Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This fall has galloped along with yours truly dangling helplessly behind. I sure would like to show some of the things that have been occupying my time and mind for the last month.It's hunting season. The deers seem to know that they are not safe in the woods. This one visited Turid's garden early one morning. (Photo Turid)
Serina is doing well at her school. She played around in Photoshop and sent me a sweet greeting. (Photo Serina)
Gunnar and I like to go strolling on the quays of Haugesund.
Wind in his hear. He should be putting on warmer clothes.
Gorgeous Ruby, step niece of mine, is closest to my heart. She visited to watch Grey's Anatomy with me 2 days before she left to study to be a pet vet at a university just outside London.
Serina visited her on November the second. The two have been friends for ten years now, and were perfectly happy on their own in London.
Ruby has a special project nursing two tiger-babies. She's my tiger girl!!!
After a heavy storm came the frost and the snow.
My kitchen window facing north (and Serina's veranda) is white from sea salt.

Second Sunday in November is Father's Day by us.
I brought Gunnar breakfast in bed (and new clogs). Serina woke him up with a telephone call early in the morning.
Snow outside our living room window. We used to say that the snow had to fall three times before it would remain. That was in my childhood. Now we're lucky to see a few snowflakes now and then. This year frost came too early. I have not yet finished planting tulips..
After 20 years of marriage I am getting a room of my own. Gunnar has cleaned out a former guest room and bought me new bookcases.
I inherited two thousand copies after my father.
Those are books he collected almost one by one. He used to have a list in his wallet with books and authors he was looking for. We've had many a happy chase together. One time he used his stick to stop Turid from passing him in the queue to a market. Well, he learned not to mess with my friend. She simply threatened to steal his cane if he would not let her pass on the stairs.
The blue jar is a gift from my German friend, Christa. We've managed to keep out friendship for 37 years, even though she's living in Germany.
I being my old weird lucky self decorating my room for hobby work, music listening and reading. Finally I can see what has been hidden in chests and boxes for decades. I feel very rich indeed.
Serina brought me flowers in her autumn vacation. They have been greatly appreciated.

On our weekly hikes. Ducks swimming on the Eivind's Water.
Here's the troll guarding The Deep Valley, favourite recreation area for the 30.000 inhabitants of Haugesund.
Too cold to take a swim. The ladder is there in case someone falls through the ice in wintertime.
Last living insect in this part of the country. Even the snails are gone for now. That is, they hide two inches under the ground.
Very old friends gathered before Elisabeth, sitting at Turid's right hand side, sets off for two months in Thailand.
In Norway we have all kinds of churches, and then in addition assembly houses for low-church people, called prayer houses. Gunnar's aunt Lilly and I went to a bazaar there. That's what we call it when house wives knit, embroider and gather all kinds of stuff and sell lottery tickets for, in this case, a hospital. Aunt Lilly won a pillow, a jumping rope and a toy moose. Kaare, sitting next to her won at least ten items.
Eight gentlemen by six of them were singing barbershop melodies. Cute.
It's dark outside before six in the afternoon. Turid smiling on board the ferry from Bergen.
Turid, Liv and I joined a healing session in Bergen. Here's the very sympathetic hostess Aslaug.
At the dinner table. Turid sitting left in a new classy Oleanna jacket.
Near by a large shopping center, under the bridge separating Haugesund from Karmoey
five bauta stones (stone monuments) have been placed by the druids, prior to the viking area.
They look a bit spooky, and are called the five foolish virgins.
Every autumn art exhibitions are flooding.
Gunnar and I managed to visit three in one day.
Paintings of all ages, qualities and techniques. I fell for a small needle etching called "We are my dream." I bought it, on Gunnar's approval, but have not yet received it
On our way out into the woods.

Gunnar is enjoying fresh boiled shrimps on the chest my grandfather brought with him from Sweden to Norway 102 years ago.
Now king Winter has definitely arrived.
In a week or two our home will be in advent mood, day by day transformed into Christmas delight.


Meg said...

I love you, I really do.

Felisol said...

Dearest Zonair,
I know sweetie 'cause I luv u 2!

Jim said...

You have the most shrimp of anyone I know. Any leftovers?

