Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The wake of the ferry carrying Serina back to school over the hills and far away.The Danes call this season the after year.
My mother is however still at her best age.

Hiking with the "girls" near Liv's house.
I love sheep in a naive, yes sheepishly way.
Often I try to persuade Gunnar to buy us a little farmhouse with sheep, some hens, a cat and a goat. He thinks I'm just being my ordinarily mad self. I know it would be a meaningful way of life.
I think I'll have to check up the farmer living in the woods in Liv's neighborhood.
In Sauda the Canadians, owner of Union Carbide, built a factory about 1915. After WW1 they started melting manganese for steel production.
The factory is still melting raw material for war industry. The hotel was built in the 30s to provide suitable accommodation for the directors.
Oldest church yard in Sauda under fall blue sky.
Hoofland is the name. Here were the ancient gods of the vikings worshiped. When Noway was Christened churches were built on the old hoof sites, to prevent people from sacrificing before the old gods.
In the background Hovlandsnuten, a pike of 934 metres. Me and my father's pike. We went from home over two ridges to climb this pike an autumn Sunday in 1965.
Gunnars just finished his month long reading of Finnegan's wake. Now he's on a new expedition; interpreting the book upside down.

Important message sent daily.
My dentist is located in one of the few remaining town wood houses built in a Dutch style from late 19th century. The nice location makes me feel less scared going for the root canal works.
Hall to my qi-gong studio. Nice, isn't it?
I have to admit; Gunnar is the better wok'er. Something with accuracy and taking his time to get the ingredients well cooked.
Hiking in the rain.
I love being outdoors in all kinds of weather. Some sour days the threshold mile can be too high though.
The Horn mountain in the background is a hike aim...for next spring. For now it's just too slippery.
Turid and Liv in the woods.
The Hortensias are thriving in sour soil and lots of rain.
Swan song for the Petunias, Pelargonias and the Marguerites.
God's summer curtains are also dropping their leaves. The song birds will still hide there right in front of our living room windows- all winter.
The Lavender has been harvested for indoor use.
Even the Begonias, originated from my grandmother, have had two frost nights and are now resting in our washing cellar.
Good night from my kitchen dresser, may we all rest peacefully.


Terry said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Felisol..
What beautiful pictures!

The ferry would be such a lovely sight if it weren't that it was taking your princess far away from you and Gunnar.

Your mom is still a spring chicken and it looks like she is the type of person that is always game for fun!

I love sheep too Felisol.
God does too, especially His sheep who we are.
And He is the good Shepherd!

When my bother lived in Canada, he worked at the Union Carbide.
It was a well paying and good job.
One afternoon all the workers were called into the big meeting room and told that the factory had been sold and that everyone would be losing their jobs.
Teddy said at that time,that the women all were crying when they heard the bad news and the men were all crying on the "inside".
Men and women who had worked for many years were now out of a job.
That is when my brother and his family moved to Iowa, and we miss him so much!

Well I will say good night for now Felisol and blessings to you and Gunnar and Serina and your mom and Liv.....Love Terry

Wait until Justin sees these pictures Felisol...
He will just love them,I know!

No word yet as to when Dad Golden will be going for his surgery..

Jim said...

Those are beautiful pictures.

Good luck on the root canal. Mrs. Jim had one done in August, they had to drill through a crown to get the root. She was fine afterwards.

Those pictures are just for me, right? To entice me to come visit Norway. It is very pretty there.

Now, my sister and I are selling our farm in Nebraska. You could raise goats, cattle, and hogs. And chickens. And enough corn to feed them all and then some to sell on the market.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
My pics are not beautiful, they're snap shots, emphasizing snap, taken with my Nokia cell phone.
They are blur and grainy and not even Photoshopped. I mean to communicate through them, photo art are presented by people like yourself, Jim, Justin, Saija and all the other experts. I must be the true, mad amateur, even writing in a language I do not master.
But look what lovely, gifted friends my non skills have brought me!

