Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I am a bit distressed over mixing the date of Canada Day.
So I'll reveal a secret to make up for it.
Gunnar has had a long going affair with an English/ Canadian Lady.

She's younger than me and he fell in love with her at the age of 21, AND HE'S STILL MADLY IN LOVE.
I am a fourty-niner, she's born in 1954.

English born, but set sails for Canada the same year.
She landed in Vancouver and was immediately adopted by a Vancouverian family, whose name is still unknown to us.

Her name is Morris Garages, if that rings a bell to anyone..

and she's formally addressed as MG TF 1954.
In the years she stayed with this Vancouverian family, her skin was changed from black to salmon pink and ended up as ebony white.

Our spring of 87
English Jeff and Norwegian Thurid met in Vancouver 1963. They fell in love, bought themselves the car and drove Canada coast to coast, before the three of them went to live in Norway.

My Gunnar was a poor student when he first met with the MG in 1970. (Jeff and Thurid were running a farm and had meanwhile changed to Rovers.)

First he asked Thurid if he might be allowed to buy the car of his dreams, and then he pledged his father for financial support.
The girl of his dreams became his for 1200 American dollars, and that was quite a sum in those days.
He also had to give his word, never to let her out with a salmon pink coat again.
By now the two of them have stayed together for 36 years. Gunnar has picked her apart and rebuilt her two times. She's changed from dark blue to ivory white, including eleven layers of special coating.
20 years ago, when Gunnar and I became a pair, she carried us all over the county.
Gee, was I proud, when he drove me to work in that little, white wonder.

Spring of-07
Being a genuine vintage car enthusiast, Gunnar has all the facts, books and papers of his car, except for one.

What was the name of her first owner??
Does anybody remember seing this beaty riding the Canadian roads from 1954 to 63??
The person able to supply us with information, will be offered a free ride....at least in Norway.

Any kind of information will be highly appreciated by the whole family.
It's all about roots, or rather about peerage when the Noble Lady MG's concerned.

Good night, sweet princess of the garage.


Terry said...

Oh Felisol...What a grand psot!
Oh your husband's girl friend is SO cute!!
I am afraid that it will take a lot on your part to compare to her!!
Ha!! Just no competition!
Just be happy that he was so wiliing to 'fess up the truth and come clean with you and he is also willing for you to tag along.
I mean doesn't that show a lot of kindness on his part?

I am a forty-niner too Felisol..
Nothing wrong with that is there?
Bernie is a forty-niner too!
Plus that young 21 year old has a boy's name!
Call THAT class?

Don' you be worrying about the date of Canada's birthday.
It was my mistake but don't you just love the way that Jim protected me.
He found out that technically Canada Day was on the second of July this year!

Well I had better go to bed.
I had to do some work on the two blogs.
Tomorrow is the fourth of July for our American friends.
I can just hear it now when tbat Hebrews 11:1 asks me why I was on time for that and not for Canada.
Oh well....
God bless, give Serina a kiss...love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

I agree with Terry, Felisol!! What a beauty she is! I confess, I wasn't sure exactly where you were leading until I saw "her" picture! She truly is a beaut!!

Hopefully, you will be able to complete her lineage soon!

I'm a '54 too, but, hands down, MG beats me to pieces. In fact, I wish I had HALF her energy! It felt like I would not finish my vacuuming this morning at all! How pathetic is that?!! ;)

Sue Seibert said...

Gunnar has two beautiful ladies!! I am emailing you a photo of the drilling of a well right beside a pumpjack.

Sue Seibert said...

Guess I don't have your email. Mine is siouxcitysue@suddenlink.net

Terry said...

Oh dear Felisol..
David's birthday is on July 9 not the 7th. I do hope that little humming bird reads this here!
I gave a subtle hint on Pilgrim pals but I don't know if it was recognized!!

Felisol, I quite often wonder...HOW did you ever know it was Bernie's birthday that time?
All I know is that you were the first to wish him Happy Birthday and It endeared you to him for life!
Hebrews 11:1 was the second.
I was WAY down the line!!!...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that...

Felisol said...

