Friday, July 13, 2007


Sigve has been hospitalised once more. We're all mourning.
Maybe just therefor I need to hold on to some of the bright moments of this summer.
Last week at "The Sand", the local term for the wonderful beach 20 minutes from our home.

Gunnar having a lonesome night walk at the Sand

Only in Norway can such beauty be combined with perfect peace.

Popping in at aunt Lilly's. She has knitted Gunnar a new Islandic sweater, recovering from a severe op at the age of 86.

Serina also doing some recreating in her very best corner.

The great heaven painter spreading his brush.
Sundown time is when we are at our thriving peak.

Three minutes from our house is Harald the Fairhaired,the king credited to unite Norway in the year 872, buried.

Sun in from west. I in my garden gnome outfit, gathering herbs.

Beach wild flowers.

I once had a boat...

Serina V has made this self portrait with Garden Jasmine.


Pilgrim Pals said...

Dear Felisol...When I came here I felt so bad to hear about Sigve and I must tell you that we will pray the more earnestly for him and Liv and also for the Pilot-mom and dad.
It seems so much like a losing battle sometimes but we know that the Lord is in complete control!

Your little princess, Serina is such a lovely child!
She really did a good job of this "self portrait" photo.

Take care dear Felisol and thanks for telling us about Sigve...Love forever...Terry

passing-thru said...

Yes Felisol -- trusting that THE GRACE OF GOD works in all of the lives that are affected by this illness, for his wife, strength, and for you friends to be a comfort to Liv - and most of all that these days will be a testament of the grace of God in your lives as U show THE LOVE OF CHRIST so that others will see CHRIST IN U -- difficult for certain to have a "loved" one sick -

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to say I'm praying!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Terry said...

Dearest Felisol..
You are such a sweet soul..
I mean about your blog name.
You remind me a little old preacher that I once knew, Mr.Fite.
Such a dear man he was.
He used to love to wear flashy tie pins and one time one of the Christian men said to him, "You know Mr. Fite...that flashy tie pin really offends me!"
Now there was nothing wrong with that flashy tie pin of course, Felisol, but when Mr. Fite heard that, he quietly took off the pin and put it away, saying to the man, "If this tie pin offends you my dear brother, I will never wear it again!. You are of far more value than a tie pin!"

Whenever I put you in as a link Felisol. I always just pasted your name.
I could see the inner you right from the beginning but you know what I just love your new name!!
Just as Bob Maccabe will always be "Passing-thru" to me and our sweet Claire, pretty as the name is, shall always be our Pilot-mom to me, you will always be Felisol,but with this new ending, "By The Far Side Of The Sea"!

Love Terry, the Canadian Blogger..[call MY name class..I don't think so!] Ha!

PS... I guess I will keep that lil pilgrim, Hebrews 11:1 too!!

Terry said...

Hey Felisol "On The Far Side Of The Sea...I corrected it on the Pilgrim Pals Blog!!..Love Terry

Terry said...

Dear Felisol....How could I help but put your favorite Psalm on the Pilgrim Pals?
This Psalm is a statement of what kind of godly Chrisian you are.
It was crying to be put on!!...Love Terry

Right now I am going down to put a seaside on my favorite links!!
Oh the poetry of that name...Felisol "On The Far Side Of The Sea"!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mrs. Ljung,

I just read about your new name on Mrs. Shirkie's blog...I love it! To be honest, I was so "shy" about blogs at first, and so scared to venture beyond the Pilgrim's, it took me a long time to come to yours...bu I'll never regret it! You are such a treasure!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Felisol said...

