Saturday, January 05, 2013

Songs my Mother taught me #2

My mother actually came to my birthplace, Sauda, to help out a friend. There she fell in love with my father, married and settled down. They loved each other dearly all of their days, but there was a but. My mother never really adjusted to the strange scenery of Sauda, situated at the end of a narrow fjord, surrounded by steep mountains. She would always long home to Jaeren, where sea and sky are meeting, where she could dream of The Land of Elves by sunset time.

 I want to go home and see a sundown at Jaeren
My mother loved the color blue, blue sky, blue sea, blue flowers, blue clothes.. and she had the most wonderful blue eyes.

Drink drinks of cold water

Once she decided that her gray brick walled washroom needed some color. She jumped on her cycle and bought a beautiful, expensive, blue mural painting. The work was finished before my father came home from work, and the result was rather dark and gloomy.
I guess we all laughed at her, but that didn't stop my mother.

Under the tap crane, Be prepared.
 With white paint and a old brush she painted songs, birds, flowers and funny verse and thus made her washroom both funny and so very personal. Gunnar saw the art in her work and shot lots of photos with his old camera.

 Innocent as doves
Gunnar made us stop laughing and see what a brave, creative soul my mother really was. we were used to her painting elaborate flowers and birds on fine china. I guess she took us by surprise, and she won.

 Up under the roof. "Seagull just tell what you see."

While decorating the room, she never spoke a word. We were busy outside in the bright summer garden.

 Jesus in the wash cellar  
Naivism at it's best. Honest and made in a hurry. I love it.

 Look at the birds, they do not harvest.

What did I learn? If you fail, don't give up, be brave and smile to the world and the world will be smiling back. 


Diane said...

I love that your mother was so creative and left so much for you to admire, remember and cherish. It's like having small bits of her scattered throughout your life. Nothing is more special to us once we say farewell to a loved one than to hold our memories close. Beautiful post dear sister!

Diane said...

Beautiful pictures of your mother's creativity. When we say farewell to those we love, those bits of them left behind help hold our memories tightly and safely within our heart. I am so thankful you have so many wonderful memories and that you so willingly share those memories with us. Beautiful post my sister. God bless you!

Aritha said...

I am deeply impressed by all that beautiful blue. And the texts and drawings. I think she was very creative ... Tell me more about her life!

God bless you in all.

Debbie Petras said...

Such important lessons your mother taught you. She was obviously very creative. Blue is such a peaceful and calm color. May you always rest in the wonderful memories you have stored up inside and know that one day you will be reunited with your mother. I look forward to that day with my own mom.

Blessings and love,

Unknown said...

What a lovely idea! I so often fail and beat myself up rather than smiling and making the beat of what I have.

Annie Jeffries said...

Oh Elise, how I would have enjoyed your mother. I wish I could have known her.

Terry said...

dear favourite colour has always been ljung has so many different shades of blue here!..i am just thinking that as she is looking up into the blue skies by the sea that she is almost trying to see right into heaven!
our sweet sister diane is so right felisol...we have only said farewell to your dearest mom, not good bye for we shall surely see her by and terry favourite picture next to the one of mom ljung looking up to heaven is the last picture of the little white birds on the blue wall...felisol what do the words mean?

Felisol said...

Hey Terry,
The last verse is from Mathew 6:26
" Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns;"
My Mom knew her Bible.

Jada's Gigi said...

So creative and beautiful! it is good to see our mothers in the light of them being a person rather than just our mothers...

Amrita said...

Invaluable lesson indeed. Montn had her unique personality and she went with it. Her arty work is lovely, I remember she painted plates and cups