Wednesday, July 06, 2011


I read a post by Steve E "Alone and Loneley".
I think many of us can relate to that feeling; being alone midst in a crowd.
One of my favorite poems, as a very young teenager,was about this topic, written by the poet, Sigbjorn Obstfelder. (Wikipedia link here).
I searched the Internet for a possible English translation and found it on YouTube.

Daniele Sepe - Jeg ser - I see - Vedo - ENG - ITA SUBBED

I see, I see
I'm looking at the sky
Grey clouds are covering the sun
So this is the world
Without time nor boundaries
The home of all heavenly bodies
Then I see
Bell towers
And fields in the distance
So this is the earth,
Where everything grows,
The home of mankind,
Then I see
Well dressed gentlemen.
Children riding on a carousel,
And an elegant Lady,
Further on
Someone is beginning for a stale piece of bread,
I think something doesn't work
On this planet.
I see, I see,
I must have come to the wrong globe,
Here is so weird.

Edvard Munch painted the Scream about the same time as Obstfelder wrote his poem. They were related souls.


Debbie Petras said...

I never heard this poem but I'm very familiar with the Scream painting. How scary the world can be to some and how very alone many feel.

How thankful I am to never be alone. God is with me always and I will forever be grateful.

Much love to you,

Amrita said...

I like the poem an d vieo.

In my young age I used to write poems like these - expressed all my emotions, feelings and experiences in poems. Poems came easy to me then - now I am just out of them.

This evening my mother and I watched the Cghristian movie The Greatest Story Everr Told - based on the 4 gospels. Its a great movie. I found it on You Tube

Terry said...

dear felisol...this poem is awesome..
the man in the picture looks so stressed out and would be nice if there was someone there to help him..

i wish that i could help you my dearest friend because i know that you are being overcome with your poor little princess being so ill, especially in the summer...i will continue to terry said...

I have always sensed that you have a poetic side. I haven't heard of this poem either, but I sure remember the Scream painting by Munch.

I do think in each of us there is that sense of being alone in a crowd. I have sure felt it. But for us, we go right back to The One who has already taken all that loneliness, and given us hope. We are never so alone that He is not there with us. I am so thankful for that.

Your poetry and your music are giving me some 'culture'... :)


John Cowart said...

"Something doesn't work on this planet... I must have come to the wrong globe".

We all must feel this way at times.


Roan said...

The poem isn't familiar to me, although I did enjoy it very much. Nice video to go along with the words.

Yes, Doc checked. No osteoporosis. Thank you for checking, though. I was babysitting at my daughter's house and the 3 boys were in the basement. I heard a door slam, and from the little one's cries, I though someone had gotten their fingers shut in the door. I didn't turn on the light and was in the process of hurrying down some dark wooden stairs. I think I missed the first step of 6 steps. I went flying through the air like superman and landed on my hands and knees. The momentum carried me backwards until I sat down hard on my heels. Thus breaking the bones in both ankles. My one grandson has admonished me never to go down stairs without turning on my flashlight. Smart boy. ;)