Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring, marvellous spring

The winter in Norway has been long, cold, icy and dark. Driving through blizzard to and from my Mom has required the skill of an experienced and devoted driver and a four wheel drive. Our Gunnar.
Now we have passed spring equinox, the snowdrops, daffodils and hyacinths are blooming, no red so far, and the sun is shining 13 hours a day.
Time to wash the salt of the car and change the studded winter tires with lighter summer wheels. Most people wait till after Easter with the great car cleaning. Norwegians are weird, you see. Just as flowers, birds and green grass are pooping out from their safe winter hide away, people drag out tons of skiing equipment and drive on flocks up to the mountains.
I wouldn't change my life in the lowlands for a million bucks.
Life is good after all.

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Terry said...

hi felisol...the spring has brought joy into your soul..i guess it sure was an awful winter for you..alas!

this year in southern ontario, it seemed like spring all of the winter..the tulips and the daffodils were popping their heads out from the ground three weeks ago. the crocus have come and gone already..maybe we will have to pay for this..after all maybe march will go out as a lion!
dearest friend, i am glad that you prefer the low of life!
but i hope you realize even though you live in the lowlands, you and your prince are surely living high on the mountain of god's grace.
he is blessing and blessing you and he is ever mindful of you and gunnar and kel and serina's love and care toward your dearest mom ljung....morning is surely coming dear felisol....i love you terry

Carletta said...

We had a very light winter. The spring bulbs and trees have blossomed way too soon. Tonight we have been forecast a hard freeze so it's hard to say what will happen.
Enjoy your spring days!
A very nice photo of your handsome Gunnar. :)

Carletta said...

I meant to add that your link on Ruby Tuesday isn't coming to your page. I just knew how to find you. You might want to redo the link. :) said...

oh I can just imagine how wonderful it is in Norway as the flowers begin to bloom and the cold long winter starts to fade. I love the picture of Gunner with his coffee. He looks so relaxed!

I miss you, and hope to be back again before too long. Give your mom a special big hug for me!!

xo said...

oops... sorry GUNNAR! And to think I was the spelling champion in the 5th grade!

Ralph said...

Life is full of change - the winter to spring for instance. We may complain about the extremes, yet love to maintain familiar ritual. For you, dryer ground and longer days are to be savored. You can appreciate the change. Life and its variety is to be enjoyed - we are happy you are!

Robin said...

We had a miserable winter too, and it's still trying to hang on here. I'm glad you're enjoying the change of seasons - I may go mental if it doesn't happen here soon!

Gattina said...

That's a nice picture, he looks quiet exhausted, lol ! Spring moved into Belgium (finally) and everything is blooming and it smells so good ! I love spring !

Mrs. Mac said...

I have a great love for spring and summer's arrival. A time to warm the soul after bleak winter days. Our weather is fickle. Sunday was in the mid 60's (F) and felt warm .. windows were opened to exchange stale air. Alas, yesterday it snowed .. and stuck on the lawn. The only sign of life .. besides the birds that have returned .. is
my rhubarb plant that is poking up a bit .. that's all. I shall take our slow to arrive warm weather so our fruit trees don't get confused and bloom before their due time .. and have blossoms that freeze. We are about ready to remove snow tires and wash cars too. A sure sign of nicer weather just ahead.

Liz said...

Great shot. He looks a little tired though.

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Cheryl said...

I loved the photo of Gunnar so I looked thru the rest of your blog. I love the Bible verses and poetry you've included. They complement your photos. I think you have a lovely blog.

I'm currently reading the 3rd book by Steig Larsson, a wonderful series.

Crown of Beauty said...

Welcome Spring... I have heard a bit about how depressing the winters in Norway can get. So springtime must really be wonderful.

The pic is lovely, with Gunnar sitting there so relazed and all.

Enjoy your special life in the lowlands.


Kim, USA said...

Our winter here is not as bad compare to last years. I like this photo too. And yes I am going to clean my car too from salt though we do not have much snow this year but still we have salt all over. Thanks for sharing and happy weekdays.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Very nice!

Debbie Petras said...

Your Gunnar looks so comfortable! How sweet of him to make the treacherous drive to visit your mom. He seems like such a kind and loving husband to you. I'm happy for that.

Seasons change and I'm sure you are looking forward to spring and flowers and sunlight. In Arizona, our winter is like spring. It's already quite warm. I am in the midst of moving again and downsizing significantly. This has been a challenge to let things go. But after all, it's just stuff and this is not my true home. We're just passing through being the hands and feet of Jesus. May we shine His light.


Amrita said...

Hi Felisol, its so wonderful to hear about the arrival of Spring in your part of the world. Its getting hotter here, today I got my small water cooler out. What a difference the latitudes make.