Monday, August 22, 2011


This has definitely been a season when I have learned to seize the moment. Midst in storm, rain, family losses, illness and terror on Norwegian soil, I have had wonderful hours of beauty, sun and tranquillity. More than any-time before I value everyday life, with all its blessings and wonders. Like these double soapwort plants I learned to know for the first time, at our favourite beach on the island. The bouquet was lying on my side of the dashboard as we were leaving after a relaxing afternoon. They smell wonderfully,- like soap and I am now waiting for the flowers to set seed for my herb garden next year.

Painting white houses and red boathouses is an unwritten rule all along the coastline. The old fishermen and farmers also had an eye for beauty. Here at a pit stop on the long, but unique road from my Mom to Haugesund.

Late evenings and spectacular sundowns are Nordic summer specials. Who on earth would want to go to bed while the nature is playing its colourful summer rhapsodies?

Or when the silvery moon tells secrets from faraway solar systems to the sea and the wind in the dark, velvet nights.

Daughter Serina is fading away from a turbulent summer to her last semester at Volda. She had to grow up in a hurry, working for the second largest TV network in Norway the weeks around 7.22.
She will be doing fine. God bless her and protect her on her 12 hour long road trip which she's about to embark on, while I am writing.

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Terry said...

dear felisol..i am praying for serina now and wishing her all of god's terry said...

Praying for Serina right now, for a safe trip and for the year ahead... the best one yet! and for her loving mom and dad who send her off faithfully and pray for her daily, and love her always.

Special hugs today!


Amrita said...

My dear Felisol,This poetic post bares a doting mother 's heart. And rightly so, who would want to say goodbye to a lovely daughter klike Serina.

May God grant her a safe jpurney an d may she receive all success at her studies.

Praying for Mother too and comfort and grace for all the family

Gattina said...

She certainly will pay attention and arrive safely !

Jim said...

Hi Felisol ~~ This is a lovely post, just you getting your thoughts together a little. I enjoyed reading about your bouquet.

I don't know the flowers at all but I am thinking of some very thoughtful people you know. Perhaps even one you don't (giver of the flowers??).

Please count me in on those who continue in prayer for you and you family. Serina is special to you and you have mader her special to your readers. May God continue His watching over her and blessing her.

Felisol said...

A short conversation minutes ago confirms; she's safe and and sound back in Volda. Thank you so much for having Serina in your prayers all day.
I feel more gracious than words can tell.

Ralph said...

Life is always beautiful - our being alive is wonderful minus the external world. The negatives of life often intrude (and we wish they did not), but taking stock of all God's beauty relaxes and recharges. Your summers may be short, but just look at the almost endless daylight sky and the rugged but so beautiful hills the backdrop to the beautiful sea. Nice views!

Serina is growing and learning still, her parents have given her strength that will make her future bright. You may say goodbye now but remain confident that her knowledge and values will carry her always...

Terry said...

dearest is so great that serina is safe and sound...felisol it is good of you to take the time to tell us that god has answered our terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Saying goodbye is hard to do .. I'm so glad Serina made it safely back to Volda.

The soapwort plant can be used to make a soapy substance to wash laundry. A neighbor makes enough for a whole year and bottles it in jugs. In days past, many a wagon train camp would spread the seeds to insure plants would be available for future travelers so they could make soap on the wagon trails.

This has been quite an emotional .. hard impact .. summer for you, your nation, and your family. Enjoy each day that God gives you. Every bouquet, sunrise, sunset .. .

Hugs and much love,

John Cowart said...

Hi Felisol,

I see sadness in the contrast between the tension of your words and the serenity of your photographs.



Becky said...

glad to read she made it safe.

Jada's Gigi said...

Sister you write so poetically and have photos to complement....what a blessing! and what a blessing to learn to enjoy the beauty in the everyday....blessing on Serina as she travels....

Terry said...

dearest felisol and gunnar..i am so sorry i missed your anniversary last week, but i am hoping that even though you were going through such deep waters that you thanked the lord that you had each other!
happy belated anniversary!!!
love terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
How could you remember our wedding anniversary, when I only remembered by chance, visiting saija. All these years We have thought it had to been August 19th. Then I took the troubled to look up which date was Saturday end of August 1988. It turned out to be the 20th. As always the day was busy, much unfinished business concerning the new school year.
Serina made us vegetarian dinner and it tasted wonderfully. By no help of her mother she has developed to become a good chef.

In Volda there's still uncertainty as to which studies will be open to Serina. She originally had set out to study in Japan for this semester, but that fell out after the tsunami.
She's going to a meeting tomorrow and we are all praying the right door will be opened. I "got" this word this afternoon, and will share it with you, as I have done with my family,
Rev. 3 :8"I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name."
I rest and pray in those words.
Thanks for standing by us. My brother Kel just said today, what a wonderful ring of co-prayers I am blessed with. He's so right.

maryt/theteach said...

Felisol, everything is fine with me. I'm sorry I was slow to post Ruby Tuesday. It's up there now!

Carletta said...

A beautiful and touching post Felisol.
Prayers for your beautiful daughter on her trip and for a successful ending to her studies.
So wish I could smell those flowers. :)
Happy Day to you!

Francisca said...

Saying goodbye always feels a bit sorrowful. Glad to read your pretty daughter make her journey safely. A lovely series of red here; I especially like the boathouses. Since linky didn't come up, here is My Ruby Tuesday.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The red boathouse is so rich and mysterious and inviting!


A man who was out of his head
Was claiming he always saw red.
He saw it all day,
At work and at play,
And saw it at night while in bed.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Teleférico rojo

Kim, USA said...

I pray for Serina's safe travel and endeavor in life. Happy Wednesday!

Red Barn

Chubskulit Rose said...

Happy trip Serina!

Something Red at my blog

Maria's Space said...

What a beauty.
Love that second photo!

Gemma Wiseman said...

A wonderful series of atmospheric photos! I hear the longing in your comment for these moments to linger on!

Crown of Beauty said...

Beautiful Serina - always so beautiful, a gentle, quiet beauty but so full of inner strength and determination.

Such a lovely post, dear Felisol, with your words which are so carefully chosen, and the pictures that go with them - oh so special.

What a delight to the heart.

Yes, embrace the moment. Don't waste the tears and the pain. They serve a good purpose.

Much love to you

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, I just read an email concerning your mother. I want to know that I am praying constantly. I am very anxious to hear about mother and all of you

Pat said...

Dear Felisol, my sister in the Lord. Terry just sent me news of your Mother to forward to all of the Scarf sister. MY prayers go out to you and to your family as you attend your mother at this time.
By the way, your daughters is absolutely beautiful!!!

Roan said...

Your daughter is a beauty. I know you are proud. It's hard to let our children leave, but wonderful to know they will always return.

Henriette said...

Felisol & Serina have visited my cafés in both Skudeneshavn and Haugesund several times, and I am moved by the love between them. Their visits are among the most precious memories that I have from the café that now is closed. Thank you!