Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bob Dylan in Bergen

Bob Dylan, 70, rocked 14 000 Bergeners, one sweet girl from Finland and yours truly from here to eterity.

I've never heard him better, rocking and rolling, twisting and turning the best from his 50 year long production.
He connected with the band, like they were one soul.

And he smiled, smiled all the time. He connected with the audience like I never have experienced it before.

My only problem was my old, outdated Nokia.
Photographing was prohibited, but I sweet talked one of the guard crew, saying this old cell phone is good for nothing.

So sad it turned out to be true.
Gunnar, Serina and I have attended Dylan concerts since Serina was 2 years old. We hope to continue this tradition for at least ten, if not twenty more years. wouldn't that be wonderful; Dylan 90 and us 80?

The rest was perfect in spite of 51, 8 Fahrenheit degrees and splashing rain.

Maybe the old heart got soft when he entered the stage after 2 hours (waiting & Susan Vega). anyway he opened with Rainy day Women # 12 & 35, and from there it only got better.
I, I had gold circle place, nothing but a low fence and the stage between me and the Master.

I am praying that Dylan must find his way home again.


Amrita said...

Oh glory, it have been a stupendous and exciting occasion to attend Bob Dyklan 's live concert.

You did very well with your Nokia and you were up close too - that is great.

Dylan is very popular in Inia..

Its raining off and on here too, but our temps in the 80s. to 70s F ---not bad.

Serina looks so comely and charming with her Daddy. Have a good holiday you three

Crown of Beauty said...

Lovely pictures of your beautiful family... amazing to think they are taken with an old phone!

And I have always wanted to listen to Bob Dylan live!

You are so fortunate to be able to listen to him all the time... despite that cold weather...

Always love the way I can connect to your heart through your words, dear Felisol... just the way Dylan can connect to his audience, you connect beautifully to us your readers!

Much love

Jim said...

Oh Felisol! You are soooooo fortunate! Of course I envy you. About the only person I would rather hear in person would be Janis Joplin and that is impossible.

Are you reading my poem blog much? Last week for Sunday I put this and a witnessing poem.
Your "old cell phone" story reminded me of this first one, a senryū:

Seven Sins

There are seven sins
that I would never commit
lying isn't one


Ces Adorio said...

Hello! Thank you for your visit. Wow! Bob Dylan in Norway. My mother-in-law was Norwegian!!! I call my husabnd The Viking. Heheheh! Nice meeting you.

Roan said...

Oh my, I'm so jealous. I love Bob Dylan, but have never seen him in concert. Lucky you!

Annie Jeffries said...

You, a fence and BOB DYLAN. My gosh, Elise. It must have been like having a personal conversation. He is truly extraordinary.

I say Yay! for the nice crewman. Better a good for nothing Nokia than nothing at all. These recordkeeping moments are a MUST.