I'm glad you have your own room. I have one too but I can just barely walk through it, just have one little path. Do you think I can get it cleaned out like yours this winter.

We are getting down to 34F tonight, our first cool days of the year. Probably no snow this year.

You must save and build your blog entries for weeks? I don't think you could put all this in in a few hours.

:-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-)


Felisol said...

Dear Jim,
Shrimps come rather cheap by the coast,- but even better, big and fresh from the boat.
Even the big food chains will not sell shrimps older than two days and then to reduced prices.
When the menu are home-baked loaf, sliced lemon, ca 2 kilos of shrimps, beer for Gunnar and white wine for me, there are no left-overs, but the peeling takes time..

I love my room, I really do. I could show you some pictures from Gunnar's two working rooms, but that would not be loyal.
They're his private domene anf so they shall remain.
I think maybe if you let Mrs. Jim help you do some tidying and storing away??
Boys will be boys and do not nee women messing with their treasures, I guess.

I use my cellphone and take some pics when I remember. These were from the last three weeks.
I then put the memory chip into my pc and in an hour or two my blog is done.
;o), ;o)
Yours Felisol

Amrita said...

Hello Felisol, lovely pictures and writing about your family, home and friends and entertaining and the surroundings.I like your cozy room. I love collecting books too, cna 't control myself. I have a big library too, many books are very old.

Terry said...

Oh Felisol...What a day brightener[is that a word?] you are...
I came to the computer just now because I am taking my mom to see her sister to the nursing home in St Catherine's and I have to make some pictures for some of the patients that I took the last time I was there...and here I am caught up with this glorious post of yours!

Fall has not been galloping along at all here in Southern Ontario.
We just this week have some beautiful fall trees and even then, some of them are still green. Bernie and I have taken quite a few pictures...I really need these pictures because I have to make a post for my kindred spirit, Susan Bunts.
We are about a month and a half behind...not that I mind my Felisol...For sure and all the less winter we will be having!!
Have you seen the snow that Saija is getting in my beloved Manitoba?

This is one season in the year that I hate! Those poor gentle animals. I don't know how anyone can look into their sweet deer eyes and shoot them!
Now the way that Turid shot them is the best way...with a camera lens!
Bless her little heart!

You just tell that little princess of yours that all her mom's blogging friends lover HER too!!

Oh the blue of that ocean Felisol and Gunner all dressed in blue too....My favourite color!

Naw...Gunner doesn't need to be putting on warmer clothes...Not yet Felisol.
Winter won't be here for over a month!

I am so glad that you put a pretty picture of your niece, Ruby in Felisol. I will adopt her too and be her auntie..You can never have too many nieces or nephews. I have about thirty!
Ruby as such soft gentle eyes. I just bet that she hates deer hunting season too! looks so cold outside from the kitchen window cold!
Pretty mind,you but COLD!

You have a different date for Fathers Day, eh Felisol. I really like Gunner's shoes..Really cool!!
Did you make him a bowl of porridge for his breakfast?..Ha!

With the first fall of snow, you might get an Indian summer when it warms up.
Did you say that you were lucky to see snow?
I never want to see it!!
You better get those tulips planted!
In three months or a little more it will be spring again!

Oh those beautiful book cases just brimming with books,. You had better hope that Pilgrim David doesn't see them. He will be pestering you for books..
On second thought, I think that when I get home,my dear friend, I will just swipe these pictures and carry them on over to the Pilgrim Pals!!

Hmm...that little Turid threatening to steal your dad's cane!!! Ha!!
Whenever I am with mom and she, as you know has a cane, I tell everybody that they better watch out. Mom may be small but she will give you a good whack with her cane if she takes a fancy to it!
They look at my gentle little mother and wonder what I am talking about!! Ha!!
Let's put it this way Felisol...I am just happy that she didn't have a cane when we were kids! Back in those days we would get a few good spankings with her wooden spoon...My brother Teddy was always hiding them on her!
Or breaking them!

The blue jar is lovely Felisol and you have made a good photograph of it. I just bet that Serina loves this picture!

