Friday, June 03, 2011


The green leaves of the tall lilac tree are sprouting even before the birch.
In nature it's the ones who come first that leave last.
Outside our kitchen window, where we are eating our meals, drinking hot, stimulating coffee and reading our local paper, the lilacs have been blossoming for a month now.
That's how we know summer is here.
Outdoors the thermometer has shown 46 degrees the entire month f May.
Same temperature as in November..
The lilacs haven't let us down.
They are the thermometer of our souls.
They bring true summer joy.


Leora said...

I can smell the lovely fragrance from here.

46 degrees - wow, it is cool where you are. That is Fahrenheit, right?

Felisol said...

Yes, Leora, that is Fahrenheit. 8 Celsius degrees.
This weekend we are promised 16 C+ degrees. and the whole world becomes a better place.

Annie Jeffries said...

Lilacs are a favorite fragrance of mine. Reminds me so much of my grandmother - her and her petunias and lilacs.

Crown of Beauty said...

8 degrees C is cold. And the lilacs are lovely.

I can imagine sipping hot cocoa and watching the lilacs in full bloom from your kitchen window.

That is a heavenly scene, Felisol.


Amrita said...

This is like a breath of fresh air in temperatures reaching more than 100* or above 40*

Really good

Mrs. Mac said...

Ahhh .. you are so fortunate to have such loveliness to view and smell from your kitchen window. I never had a lilac bush growing up as they didn't grow in our area .. but they do remind me of special summer trips to grandma's house. BTW .. I have a very tiny lilac planted outside my bedroom window that will hopefully be blooming in a few years.

Terry said...

dear felisol...these lilacs op yours are so luxurious..
our lilacs were just in little bunches this year..
when i made the picture for our idaho lilac princess, the bushes indeed were our own but the pretty bouquets of lilacs i just swiped from google images and cloned them into our lilac bushes..right over the little bunches of sickly flowers that we had...ha!
felisol, these lilac flowers of yours, i can almost smell their sweetness! terry