Sunday, June 29, 2008


There are good times and bad.
When this summer is over, I hope we can have some happy memories in spite of the bad ones.
On our way home from a night on the beach. Sundown at 11.30.
Can you spot the castle in the land of elves?
On the far side of the sea, midst among sand and rock, sprayed by salt water and howling storms life is growing.
"I often longed, on tiresome roads, out there, to peace."
Gunnar and Serina have different views on the sea.
"When there was only one set of footprints,that's when I carried you."
Gunnar and Serina slowly approaching.
The road constructors have left for today.
New dress, new fireplace, wonderful, sunny day.
Our old fridge had to be condemned in a hurry, due to severe overflow.

Serina posing with the new fridge, 2 meters tall, called the Yeti,
like the snowman monster from Himalaya.
New hat for the tea sipping lady.
The chest of drawers once was in the bedchamber on my grandparents' farm.About thirty people would be gathered there each summer. My one and only baby brother had to sleep in a drawer. Happy memories.
June has not been very warm, but we clothe up and stay outdoors, as soon as the weather is not freezing.
Gunnar built this fireplace for both grilling and bonfire. My trolls are watching from above.
Barbecue is probably the right word.

Glass balls for fishermen's yarns.

After dinner, a short nap for Gunnar.

Doesn't she look lovely in her 5 dollar dress?Monastery brother Ole likes Snoopy too.
I got this booklet in a letter. I hope the size does not matter, he wrote.

Serina brought back souvenir from Hollywood. I humbly accepted the reward.Three ladies celebrating 65, 65 and 85 years' birthdays in June.
40 relatives were assembled in the home of Gunnar's parents, where his sister Sigrid now lives. Photographer Serina.

Preparing the party. Cousines Mary (65) and her sister Doris made wonderful and delicious looking sandwiches by the score.
Second cousines Serina and Anne Line could pass for sisters.
Great aunt Sigrid,(85) has got a lot of class, but also fire. "Mom, she is a wash bomb," exclaimed Serina, when great aunt washed the house in one great blitz.
Snowball is not quite sure what to think of all this energy.
There was a great flee market where we would have loved to have Mom Golden with us.
Gunnar made some bargains.
Fabulous Ruby came home from Vet school in England.
In her spare time she has taken up belly dance. One's got to love that girl!
We had a shrimp party. It was supposed to be a terrace inaugural, but the rain was pouring.
Unlike Jim, we eat first and then the pics are taken. This by GunnarSome brought flowers, some brought wine, but my best friends brought a unisex bathing suit. I am decently dressed, with party clothes under. I AM NOT THAT FAT.

Serina is using a wide angle lens, everybody can see that?
Gunnar had a hard time renovating the terrace.

The shabby edition, Now history.Little aunt Sigrid's choir are going to perform in York.
We were invited for the last rehersal in The Church Of Our Savior here in Haugesund.
A memorable summer's night. (Photo Serina)


Mrs. Mac said...

Your photo opportunity has been worth the wait! What a summer you are having. Birthday parties ... your beloved Serina home from school ... Gunner and his handiwork on the terrace. Love the pic with all the tools under a sleeping Gunner ;) ... The sea must reflect the seasons. Bright and shining during the clear summer sky ... or dark and haunting when a storm rolls in ... very dramatic scenery. Serina found quite a bargain with her five dollar dress, eh? She looks like the princess to the castle in the clouds photo. Hoping you are basking in the present time ... making many memories to warm your heart during the dark winter. Time has a way of keeping happy memories in one's forethought. Much like childbirth pains ... soon forgotten ... painful experience, with a happy ending (most often). Hugs from the North Woods in a land far away across the sea.

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
thank you for not giving up on me.
Our summer is so short, too short for blogging.
The sea and the sky were all that changing within a three hours visit to the beach yesterday.
They say that Haugesund is the only city where one has four kinds of weather in one day!
The shops in city center have big, red umbrellas lent out for free. The one can leave them in the next shop, when the rain has stopped!
We like it, even though we dream of sun and carefree days.
Most are going to south Europe at least once a year.
Yours Felisol

Amrita said...

Wow Felisol, all those pictures are a treat.

I really like your outdoor fireplace.Is it made of stone?

The beach and the terrace party, flea market and the belly dancing all that is such fun.

Wish i could hear Aunt S 's chior.

You unisex bathing suit is very unique.

Gunnar really worked hard so he deserved a good snooze.

The lace table cover looks very beautiful.
Hope your Yeti is keeping everything cold and frozen.LOL

Here its raining cats and dogs. its just too much.

Love, Amrita

Terry said...