Dear Lil Pilgrim Pal,
I'm glad I did the right thing then.
You have always been so eager to support and earnest in praying.
I can't say how much I appreciate that.
I have been so busy doing, well not much, but would like to do more for the once close to home, and a little something is being achieced.
I hope you get on well with your part time job. Its huge step, when one have not been able to work for nine years. I keep on praying that you don't take it too hard.
I think you might be a bit like me. Overachiever is my middlename.
One day at a time, has been how I have had manage for quite a while now. Not too contempting for an ambitious woman.
But then again I have found "treasures hidden in dark places", and must admit that God as far better than I will ever be, about judging where and how my ways should go.
About fifteen years ago both Gunnar and I went on a two year long expensive Candida cure.
We did not become much better, but we are still using Lactobacillus Acidophilus whenever on a antibiotic treatment. So does Serina.
They should really came with the antibiotic perscription, don't you think?
Well its late night here in Norway,and I've got some praying to do before bedtime.
I am looking forward to hearing more about your work, your neighbours and the family. You are all in my prayers.

Saija said...

lovely lovely photo's of a time you want to hold close to your heart ...

Amrita said...

Serina looks like the fairy queen

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Ljung,

As one who tried it "all", I was just wondering if you and your husband had tried a gluten-free diet? Actually, when you mentioned about your husband going for allergy tests, I was goign to ask a bit more, but forgot. I have a zillion allergies, and yes, they certainly do go away, and there are ways to overcome them. I think I get my new supplements on Saturday, and then I PRAY God will use them to heal me, because I am so TIRED of being sick! I try not to complain too much...nobody can tell I'm sick by just looking at me, or even knowing me, unless I tell them. Well, last August EVERYONE who saw me during my darkest days knew I was really sick...I became a shadow of mysef, and lost 8 lbs. in 10 days, but it looked like I lost 15 on my small self. I had no energy, and looked gray and pale. Thank God it only was for 3 wks. and then I finally realized what I had! I changed my diet (no fruit, no grain), and just like that I began recovering. I have had a few setbacks as I realized the MSM I take is not good for these infections (I take it for jont problems). I put grain back in my diet --but only Gluten-free grains, because of my allergies-- and now when I go on these supplements, I have to cut it back out. I am allowed berries and an apple a day, but I have to limit my fruit consumption. When I go on these supplements, cannot have any fruit for 3 months. It is hard if I think about it, but I am so used to limiting my diet, and then gradually allowing foods back in as I tolerate them. When I first had allergy blood tests run a few years ago, I was allergic to A LOT, but most were low allergies, which meant I could eat it in another month. Some were high, which meant 3 months+, and some were very high, which meant 1 yr.+....well, I could not handle sesame seeds even after 2yrs, and haven't tried them again!

Okay, I think I've written enough, but if you have any questions about allergies, etc. please feel free to ask me, because I've been through it all for the past few years, and have endeavored to help others. My dream would be to work with autistic children, because their is someone in my area who cures them with Gluten-free food, and I would love to know more on it, and apply it, too!

God bless you richly,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

Felisol said...

Dear Lil Pilgrim Pal,
thank you for your kind and carering advices.
One Gunnar's main problems are pollen allergies and all the cross allergies attached to them. Grains, peas, stone fruits, fat fish, dark red meat, gluten even in corn...
So we are trying and failing.
Just now he's been away in a university clinic to run some more tests for three days.
I've never heard of gluten free diet used for autistic children, but if there is anything that can help, its worth trying.
I know from experience that white sugar and artificial sweeteners as well, can send an autistic child through the roof.
Old Hippocrates' word about letting your food be your medicine and vice versa is still valid.
Only the Pharmacy factories does not do that much money on food..
I wish you luck both with your own diets, your studies and your eager to help others.
May be we have to endure some illness to be come the tools God need, empatic and willing to help out others.
We have to live our lives forwards, but looking backwards give meaning and understanding.
I wish you the very best.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mrs. Ljung,
Did you ever hear of the book "Patient Heal Thyself"? It is the BEST I've ever read on allergies, Crohn's disease, cancer, etc. I highly recommend it. I know the supplement guidelines are based on his supplements, but the general advice is exceptional. I'll let you know just how well the supplements work once I've tried them.

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Felisol said...

