Sunday, December 02, 2012

Norwegian Christmas Carols # 2

Sweet Ruby has belonged to our extended family since she was eleven. Now she's soon to become 26, has taken a bachelor degree in England, stayed together with her Ørjan for 6 years and this year became the happy mother of Loke. The family has established themselves in Ruby's birth town where the hymn for first Sunday of Advent is  recorded in the main church.


Det lyser i stille grender [Julekveld]
Det lyser i stille grender
av tindrande ljos ikveld,
og tusunde barnehender
mot himmelen ljosi held.
Og glade med song dei helsar
sin broder i himmelhall,
som kom og vart heimsens frelsar
som barn i ein vesal stall.
Han låg der med høy til pute,
og gret på si ringe seng,
men englane song der ute
på Betlehems aude eng.
Der song dei for fyrste gongen
ved natt over Davids by,
den evige himmelsongen
som alltid er ung og ny.
Songen som atter tonar
med jubel kvar julenatt.
um barnet, Guds son og sonar
som myrkret for evigt batt.
Jakob Sande-
You might translat the text from New Norwgian to English yourself.
It's certainly worth the while.


myletterstoemily said...

a lovely young mother and sweet carol!
i have a soft spot for both.

Annie Jeffries said...

Ruby is a beautiful young woman and her Loke is a serious little sweetie.

I played the three videos together off-setting them a bit. Two was nice. Three was discordant.

Felisol said...

Oops,I was in a hurry this night, about 03 a.m. when I made the blog. It shall hopefully be repaired.Enough is enough.

Diane said...

Beautiful! I haven't translated yet, but still simply beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

Lovely :)

Amrita said...

Ruby an d he r baby ar e so beautiful

Thank you for sharing the music

Terry said...

dearest felisol...i don't know how i missed your new posts...i am so glad that you are here again!!!.
you are right..this hymn is worthy to be translated
some of the words stayed norwegian but you can still get the beautiful meaning of the song!

It glows in the hamlets
of Tindra candles tonight,
and thousand children's hands
the sky ljosi continues.
And happy with the song salute
his brother in heaven hall,
who came and was Heimset Savior
like kids in a Vesala stall.
He lay there with high cushion,
and stored at say call bed
but angels song out there
of Bethlehem deserted meadow.
Where the song for the first time
at night over the city of David,
the eternal skies season
which is always young and new.
Song overnight notes
with cheers every Christmas night.
um baby, God's son and sonar
that myrkret for evigt batt.
Jakob Sande-

felisol i am so happy for serina's friend. seems like ruby is so much a part of your family and as the goldens are so much a part of your family, then i will surely claim sweet ruby and her boyfriend and precious babe as my own! terry

Mrs. Mac said...

I have gone and listened to all the hymns through Dec. 10 .. and am blessed to have heard such beautiful praise and worship heralding the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing your heritage songs. xx C