Dear terry,
I will not reveal who gave me the wrong date, and it does not matter that much either, the intentions were the very best.
I am ca. eight hours ahead of you, that's why I had the honour of being the first to send Bernie his well earned greetings.
Funny, though, how we never stop enjoying our special day in the yaer, no matter how old we are.
I use to call my brother at midnight at his birthdays.
We often even start the celebrating around midnight.
Gunnar has his day close to Christmas Eve (we celebrate Christmas Eve in Scandinavia).
His mother was often too busy washing, baking, cooking, buying gifts and all that to make his day an important one.
Therefore we are happy to enjoy his day nowadays.
I know he appreciates it, even though he does not say that much.
I'll just have to write Mr. Fisher in two days again, and hope God helps strightening out things for him as well.
It never stops amazing me that people who are having the heaviest trials, often seem to be the most burning Christians.
Give my best hugs to Bernie and my Child of prayer, Dad Golden.

Felisol said...

Dear Humming bird,
never you stop being good and keeping me posted. Your one in a million.

Amrita said...

lovely way of telling the story.
Lady MG is really grand and Gunnar has maintianed her well.Resembles chitty-chitty-bang-bang

Terry said...

Humming bird indeed Felisol!
More like a beautiful monarch butterfly if you ask me which you aren't so I will just be quiet!

But Felisol...How DID you know that it was Bernie's birthday?
I know that Serina's is in March and yours and Gunnar's are in December.

It seems so long that I have known you.
More like forever and yet it has only been just over three months.
I met you March 27 when I asked you to help a friend by encouraging him.
And look at the reward that God has given to me..YOU and your wonderful family!

Take care my friend and remember, seeing as you ARE so many hours ahead of us, you most certainly CAN be the first one to greet David on his 62nd birhday!!
Wow!! Next to Jim, I think that guy is the oldest of the group!!!...Love Terry

Sue Seibert said...

Raf loved you blog. He never comments on blogs he reads, but he loved reading yours!

Anonymous said...

I guess this bird/butterfly is no reliable source, right?! :) It's okay, Mrs. Shirkie saved me big time, and I'm so gratefui to her!

Sorry I havent really been by here in a while. I've been kind of busy, especially stuck on Pals blog for long periods of time. I still think of you often, and pray for you daily.

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Felisol said...

Dear Lil Pilgrim Pal,
You must excuse me being so clumsy with the nuances in the English language.
I am GLAD and HAPPY that you cared to inform be about the birthday, and I am happy every time I see your signature in the blogs. You are always where it's most needed. A caring, empathic and compassionate pilgrim, with whom I an honoured to walk behind on the road to Heaven.
You have done so much good to me and my family, I hope we still can be friends.

Terry said...

You are right there Felisol'
I really got to missing Hebrews 11:1 on the blogs yesterday.
I was relly glad to see that special little Pilgrim today.

Well you and Rodney beat everybody else in the birthday greetings to David!

How glad I am that you are such an important part of us all now Felisol.
Perfect circle.
I asked you to go see David.
You prayed about it and then you DID go and now everyone of us are friends!!...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mrs. Ljung,
Of course, we'll always be friends! I sometimes wonder if I'm on here too often, but I guess I'm missed when I'm not.:) Oh, just wait till we go on vacation in the fall, Lord willing. Here's a secret...my parents don't even know about this, and I pray taht I can tell my dad soon, because he'll be nicer than my mom, but he'll be real mad at me! Anyway, I guess it'll all be fine when I tell them. But they'll probably tell me I can't go on the computer for a month or something, so then everyone will have to learn to live without my comments...

Felisol said...

Dear Hebr.11:1,
I am so glad that you are not mad at me. I'd hate myself if i offended you.
I pray for you all the time, and will make it my special subject that your parents should not only tolerate, but praise the Lord for having such wonderful kids.
In this world flooded with crime, violence and evil you are a wonder and should be highly appreciated.
God will find a way to bless and help you.

Jim said...

If Gunnar has to have an affair, Felisol, this is the kind to have. Morris' Garage is lovely! I don't blame him one bit.

Now, I will be praying for your friend, Sigve. Just last wednesday we lost a very dear friend, Vera, to cancer. She and her husband Jack have been close friends our for the last eight years.