My mother is a total mixture of
fun and depression, disbelief and true Christianity. She's got brains and the nerve to challenge any authority in the county.
She is not even all contempt with the work of God. I know Jesus made wine containing alcohol, but I do not like it..
That's my Mom.

She's struggling pretty heavily with all her whys, but in the end of the day she knows her redeemer lives. I love her.

Only Jesus knows how many times he's had to leave his flock to pick me up.
My mother's father, Mompa as we put it, was a shepherd for eighteen years in Montana to make money to buy himself a new farm. The old one was lost during the depression.
I remember him from my childhood, still talking American to his sheep.

The Union Carbide was among the 20 largest multinational companies. It was dissolved after the terrible accident in Bupahl, India, to avoid paying insuranse money.
The Sauda plant has been a cornerstone factory for almost a century. In my youth there were 1000 employees. Now there's only a couple of hundreds left, but then in addition comes all the contractors. There still is about 5000 inhabitants in that throng little place. Most of us knew when growing up, that we had to leave our birthplace after gymnasium. There simply was not work and room for the new generations.
Saud will still always be home to me, just like you have your beloved Manitoba.
Now Sauda again is attracted by "foreigners". The mountains are an Eldorado for all kins of skiers in the winter, for hikers and fishers in summer, and my cousin who has lived in Seattle for some decades is an eager golfer, trying to build a reasonable course in the outskirts of the town. (Hint, hint, Jim!)

Now the sun is shining for once, and I have to go outside, doing some gardening.
Have a marvelous day. Tons of hugs to Dad Golen
from Felisol

Unknown said...

Dear Elise,

Din cafe lyder som det ville være det beste. La meg vet hvis du noensinne åpner en og jeg vil reservere en tabell ;-)

Kjærlighet, Justin

P.S. Jeg liker din bilder bedre enn min:-)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mrs. Ljung,

It has been sooo long, it seems, since I came over here, so here I am. I worked on a newspaper for my siblings/friend's journalism class for two weeks straight, and last Thursday we finished it. I didn't want to look at a computer screen again, but alas! this Saturday we have a sale to attend, and I must work hard to get our products ready...which includes our photography that must be edited and printed.

We (sister and I) are now walking four dogs some days, five including ours! We have two that we walk first thing in the morning, three times a week. Then we have the original one, whom we walk three or four times a week, and then my neighbor' rottweiller...every weekday, weather permitting. Tomorrow I have dogs to walk AND will be cleaning for a neighbor! I am very blessed, and content. I asked God for work and income, and He just keeps adding. I have not solicited any jobs, people have just come to me! Isn't God good?!

My health is doing excellent compared to three months ago, but my dad has good days and bad ones. Sometimes he is in pain, and other times just discomfort. I am at a loss as to what causes it all.

Now every time I hear a Dylan song I think of you! :) My favorite thus far is still "Forever Young", but it is probably because of what I asscoiate it with...the story I told you before.

I love you very much. Thank you for all your prayers.

May God bless you richly.

Love and Prayers,

Felisol said...

Dear Jim,
as I've told before, you and Mrs. Jim are invited to stay and be guided in Rogaland, Norway.
I am planning a blog about our county, but that should contain more accurate information than I have right in my head.
I think I'll be able to finish it by the week-end.
We are, of course proud about our hometown, its ancient history (graves from when last ice period came at an end 10 000 years ago), lots of documented viking history, beautiful nature, apart from the chill, that is, south by Stavanger, 110 kilometers from where we live, there's an American oil colony. They have fully equipped golf courses as well.
The water and the air are clean, people are if not overwhelming friendly, so at least peaceful, because of national law against firearms.
The polar-bears have been moved to Manitoba. (I, of all things am a dedicated reader of old Reader's Digest when sleep flees. In a copy from about 1970 I recently read about polar bears in Manitoba and how they were bothering the civilians living there. Gee, I didn't know Manitoba was that far north.)
Of all people I know that you and Mrs. Jim are the most likely to fulfill another vacation in Norway.
Be welcome.
P.S. with the dollar sinking so low, a farm in Nebraska might not be such a silly idea. Though I'd rather buy some land in Big Timber where my gradpa once worked, and where I'm bound to have some second cousins.
Yours Felisol

