Sunday, May 22, 2011

Syttende Mai, May 17th 2011

May 17th, or Syttende Mai, our Constitution Day, is very special to the Norwegians. It is celebrated in towns and small villages with equal enthusiasm. No military or police are present, just happy children and adults parading with flags and bunads. (In Haugesund, a town of 30 000 one single policeman in gala uniform was leading the parade. In my home town Sauda of 6000 there was none.)
Gunnar and I went to celebrate with my mother.
"Will you give Gunnar a hug?" I asked, pointing my cellphone at her. "Oh, no, Gunnar is such a nice guy, he shall have a real kiss," my mother promptly answered.

My mother, soon to celebrate her 86th birthday, is still struggling after her brain stroke. As you can see, she has no intention of giving up.

Gunnar's arm was a good support while we were waiting for the parade.
Snow on the mountain tops, gray sky and fog down the valley side.
The birches were green as they should be for our National Day.

The parade is coming up the steep "Hospital Hill". It's such a lovely sight in red, white and blue.

The asphalt was wet, but our prayer for dry weather was heard.

This little girl, with the nicest bunad I saw this day, seemed to be lost from the rest of her company.
Proud parents showing off their newest offspring.
My mother and me to the right in our bunads, watching the parade.
If you double click, you can see the fjord and the waterfall in the background.(Photo by Gunnar)

After watching the parade we took time to visit dear ones on the church yard (cemetery).
Nearest neighbor of my mother enjoying his festive meal.

We ate in the indoor dining room. Strawberries and cream for dessert.
My mother got this hand painted dessert bowls from my father as an engagement present.
My mother has embroidered the tablecloth, Venetian seam, and our bunads. She also has made Serina two bunads, one for children, one for grown ups.
My mother even has painted the vase for the may 17th flower bouquet.
Need I say we had a memorable day?

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Crown of Beauty said...

wonderful post again, dear felisol.

Loved the pictures.

Beautiful creative pieces of art on the table... the handpainted bowl, the flower jar...

It is a day to look forward to.

I admire your mother, Felisol.

Thank you for sharing this again. This is my third year to read about Syttende Mai on your blog.


Debbie Petras said...

I am so glad you posted about Syttende Mai! I loved each one of your photos and enlarged each one so I could see it more clearly. I had Greg take a look too and he thought Norway was so beautiful.

I remember celebrating this holiday with my family here in the US. My dad lives in Florida now and the Sons of Norway lodge that he belongs to had a big celebration. Where I grew up in NY, we often went to Brooklyn where there was a large community of Norwegians and they had a huge parade. I miss that!

A beautiful post.

Blessings and love,

Leora said...

What a lovely little parade. I'm glad your mother is well enough to continue enjoying life. She looks lovely in her outfit, too. said...

How I love your photos Felisol! My favorite is the one of the parade coming up the hill and all of the beauty of the lush green of Norway is all areound.

I am waving my Norwegian flag right now in my heart!

What a wonderful relationship Gunar and your mother have! SO cute! She reminds me of my mother every time I see her picture.

I feel like I've celebrated with you and what a joyful day it was!!

xo said...

well for goodness sake!! I just now checked my spelling. I DO know that 'Gunnar' is the right spelling and 'around' is also correct. I think I need either a new keyboard or a new brain! :(


Terry said...

dearest felisol..i saw you over at the teachs' and so i came as soon as i could to see what beauties you usually have on your ruby tuesday posts and i have certainly not been disappointed!
what a just splendid picture of gunnar and mom ljung!..she is such a little doll!
just wait until i show dad golden tomorrow when he asks me what norway is up too and to mom golden when she says. "haven't you heard from her yet?"..those two..i am telling you, it is as if you are THEIR best friend and not mine!
when i looked at those pictures of the proud norwegian children, it made me think of the princess serina...she so loves those parades and she so loves her flag and country!
we have a ruby tuesday holiday ourselves and i just couldn't help but put in queen victoria and how she was saved those many years ago.
it was from a gospel tract that we grew up with and read over and over!
it has made my heart sing as i read it again and the heaviness that i have felt for the last few days as vanished felisol!
and you know what...spring has finally come and i really do think that the lilac princess of idaho should have her yearly crown.
the lilac bushes are fairly bursting in out front lawn!
have a great ruby tuesday dearest friend and mom and dad golden's best friend, i terry

John Cowart said...

Great photos of your mother, her craft skills and the parade.

I can not imagine walking up a hill that steep! Thank God the land here in Florida is flat.

Kim, USA said...

I pray for more years of your mother, she seems she won't give up and that's the spirit we in the new generation don't have.
Loved looking at the photos and the background.....I see the falls it's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Red tulip

Liz said...

Wonderful photos. Your mother looks like a very strong woman and I admire her for it.

My RUBY link.

Mirage said...

I admire your mom for reaching that wise-age and the parade too! Such a strong-willed woman she'll surely have more memorable days...

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The splashes of red--flags, clothing--in the parade certainly brightened up that overcast day!


A splash of red or a dash of blue—
Which is the color that’s just for you?

A hint of blue or a tint of red—
Which of these colors goes to your head?

Of all the colors under the sun,
Red is simply my favorite one!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Riot of Red

Marites said...

Your mother is such an admirable lady. Love your photos.

Amrita said...

Outstanding photos and celebration Felisiol. IUts great to come out and celebrate a national event together and keep up the traditions.

Mother 's handiwork is superb as always. She is 86 years young I should say.

I love th e mothers with the tiny tots - the future of Norway.

Annie Jeffries said...

What a joyous time, Elise, both inside and outside. How I wish we had a national celebration of our Constitution such as this. And just imagine! No military and no police to keep order; it's just a very happy day.

Mrs. Mac said...

Another year has come and gone celebrating Norway's Constitution Day. Your mother, always the trooper with talent from God, is in the midst of the merry making festivities. How nice that you had the opportunity to meet with her for a little reunion. Tell her I said hello next time you talk.

Winter tried to rear it's (ugly) head with a winter storm watch today .. but, I was prepared in the garden with coverings that resemble fine canvas prairie schooners (covered wagons of old days) .. and we got rain instead of snow. I hear there will be skiing though at the nearby ski resort for our Memorial Day weekend .. the start of summer vacation in the states! Have a blessed remainder of the week. The Gift sends his love and appreciation of prayers for good health :) Love,