Dear Lil Pilgrim Pal,
I am not familiar with the book, but I suppose I can find it on Amazoon. We buuuy all kinds of books and study conbinations of nourishment, movemenent (T'ai Chi etc), music, creative drawing and my speciality; herbs.
I thinnk most illnesses comee from a combination of phycial and physic malfunction. It's all wrong to divid the human being into stomach, skin, insomnia, heart decease, auto immune reactions and so on. Stress can cause heartfailures or stomac bleedings, that's been known for fourty years or more.
We are made in God's picture with body, mind and soul.
It's time to put the whole creation in perspective when trying to find a cure.
"He who searches, shall find", Jesus said.
Most of all I'm leaning on to the Great Doctor, Jesus in who's stripes we can find healing.
Nevertheless he also gave us brains to use for the common good, and we'll continue to be curious pilgrims, moving onwards to our final goal.

Jim said...

I'm sorry to to hear about Sigve. I am still praying for him.
Your picture showing here is great! I've not been to Norway, Mrs. Jim and I would like to come some time. We missed it big time back in the 80s when my son was working off shore there. He lived in Stavanger, we should have come then.

Thank you, Felisol, for changing your blog name. I did that once to one of my older, controversial blogs, and took off everyone of my posts. It's now Jim's Little Happy Place but I've been neglecting it lately.
And too, I will link to your blog if it is ok?
I didn't before because I didn't want that name to show up for the two children who read my blog.
It wasn't you and we all know it, so my vote is keep this one for sure!

Pilot Mom said...

Felisol! I absolutely LOVE your new blog name! Thank you so much! So much prettier. :)

How is your husband? I've been praying for both of you, well, actually, all three of you. Did your washer finally work correctly?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Ljung,

How is your husband? Did you get the results back from the tests, yet?

Have a blessed day in the Lord,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

Terry said...

Dear Felisol...Just saw you on Arlene's and isn't it so nice that she is feeling better?
I am so glad that there are so many people praying for her all over the world!
I am just wondering how Gunnar is feeling. I hope he is getting better and you with all that pain that you never complain about. I am praying for you too.
Yesteday, I saved all of your blog to a folder so that I will be albe to read it when I have a little more time.
I have been writing a blog for almost three years now I think...oh maybe not that long but sometimes I just can't keep track of time!
Today wehen Bernie and I went to St Catharines, we went into a restaurant that had a juke box in it.All the old fifies songs. It cost twenty-five cents to play a song. I tried to play the song "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You", but the juke box wasn't working...Oh well I guess it was the thought that counted,eh?
Bernie loves the 50's. He downloads them from the computer on to his ipod and listens to them.
Mom would never let us listen to the radio but now that she is older she says that the songs we used to like weren't that bad at all.
My favorite singer was Bobby Vinton!
Well I have rambled on too much as Ron would say, so I will say Good Night for now Felisol.
I am a little tired tonight....God's blessings on you and Gunnar and Serina and your mom and Sigve and Liv....Love Terry

Sue Seibert said...

I am missing you and praying for all of you. You are so often in my thoughts. Your friendship, Dear Felisol, means so much to me. God bless you.

Felisol said...

Dear Hebr.11:1 and Terry and Siox Sue,
thank you for praying for us and caring.
You know what mighty and important power you are igniting when you're calling upon the Almighty.
Its one of God's great gifts, that He wants us, little dust balls, come to Him in prayer, and He will answer.
He's done it so many times, and He will continue.
Gunnar must go to this bigger hospitale once more in August, and then, in September we will perhaps get an answer..
The last day he was on the bench for six hours this time, four under full anaesthetic.
Afterwards he went to the city center and had dinner(!)and took the buss home. (He was not allowed to drive.)
He came in smilingly, but tired.
I do so much love and admire him.

Pilot Mom said...

Just popping in to check up on you, Felisol. How are things going? I'm praying for you and your family. I've been missing you around in the blogosphere. May you see the outpouring of God's blessings today!