One of these days, Felisol, I will have to unpack the boxes in our attic...boxes that I packed 32 years ago when we moved from our first house. We have moved twice since and those boxes are just pleading to be unpacked.

Serina's flowers are as pretty as she is!
Are they silk flowers Felisol?

We have tons of ducks here in Welland by times. They just loved to be photographed!
I hate duck hunting season too!

That is some fearsome looking troll!!
Probably makes a real good guard!

You know Felisol..It happens every spring it seems, that kids and dogs walking on the frozen canal fall in when the soft ice breaks under their feet. They just have no sense of danger and every year there is a least one tragedy!

All of our summer insects are gone too, but once in a while there are a few house flies invading our territory!

Such a nice group around a comfortable table Felisol. I will pray for Elizabeth's safety as she heads off to Thailand!

Felisol, it is so nice when the church ladies get together and sew.
Every Tuesday the Christian ladies here get together and make quilts for the nursing homes in Venezuela and baby layettes for the babies there.
My mom usually goes but as for me, I am all thumbs when it comes to sewing and all I am good for is cutting out squares of cloths!
Is this your Aunt Lily in the picture?
Perhaps you can mail her over to me as well as Ruby and I shall adopt them BOTH, eh?

Yeh Barbershop melodies ARE cute Felisol and so are the singers of them!

Turid seems like such a happy person!
She must be if she loves deers!
It gets dark here now about 5:30..

What is a healing session?
Aslaug's name means devoted..

This is another nice table scene.
Are those slim trees in this picture birch trees Felisol?. They are my all time favourite tree!

I am never too much interested in shopping areas unless there are plenty of book stores and electronic stores. Betty and Rachel are two people who just love looking at clothing and shoe stores and buying lots!

Oh nothing better than visiting an art museum, eh?
They had a beautiful one in Ottawa that we used to visit quite often.
my favourite pictures were the European art. You could just stand there and stand there for ages just looking at one picture.
My favourite picture was one of the Lord Jesus with His arm around the woman who had been caught in sin. Surrounding them was a circle of cruel men accusing the lady who had her eyes down and tears rolling down her pretty face.
She was safe though because she was in the arms of Jesus, forgiven of her sin and none of those guys could accuse her again!

Will you take a picture of the needle etching that Gunner bought and show us it Felisol? It sounds real interesting..

I love roads so much Felisol, especially if they are unpaved ones. So interesting to find what is at the end of the road!
I guess in your case...the nice!

Jim doesn't need shrimp at all Felisol! No telling what a sardine loving man like Jimmie will do with a shrimp!!!Ha!
Gunner looks absolutely beat!! Tired right out!
That King Winter had better just stay in Norway Felisol and don't be calling on Southern Canada for a while yet!!

So nice chatting with you this past hour but now I must really be getting to making those pictures for Aunt Marion!

Take care my beloved friend and Dad Golden's prayer mother.
Dad has finally been told that the operation will be in Dec 6.
They have put him through so many tests!......Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

My goodness, Felisol, you HAVE been busy! :) Lovely pics! I must remember to do that periodically. Thank you for letting us peak in on your time!

Jim said...

We do have very nice shrimp here as Houston is near Galveston Bay. There are oysters too.

Since we moved we are about 75 miles or so from the shrimp boats and fish houses and don't go so often but they are still there. Trucks with fresh shrimp park along side the roads too.

I eat more shrimp than sardines, most of the ones I get are frozen from China. They are even cheaper than the local ones.

This winter I may get my office in shape. I hope so.
Granddaughter, BP, always wants to help me because every time I clean rooms or drawers I find money.

Meg said...

still love you <333

Curious Servant said...

Thank you for your continuing visits to my blog and your kind words.

That blog hasn't been getting as many posts lately as I have been writing extensively at another blog which deals with some very difficult hings going on lately.

I trust you and would include you in my smaller circle of friends if you wished to visit.

You may wish to decline as it is about some messy stuff.

If you wish the address, email me at:

You are a sweet person, Elise. I enjoyed looking over your shoulder through those pictures of what is going on in your corner of the world.


Anonymous said...

I have missed a lot! I am sorry I have not had time to visit here, but I do pray for you every day!

Love and Prayers,