Monday, March 21, 2011


Today, Monday March 21st at 6 a.m. Norwegian time, is Spring Equinox.
My entries for Ruby Tuesday are all made indoors. Spring still hasn't won the final battle about the season.

"I'm accepting chaos. I'm sure sure whether chaos is accepting me,"Bob Dylan.
We bought this dining table just a year ago. The intention was to have a table which was always cleared and empty.....

Harriet Backer is a well known female painter from the 19th century.
I bought this clever hand painted copy at Sally Army. Gunnar was very sceptically. Till we stumbled over the original in Oslo hanging in the prestigious National Museum. Backer is famous for painting light in simple interiors. This time mother sun herself has enhanced the picture.

This is the closest we ever came to a wedding picture. We had to send out cards to thank for the overwhelming amount of presents we got, even though we did not have a traditional wedding. Our life among books and cats might be an alternate title. Photo within the photo by Gunnar.

I am a copycat, inspired by Gunnar's great skill. He made an intriguing shot of the old stained mirror in our bedroom. This is my self portrait.

Gunnar has reached new heights as a skilled baker. His spelt breads are delicious, and also a necessity, as he is gluten intolerant. Lucky me get to taste. And the baking spreads bread perfume all over our home.
Not a bad place to be while king winter is still wrestling princess spring outdoors.
Ruby Tuesday
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Leora said...

I love your Harriet Backer painting. Thank you for the introduction to this talented artist who handles light as well as Andrew Wyeth might.

Gunnar' spelt bread is making me hungry. Delicious.

Spring will come for you, too. Hang in there.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The bread looks simply scrumptious. Wait! I think a caught a whiff of its fragrance! Ah, heavenly!


They say that just one touch of red
Will put big, bold thoughts in your head.
So scarlet’s for you,
And burgundy too,
And cardinal and carmine—all red!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

People and Signs in Red

Colleen said...

Felisol, your house reflects a fascinating life! I love it so much, especially the books!:) I get a feeling that you and your family are interesting and original thinkers and very creative, vibrant people!

I would feel right at home in your house.:)

Have a beautiful day, isn't it wonderful to see that the light is coming back to Norway? said...

Mark it in stone! The next visit to Norway will include going to see Felisol and Gunnar!!

In Tromso last summer, we tried to find an antique store... we found the Salvation Army store on the main street, and I bought a copper piece and some other things. It was so much fun, but nothing like what you found there!

Mrs. Mac said...

Aaah ... having a baker man .. and the perfume of bread in the home are both treasures to have. You have done a fine job DESPITE King Winter. Princess Spring .. come out, come out wherever you are!

Mirage said...

What a wonderful trip down memory lane...seeing the first photo makes me think of so many years you'd spent collecting those books, but maybe not half of those spent for reading! lol @the table! The bread photo is especially nostalgic...thanks for giving us a view of your home!

Terry said...

i love your self portrait!
"mirror mirror on the wall
my felisol is the fairest of them all!"
guess what? dad golden bought you something and i will mail it tomorrow! will be a help for when you are home bound my dearest friend!....happy ruby tuesday!
i will make a post tomorrow! terry

Carletta said...

The inside of your home looks like a lovely place to wait for the arrival of spring. Books to read while having a slice of nice warm bread - sound heavenly. :)

Ralph said...

Who actually dines at their dining room table anyway??

Your home has an artistry and style. The art is seen in paintings, and photography (your self portrait is stylish, the artist captured on glass. And cooking and baking - the art that we don't think of, of good taste that tastes good. The art is all over your lovely home!

Felisol said...

Dear Sonja, you'll be so welcome, so will Mrs. Mac and Leora too.
It's almost final that we will see Terry and Bernie this summer. We are so looking forward to the meeting.
From Felisol

Angie said...

Everything glows in your house, thanks for showing us around. (Nice blog you have)

steveroni said...

This Ruby Tuesday is SO interesting, enjoyable also to read. I could comment on the scent of baking bread on a windy, cold day. The sunshine flooding herself into the room painting~Backer.

What got me, was that beautiful table with nothing on it. 'Nothing' has a lot of bulk. (So I'm not alone--grin!)
Thank you.

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, your interiors reflect your taste for art, literature and creativity. From bread making to photography .

May warm spring come soon to Norway. The sunshine through the window looks nice.

Here the temps climbing up. We are using the cieling fans

Annie Jeffries said...

That dining table could live at my house and I would never notice the difference. What a clutter catcher - though - I must admit,this week with the kids visiting, the table is clear so we can actually eat at the table together.

The "Harriet Backer" painting is sublime. So peaceful. I love how she paints light. I'll have to google her and find more examples.

anne said...

I love the bread it looks like a banana cake to me though and banana cake here is not that sweet buy yummy.

Ruby Tuesday

Roan said...

I know your intention was to have a clutter free table, but it sure makes for an interesting shot. It makes me want to walk in and check out the books. The bread looks yummy! Love the painting.

Crown of Beauty said...

Your posts have always given your readers a slice of the life you are living... and this one is another great one, pictures, write up, and all!

So creative, the way you blend everything together.

I really loved the "wedding picture" .


Grace-Luvsclassics said...

Hello Felisol,

Happy Belated Ruby Tuesday!

That is a remarkable bookshelf which would tempt me to stand there for an hour or more browsing through the books. I admire the dining table's pretty fringed tablecloth on it.

The Harriet Backer painting is a true jewel.

So wonderful to have a bread baking husband, mine times the baking of cookies better than me so I mix up the recipe, and he times it for me for just right home-baked goodies.

Saija said...

what fun pictures ... so artist - and the bread - well that looks yummy!

we still have lots of snow, despite the fact it is officially spring ... hope things are greener at your place!

(hugs) and blessings on ya!

EG CameraGirl said...

King Winter is still winning here, Felisol. Soon spring will come, though.

I love your wall of books! My husband and I are surrounded by books too.

And I LOVE the aroma of fresh-baked bread.