Monday, September 03, 2012

Summing up summer


When the mind is barren

When joy is no more

And memories sit inside

By empty, forgotten nests, -

When sorrow by longing grows

And pleads and kneels

When chance of fear meets

Which sinks all down

Into dark depths of weeping and woe

And breaks the last trembling bridge

Then stay with me, then stay with me,

Then pray for me, then pray for me

For faith, faith, faith!

Norwegian author Olav Aukrust 
Translated by Serina Ljung 

Life has been a rough ride this summer, mostly due to illness among everybody in my little universe, my close five finger family. 

When the nights are long and the pillow feels like a stone, too many sad thoughts are building nest in my head. I asked Serina to translate one of my many favorite poems. The picture is from our garden. I've made feet of stone on thrift wood, one for my mother and one for Serina.


Annie Jeffries said...

Good evening, Elise. Your stone and driftwood creations are so unusual. What a special gift for your mom and Serina.

The poem really touched me. I looked around for others and found this one that I liked very much. I'm not usually inspired to do this but I very much liked the gentle cadance of his words.

A naked branch

A naked branch with berries red
and one that’s in full blossom,
are lovely both, it can be said,
to eyes that kindly gloss them.

The one’s sweet scent comes from the bud,
as blossoming it lies there.
The other gives its own life’s blood
in autumn winds, and dies there.

The one is capped with radiant hood,
the other ripens blazing,
and lastly gives its own life’s blood
with berries heavy laden.

I gave you that with blossoms on.
I give you that with berries.
And you will surely see anon
which should the more be cherished.


I hope by winters end, good health will find you all much improved and energized.

Felisol said...

Dear Annie,
That very poem is also known to me. I actually thought it had a Norwegian author, but it was a very good translator.
I even think it has a tune.
Poems are balm for my soul. Always have been. Elise

Felisol said...

Wow, Annie,
I looked it up.
Olav Aukrust is the original author of the poem you sent. How cool. Excellent translation.

John Cowart said...

Your "Feet of Stone" structures display a unique mindset and a great eye for form and meaning.
Wish I'd thought of wsuch a thing.

Roan said...

You are a very talented lady. Beautiful sculpture. And another beautiful poem. I haven't been blog visiting much, but think of you often. Have a wonderful day.

Debbie Petras said...

I love your garden stones! And thank your precious daughter for translating this beautiful poem. I'm sorry you've had such a challenging summer. I'm praying for you and your family Felisol.


Terry said...

dearest felisol..i knew you would be about because i saw you at the sisters and so i came heart weeps for you dear friend because i know what you have been going through and yet not once have you forgotten dad golden and me and i am so grateful for this...and for your letters...felisol, please know that i think of you every day and am praying for you and gunnar and serina and mom ljung and kel..
you know what felisol? the lord must have so much confidence in you..he has seen you through so many trials and yet he knows that you are depending on him and that you will get through them![with his help]
i am glad that serina translated this poem for is such a low octave fills my heart with sadness!!..i love terry

Felisol said...

Dearest Terry, Our roads are pretty much the same. I know for sure the Lord sent you in my way, so that one person would always be there to pray for faith, faith, faith.
carry each other's burdens, the Good Book says. You do that all the time, and I try my best the other way around. said...

I'm praying for you and your family Felisol, and I think of you so often.

These stones making the footprints are wonderful! And Serina translated so beautifully.

I love Ruth Graham's short poems, and thought of you on this one:

"I awoke heavy
and heavy I prayed,
face in the sun, heart in the shade.
As smoke hangs low
on a sullen day,
my prayer hung there...
till I heard His voice,
"This is the day
that the Lord hath made,

Sometimes a heavy heart needs that reminder.

Love you my Norwegian sister!


Felisol said...

Thank you, Sonja. I hope tomorrow will be made by the Lord as well. I need lots of things I feel I lack; like love, wisdom,faith and more faith.Now it's time to go to bed, and tomorrow, tomorrow is another day.

Trish said...

Dear Felisol...Know that you are in you are in my thoughts and prayers. How creative are your feet of stone...Big Hugs.

Trish said...

Dear Felisol...Know that you are in you are in my thoughts and prayers. How creative are your feet of stone...Big Hugs.

Amrita said...

Wow this is beautiful

Jada's Gigi said...

You are in my prayers this difficult summer....your usual speaks volumes...

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

What a lovely poem - thanks for sharing :)

Crown of Beauty said...

This is beautiful, my dear friend. The words of the poem... takes my breath away. Such deep emotions translated into words, I know the words don't do justice to the the poet's real feelings, but for now, they will do.

I want you to listen to this beautiful song. Posted it in one of my blog entries, maybe you read it. But now, I am thinking of you, praying for you, and may my prayers carry your woundedness to the table of the Lord.

Find comfort, dear Felisol, find comfort at the table of the Lord.

Do you practice personal communion? Do it, while reading Isaiah 53. Drink a little fermented grape juice, and a piece of flatbread... and receive the healing that Jesus paid for with his own wounds on the cross.

By his wounds we are made whole.

Much love

Crown of Beauty said...

Did I put the link to the song? I don't remember if I did...

Here it is again anyway:

Carried to the Table by Leeland

Felisol said...

Dear Lidia,
Thanks and thanks again.
I will do as you tell me to.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Hi Felisol,
The poem is beautiful, the stone creations are beautiful ,too!
I am so sorry times for you have been so sad and challenging. But It is wonderful to know that we have one who cares for us and will take our burdens for us.I am praying for you & your family,Please pray for me also.