Friday, October 28, 2011

Our life with Amidala

When our last cat, Marcello, disappeared in 2006 and we all were totally heartbroken, I said, "never again". I cannot bear more lost love now.

Four years later I said," if God wants us to have a cat, He'll have to send us one."
The next morning Amidala stood on our doorstep, hungry and with icicles hanging from her fur. She was so polite and thankful for some food and being let into the outer entrée. She kept purring and stroking up to us, and had us captured from that very first meeting. Gunnar opened the garage and found some rags she could hide under. The next day and the following day she'd wait outside our for food. We tried to find her previous owners through the local radio, paper and even hung posters of the cat on the local grocery stores.
Nobody wanted her. The cat stayed and we let her into our home and our hearts. Serina named her Amidala after the Queen from Star Wars.
She was fully house trained from the first day, and she adopted us as her chosen family moment.

I guess when God sends a cat, he does it properly.

Here's Amidala sitting on Serina's balcony. She keeps staring at us who are dining in the kitchen, no mewing, just this hypnotic look. "Let me in!"
After giving birth to five wonderful kittens in February and getting spaded in April, she has regained both weight and her thick fur.

If you wonder why my northern window is looking spotted, you now partly see the reason why. Our feline is using it as a ladder. The other reason being the salty rain pouring down horizontally at times.

The first time she did this trick my jaw fell down to my breast. This cannot be true. It was. The thickest queen in the neighbourhood is entering her home through a narrow window opening under the kitchen roof.

Will she manage to drag her fat behind with her? I'm using the camera as fast as I can, but Amidala is faster.

Finally inside with out touching one of the twenty boxes on the top of cupboards. "It's all mine", she thinks, from her majestic position.

Storming under the kitchen counter, for some comfort and praise for father Gunnar. It evidently was a greater challenge than we thought. "Home, free."

Triumphantly leaving her comfort cave heading versus me. She got some story to tell, and I'd better listen. "I want food and I want it now."
Amidala is neither a pet or a mean of escapism. She's a fully member of our family. Adding life to our lives.


Maria Stahl said...

Hahahahaha! The Queen is quite a character.

You are so right, when God gifts us with His little creatures to care for, He does it properly. He seems to find the right one for each of us, doesn't He?

Debbie Petras said...

It seems that God has granted your desire. But Amidala is quite a personality, isn't she? I love your photos.

Thank you for your beautiful comments to me on Heart Choices. I treasure your friendship from across the sea.

Blessings and love,

Saija said...

wow, what a climber!!!! and what fun you guys had watching her ... :)

praying for you all ... big (hugs)

Mrs. Mac said...

What a beautiful queen. I, especially, like her white socks. Does she have four? You have been blessed with the perfect new family member.

Roan said...

Love the sunset below, simply gorgeous picture! Plus the red chair. I have a similar chair, but it's green. It still works quite well when needed. And what a brilliant cat!

Sue said...

What a wonderful inspiring post, God knows what we need and just when to send it. Amidala is truly a gift from our heavenly Father. Thanks so much for your visit, and for taking the time to leave me such a sweet note.

Gattina said...

Typical cat ! you don't choose them they choose you and they just move in slowly slowy, first into the house and then into the hearts ! What a happy end for Amidala ! (and for you !)

John Cowart said...

What a great cat.

I can almost hear her purr in your photos.

Leora said...

I'm glad Amidala is so loved. What a great family she discovered! said...

This was precious! I'm not sure who is more blessed, you or Amidala! That adorable cat couldn't know when she landed on your doorstep that she had picked exactly the right home! But God did!! :)


Amrita said...

The Quessn rules the house it seems.

You were quick with your camera too.

Great story