Saturday, May 26, 2007


Street paintresss in Florence Autum 2006

I have been reading the Bible more these days than for years. My father's last gift to me, "be a reader; the answers lie in the Scriptures."
I got my Bible from the congregation May 10th 1964. The pastor had written the words from John 17, 24 as a greeting on the inside cover.
Here are my 10 Bible favourites:

1. Psalms 139
2. Psalms 121
3. Romans 8
4. John 3, 16-18
5. 1 Cor. 13
6. Isaiah 53
7. Isaiah 45
8. John 6, 68-69
9. Rev. 21 1-7
10. Matthew chapters 5 and 6.


Terry said...

Is he alright Felisol? Love Terry

Terry said...

Dear Felisol..It has been one busy weekend this week.
Yesterday,Dad phoned as he usually does every morning at 700am, and everything seemed fine.
At 8:30 just as we were getting ready to go out for coffee and then to pick mom up for church, Mom phoned and told us that Dad had fallen, snd wanted Bernie and me to come right over.
As we hurried to get ready, the phone rang again and this time it was Dad and he said he would be alright.
We decided it best that we go there instead of going to church and Sunday school Felisol.

In the meantime we have had two deaths in our family, a cousin and the mother of my nephew's girlfriend.
We just got back from my cousin's funeral and now this afternoon and this evening, I will be going to the home to visit with the kids.
Jeff's family, my brother and sister in law live in the States, too far to come, so they want us to be with Jeff and his girlfriend.
It is such a sad thing because the lady was only in her 40's. She died of cancer, and we don't know if she was a Christian or not.

I hope all is going well for your dear dad and I really loved Sioux's comments.

Let me know how he is doing when you have a little time.
Still praying!

I will try to fnd some time to tell you my favorite verses Felisol....Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

Your favorites are my favorites too! Some people don't believe in marking their Bible but I do. I underline and jot notes beside different verses. My Bible is my dearest Friend. :) Such comfort I find between its pages and what wisdom rises from its pages.

Just getting to know my new friend, Felisol, a little bit better. :) Blessings today for you and your family!