Dear Justin,
you are only too kind. I shall not translate your letter, people might think I am too vain...
You and James Joyce both read and write Norwegian. Joyce did it so that he could read Ibsen in original language.
Perhaps you too would like a trip to Norway with the girls and your wife. We don't have Disneyland, but a few smaller amusement parks might do the trick.
Serina was In Eurodisney outside Paris a few years ago, and is planning to see the real thing next spring when her school is headed for USA.
In the summer time there's markets with amongst other antique sales all over the country. There are festivals of all kinds, for sport fishers, veteran ships, jazz musicians, rafters, para gliders, goat cheese sellers,- you name it, I'll find it.
There's even a book town in hidden away in the bottom of the longest fjord in Norway. That's where I'm planning to go.
It's once more past midnight. Why are the clocks so hasty these days??
Yours Felisol

Dear Little Pilgrim Pal,
nice hearing from you.
These days I seem to get so many messages from people who have been experiencing the good Lord's blessings.
That calls for a hallelujah!
I'm praying for your dad, that he to must be healed and that one might detect the origin of his sufferings.
I vaguely remember (I*m old you know), that you yourself had some skills in that direction, both from ordinary knowledge and spiritual guidance.
As a dog walker you'll get fresh air and lots of exercise. That should be a good counter weight to all the pc-working.
Yes, God sees what we need, even before we pray.
Be blessed, friend.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Dear Felisol...I tred to translate Justin's letter but Google language tools don't have from Norwegian to English so I couldn't figure a thing out...
Did Justin like your pictures because I really suspect that he does because he takes nice pictures like that and I hate to say but I never look at the grain or anything like that, I look a the PICTURE!!!

Have to run now but you aren't being vain if you tell us.
Maybe that little Pilgrim will have to translate it!!!Love Terry

Anonymous said...

I am in a hurry right now, but I think his PS says that he likes a house or building better than his...

One day I will learn Norweigian...like all other languages I try to learn and forget overnight :)


Saija said...

i loved to take a walk with you in your world - your pictures were so lovely, that i felt like i was there and could almost breath that moist, flower laden air ...

blessings on you!

Terry said...

Good morning dear Felisol.
Just popped in to wish you a blessed Lord's Day evening, as you have already gone through the morning and we are just beginning the day!!...Love Terry

Amrita said...

A very good visit with pictures and words.mom looks so fine. I like the hotel building its like a manor house and the wooden house is lovely.
I love walking in the rain too.

Unknown said...

Takker de, Elise:-)


P.S. I wish I were as good with Norwegian as you think. I still have to translate from English to Norwegian and back again. And I know my translation is way off sometimes, making it hard to understand. I'm trying though. Maybe some day I'll be able to read, write and speak it properly:-)

Sue Seibert said...

Felisol, the photos are beautiful. The "after year"...how appropriate. I know you miss Serina. Love to you all and God's blessings.kicutw

Amrita said...

What is a qui-gong studio?
i also want a sheep for a pet but it is not practical as she would eat up all our garden plants if she gets a chance.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
you are friendly as always, a friend for good and worse.
We had a wonderful Lord's day, but not in church, alas.
Norwegian TV was sending "Last night at the Proms". I just love being a part of classical music and enthusiastic public, this year also gathered in four cities in Great Britain on a huge screen.
Saturday were attended three art exhibitions and I was inspirited to start doing my own things.
Sunday Gunnar helped me in decorating a spare room in the basement.
Later on the very same Lord's day we saw my all time favourite team, Fire, winning the first prize in the Elite soccer league.
Actually, I don't care much for sports, I agree with Paul in that aspect.
I seldom watch TV sport and even more rare is to be found on a sporting arena.
The Fire team is the exception. Their fans are loaded with charm and genuine love for their team.
The won the series 44 years ago, and have since been singing and fighting, never giving in, that "we'll win this year as in 1963".
One has to admire this kind of fidelity and perseverance.
The whole city celebrating three days in a row afterwards.

