
I think the ayurveda medicine have good alternative treatments. I still have your holy basil growing in our living room.I have harvested some leaves for morning tea. It's definitely an indoor plant in arctic areas.
I wish you all well, and hope the spring will releave your pains.

From Felisol


Mrs. Mac said...

What is up with blogger today? I'm finding lots of glitches .. I adore the pics of your baby girl you shared today .. so precious

Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Elise. Has Blogger been giving you a hard time? It happens but comments are working here for me.

Serina was such a dear. Love the soft and round little body, so strong and curious. A future reader for sure and that is exactly how she evolved. How could she not with so many book to explore.

Terry said...

yes we looked after my little niece for about a year felisol.
i bought yards and yards of flannel and had mom golden make me a set of thing i didn't want to use was disposable diapers...ha! we had my niece long enough to train her..
anyways the day that she finally left to go home, bernie and i said to each other. "freedom at last!"
ha! freedom indeed...a week later we found one of her little shoes and then we wept!
my sisters and brothers don't realize but they with their children are the richest people in the world!! terry

ps...we never at that time had a lot of books felisol when the golden babies wandered the house but i do remember that the crowd of them would get into the bottom cupboards and pull out the pots and pans!
felisol, mom and dad golden had the babies so close together that there were always at least two that were in diapers, sometimes three that were partners in crime as they emptied those bottom cupboards and made all kinds of racket!

steveroni said...

I remember daughter sitting on floor, age 3, verbalizing along with the record player: "Se-ven times se-ven is for-ty-nine..." in a singsongy voice. Next she became a teacher with 16 dolls in her 'class' and I still recall some of their names. "Wendy! Sit up straight!", she's say. Ah! Memories!!!

Colleen said...

Dear Felisol, I see what you mean.:) And you're so right, sometimes all these little things that seem important just aren't really in the great scheme of things.

I gave you and award on my blog by the way.:) Just so you know!

Have a wonderful week and take good care of yourself!

P.S. I see Serina had a love of books that began early? :) said...

you know Felisol, I think Serina looks so much the same today as her little baby pictures. She has the sweet little mouth and the 'Serina face' was there right from the start! :)

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Thanks for adding a new word to my vocabulary,- glitch.
I had to look it up, and yes my computer has been acting up today. Kind of comforting it's a worldwide phenomenon.

Thanks to God, all our children are great and unique.

Dear Annie,
Serina has always been a curious reader and explorer.
I found it right to let her find her own way, instead of imposing too much on her. (I have of course shared all my favorites, She has found lots and lots of new ones.) She made me think twice and throw away litter literature.

Dear Terry,
It must have been heart breaking to let go of a baby you had cared for night and day.
So much important bonding are done in that valuable time.
I doubt I could have coped with that.
I even had heartburns when working on institutions, children who forever have rooms in my heart.
I talked it over with the psychologist on our team. He comforted me and said, "Everything you can provide of positive experiences for these children, will be a strong part of their foundation forever, what pain and sorrow they may meet later on".
That made daring to bond easier and the parting not so bad.
I have had the luck to meet with "my" children later on, and found his words true.

Dear Steve E,
Thank God for the happy memories, they are yours to treasure and own forever.
Stars shining on a black sky.You wouldn't be able to see them if not for the darkness.

Dear Colleen,
Thanks for the award. I think we are not that different when it comes to appreciate the real assets of this world.
In spite of the age difference we have staked out similar courses for our lives. Isn't that wonderful?
But life has to be lived forwards and understood in retrospect. The many "if I had nots" are waste of time and effort. Still they're haunting me.

Dear Sonja,
You are right. Serina was there right from the start.
Perfectly made from the Creator's hand. Just wish she didn't wear those thick, homemade cotton pants on the picture...

John Cowart said...

Dear Felisol,

Thank yo so much for the long and thoughtful comment you left on my blog today. It humbles me to realize that you read with such a depth of understanding and experience far beyond my own.


Amrita said...

OooooH what an adorable photo.

I am sure her woolies are hand made.

Serina had an intellectual inclination right from babyhood that 's why she is going in for books.

So glad you have the holy basil growing.

I use ayurveda and herbal treatments from time to time. They are the only ones which help me.
Just joking about the gold - yes I should raid the pyramids for that LOL.

Felisol said...

Dear John C,
You are making me feel so embarrassed.
I went back to your blog and found lots of grammar and spelling faults. I have even used completely wrong words; CAN instead of CALLED.
I have no excuse, I am sloppy.
I post without reading through what I have written.
Gunnar, the teacher, is appalled by my negligence.
I think you have made a good job understanding my honest intentions.
Love Felisol