Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Carols # 18

This is not actually a Christmas Psalm, but a scene from Children's Advent TV back in 1979.
A dear memory and a timely reminder of how much children's song always has been a part of Christmas celebration.
It has been said that Christmas also is a light feast and a time for the hearts.
Let's keep it that way.


Terry said...

this is so cute felisol!
such happy and innocent sweet young voices!
children that KNOW all about who they are singing about.
how blessed they are to know!
this sunday our sunday school children did a little skit and sang their favourite songs...i couldn't really get the songs on my blog but i will post their happy cute little faces!
felisol, aren't we so blessed that the lord has given us these little ones to keep an eye on!...i know that i am blessed because if it weren't for them, i would have no kids in my life!...love you felisol...love terry

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

How sweet to hear these little voices. It's funny for me to think this was recorded before I was born. :)

Felisol said...

Terry, I agree, this is cute, and we need cute sometimes. Your Sunday school children must the luckiest.
I know God need some to take care of his little ones. Some with open, tender, caring hearts like you.
I think you must have had more children under your wings than most of us.
God bless you for being who you are, and going his errands so faithfully.

Lauren, How funny that you are an 80 model.You have been all over the world with your camera, and you have such an insight in the depths of the Scripture. I figured you to be older, being so wise and mature, besides being artistic and making the best of photographs.
Well, they say Jesus was merely 12 when he taught in the temple.
You are a wonderful person, bringing so much intelligent art into my life.
Thank you for being just you.

Jada's Gigi said...

So sweet! I have bee focusing on the Light this season....I need the Light..

Amrita said...

Jesus th e Light of the world came down to us at Christmas that is what we are celebrating. Tho ' sadness and grief darkens our lives, we have The Light shining on us and within us