We should have be bolder and more outspoken about our joy celebrating that our names are written in the book of life.

It's a bit weird that we are so shy and reluctant about our joy of the salvation.
Don't you think??

Dear Amrita,
yes, I love my birth town as Terry loves her Manitoba and you probably love your special roots town in India. I am happy when I read about your everyday life in Yesu Garden. You are adding a new dimension to my understanding of the world. Thank you so much.
Qi-gong studio is where I every Thursday have slow, but effective exercises for my muscles, breath and skeleton.
We are seven ladies who have kept together five years in that very studio. Balm for body and soul.
Yours Felisol

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
I had to make a break in my commenting. Husbands gotta eat, you know.
I'm flattered that you like the Finish N73, but I am not that foolish that I don't recognize poor quality though.
Your Manitoba pictures are sharp as edges and so very well composed.
Serina's got two major Cannons with extra lenses and stuff. One for paper and one digital. She's making progress at school, making newspaper and website stuff. I am so happy for my baby.
Gunnar inherited Serina's old Cannon. I can use it too, but I always forget bringing it with me. The cellphone is always there, right at hand.
Hope you and Leo are both doing fine.
Yours Felisol

Dear Justin,
You telling how much work you are putting in your Norwegian comments, that makes me appreciate them even more.
I always get the message loud and clear, you might have more trouble in reading my English.
What a nice person you are showing such consideration.
I sure would like to be a customer in your antique store. I feel certain you are likewise polite and service minded to the people you meet in your everyday life,
supposed they behave themselves, that is.
Yours Felisol

Dear Sue Sioux,
nice seeing you again. Serina's doing better and better. I sure hope that for your Joey too.
Boot camps can be really tough stuff.
Gunnar and I have search the net around without finding the word
kicutw. Maybe you have a good American explanation?

Yours Felisol.

Dear Little Pilgrim Pal,
long time, no see!
Are you still so very busy working for your father and walking dogs???
Your in my prayers all the time.
Yours Felisol

Anonymous said...

Hello, sweetie!

I have a few seconds so I am here to say Hello...I miss you terribly...my dad is doing just AWFUL as I type...two nights ago he did great, but now he is in such pain, and is groaning and moaning over it all...it is painful to watch him. I want to leave all this behind and walk forever, but then I would leave my mother, and her sorrow for him is too great to leave her with. She is so discouraged. There is nothing we can do to help. He has tried "everything", and is still un-diagnosed...what more can I say?! We know it is not gout, but what it is, we cannot tell. Only the Great Physician knows, only He can heal him.

Other than that, I am doing well. I am cheerful as usual until my dad comes home, and he brings with him an air of dark despair...it is very sad.

God bless you,

Terry said...

Dear Felisol...I just read on Minerva's profile that Bob Dylan is her favourite singer..
Something in common with you, eh?!

Is everytning alright with you? I haven't heard from you in a couple of days!!..Love Terry

Jim said...

Thanks for the BD wishes! I can't figure out who spilled the beans. It must have been something I said in a comment on someone's blog.

I had intended to run away. That wasn't entirely possible. They even had a pinata party for me there complete with clowns and a lot of kids plus us workers.

Terry said...
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Terry said...

Thanks Felisol for wishing Dad Golden a happy birthday.
You know what?
I put the picture of Dad holding the card that you and the little princess designed into the newspaper.
I will post it tomorrow when it will be Nov. 12 here in Canada..
You are such a special friend Felisol and I love you dearly..Love Terry