Saturday, October 06, 2007


Autumn leaves are falling. The sky is grey. The air is chilled.
Hey, Terry & Pals, why don't you come in for a nice cup of tea? Have a taste of Turid's organic grown Prince apples.
I'll put on the kettle as soon as you tell which brand you prefer.
Honestly, the stove became a bit messy with all those old tea boxes. Would you rather join us eating at the Chinese restaurant?
My Mom claims she is much prettier, "or else the mirror's lying." Gunnar and Serina are trying their charm on the waitress.
Iiijk. Did not like the taste of the still water???
Behave yourselves!
Just joking. Can't you see we're two harmless kittens?

Looking forward to be seeing you real soon!


Terry said...

Dear Felisol.
How nice a cup of tea would be with you guys.
The Chinese restaurant sounds alrigtht , I guess but I think that I would prefer to be sitting at your table with your family and tha Pals and just listening to their chattering and maybe hear when and if there is a break in the conversation, the singing of the birds and the music of the sea!..Love Terry

Oh guess what Feliso?
Mom Golden and I went to visit my aunt at the nursing home this evening and my aunt lent me a Bob Dylan CD. I can't wait to listen to it!!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
You'll always be welcome in our home, we even have a spare room with beds for you & Bernie.
The birds - and some cats are around us all the time. To watch the sun down by the "Whale" we have to walk five minutes.
I think you can manage that as well, just put a woolen sweater and a pair of solid shoes in your luggage!
Yours Felisol

Felisol said...

P.S. Cool aunt.
Guess they are having a good time at the nursing home.
We've always made jokes about us living in an institution, giving the nurses a tough time wearing blue jeans and playing Dylan really loud!
(You of course know that The Band or The Hawks as was their original name, came from Canada.)

Saija said...

i love chinese food ... and i really enjoy mint tea ... !!!!

then you can come have some good strong coffee & pie at our place!

blessings on you, dear one!

Terry said...

Yes Saija... Isn't that coffee what you used to get the Pilgrim over to yout house last year?
You spoil that dear boy!!

Anyways Felisol, there are some of the pilgrims taking you up on your offer.
Ony problem is that Jim's granddaughter, Adi is too busy making movie shoots and tells me,she just hasn't the time to be flying us over!
The nerve of that dog!
She wanted to sell me her autograph for five bucks Canadian and the American dollar is only worth 98 cents now!
I know a shikster when I see one!
I flatly refused!!

Well we will try to get over SOMEHOW!!...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Saija and Terry,
I also enjoy a strong cup, or a double cup of espresso. It kind of opens my senses and makes me more human, especially in the morning.
Gunnar is a perfect barista, he knows exactly how long to wait to get that perfect layer of crema.
Red Rose tea is unknown to me, though a found a tin box with red roses on in my rather in my somewhat incoherent, but manifold collection.
There are some ethnic food stores down town, perhaps I can find some Red Rose tea among the Turkish sortiment??
Anyway where there is a will there is a way.
My mom and Serina are equal good in making heaps of waffles and pancakes, we even have maple syrup in the grocery shop.
Gunnar's got six guitars, there could be some Redemption Songs singing
around the fireplace.
I've told Serina to exchange Norwegian kroner for dollars now, even though she's not due to leave for the US in six month.Never in my life have the dollar sunk that low. I don't think it'll last though, even if the Iraqi war costs 2 billion dollars a week. The grey men i Wall Street simply will put an end to it.
The market mechanisms aren't that free.
Well, money is not just my cup of tea.
My father used to recite the Proverbs 30:8
"give me neither poverty nor riches,
but give me only my daily bread."
There's lots of wisdom and peace in those words.
Still, I should like to see you here, the whole Pilgrim flock.
We've got 5 spare bes, 2 sofas and a big garden with this new pavilion.
Oh, that would be the day.
Yours Felisol

Anonymous said...

I'll be coming, too, Mrs. Ljung! My sister said to tell you that spelled correctly???

We love you dearly,
LPP and Lil Montreal Girl

Felisol said...

Dear Lil PP,
Takk is spelled correctly and means thank you.
In Norway we're saying TAKK quite often.
When we have eaten, we first say Takk to God and leaving the table we say TAKK to the hostess, even if it's our mother who has prepared the meal.
When we're leaving a home, we say TAKK (for hosting us), after a meeting we say Takk (for the gathering) and so on.
And guess what; we mean it.
Being abroad we're always confused about what to say and are ending up giving too much tips instead!
Bring your sister with you LPP, I'm sure she'll fit in being able to say TAKK!!
Yours Felisol

Pilot Mom said...

Oh, I hope I'm not too late! I will love sitting at your beautiful table! The apples are a delight to the eyes so I know they must be a delicious taste to the mouth.

And I love Chinese so I would love to come there too! It would be wonderful to come visit and see your beautiful country, Felisol!

Maybe someday! :)