Oh my Felisol! Finally the pictures we have been waiting for from the Norwegian princess!
Princess indeed she is in her beautiful white garments! Pure and Innocent!
11:30 and you are just having sun down. In Ontario the sun is settling down for the night at about nine now. I know where Saija lives in my beloved Manitoba, the sun stays up later and when it DOES descend it is so full of color.
Under the dark grey cloud, I can see that the dusky colors of your suns set are covering the castle of the elves like a soft tapestry Felisol.
On the far side of the sea I would be so scared hearing the rumblings of the water , the howling and seeing the giant sprays of water.It would surely frighten me if it wasn't for the fact that you and Gunnar and the fairy princess were with me there!
Oh the next few pictures of the sea, Betty would so enjoy seeing them!
When her and her friend visited Prince Edward Island and Anne of Green Gables, Betty's first wish was to visit the ocean and to walk out into it and to leap right into its frothy waters!.She was not interested in touring the buildings or going to plays. Her only desire was the mighty sea.
The happiest pictures we have of her from that trip are of her in her little flowered red dress as she was jumping into the waves!
Oh I will have to print these sea pictures for her.
When I clicked on to enlarge them, they gave me such a feeling of dread.
So huge, and so endless that cold body of water!
And the deserted "workmen" vehicles!
Gunnar and Serina seem to just be part of that sea.
Oh your poor fridge. I am so glad that you placed all the treasures back on the doors.
It would have been so bare looking and unloved if you hadn't.
One time our blogging friend Sabine, from out west had a contest to see who had the nicest fridge door. Well I had sure a messy one laden with pictures and a lot of junk on the top of the fridge.
One of the rules of the game was that we were to take the picture just as it was when we got the contest. We were not allowed to change anything. Soooo.... I went over to Mom Golden's and took a picture of her fridge door! Of course I never won the contest...not with my cheating and all!.. Ha!!
Oh Felisol! Well do I remember Mom Golden's dresser chest drawers of babies. Out west there were so many kids and so few bedrooms that that is where David and Karen were put and poor Mom Golden had to make the dining room over into a bedroom for her and Dad Golden.
Too bad that you and Mrs.. Mac are having such cool weather but not to worry, I think July will be a lot hotter!
I just love fire places and bon fires!
At least with your cool weather, you will be able to sit in front of a bon fire and not have to worry about mosquitoes. eh?
I guess all of the festivities were too much for the King of the castle Felisol. He needs his rest!
That tea sipping princess is drinking out of a china cup just like the one that you are saving for me. I am going to tell Mrs. Mac to set aside a pretty cup for me also, when we go to her place for a cuppa' tea.
Serina is holding her fingers just right!
Well I would like to comment about Snoopy [Snoopy IS cute but he doesn't compare to Adi!] and the rest of the pictures but I have a big job cut out for me tonight so I will be leaving. Besides all of this rambling on is nothing compared to the writings of Mrs. Mac and Amrita. Oh they have such a way with words, and know exactly where to place them to make a pretty picture that I just feast my eyes on.....
Speaking of princesses did you know that Amrita is our precious Indian Princess and speaking of royalty did you know there is a toad in Mrs. Mac's garden that needs a kiss so that he will turn into a Prince?
And speaking of princes did you know that the Snow Queen there refuses to spare even one smooch?!!!
Not a pretty sight!
Take care...Love Terry

PS I will come back when time allows me and ramble some more!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

So ... I have to travel half way 'round the world to read Miss Terry's take on my smooching, eh ;) ... I did read at her place that there is a certain birthday girl that you will be visiting ... best birthday wishes sent her way from the North Woods.

Saija said...

i am so glad you have been having such a great time with family & friends ... i so enjoyed your pics ... and like everyone else, i'm so happy you shared your life so generously with the rest of us, your blog buds ...:o)

((hugs)) from Canada ...

Renae said...

Felisol, whenever I visit here, I end up spending way more time than I have to spend! But I just love all of your pictures. Yes, Serina is a Norwegian Princess. There is no other word to describe her beauty.

I love the terrace! Why don't you all get out of that cold. You can make a trip to Texas and Gunnar can redo my patio. ;-) It is hot, hot here.

Yes, Serina is beautiful in her $5 dress. She would be beautiful in a potato sack.

Love the bathing suit. Love the gal in the bathing suit. ;-)

Thanks for the pictures. They always make me smile.

By the way, Chloe is responding positively to the medicine.

Love you!


Terry said...

Now Renae...You know that the King of the castle, Gunnar is very tired!
May I give a suggestion to you?
That Mr. Jim lives right in your neck of the woods and he is having a nice holiday.
He will be so rested when he gets back on the 13th, that he and Adi will gladly come and redo your patio....What say?.....Love Terry

Ps You had better have a whole lot of sardine sandwiches to feed Mr.Jim and a bunch of hot dog buns for Adi!...ha!!

Renae said...

Terry, Tell them to come on over! I'll fire up the grill for a good 'ol Texas Bar-B-Q!

jel said...

flybyhugging :)

Sue Seibert said...

Felisol, these photos are wonderful. I love all of the ones of Serina and Gunnar...and you in the unisex swimsuit. Love and God's blessings all all of you!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
thank you for visiting. I hope things are getting better during the rain season in North India.
We have some rain every week or so, but then the weather will change and we get some sunny days in between.
That's our kind of summer.

The fireplace is made of concrete elements. I think Gunnnar had a tough time carrying them....through our living room!
So now he for sure deserves some quiet days. Sometimes in the future.

I like the lace tablecloth too. It's old and it's handmade, and I am ruining it by washing and drying it in the machine.
Silly me.

Our Yeti has become a beloved member of the household. No more running up and down in the cellar, the Yeti has anything in his big stomach, from dinners, wines, ice cream, bread and milk.
It only has to be filled up once in a while.
I am afraid I am guilty of making the whole family overeating. Like my Mom, I cannot manage to make just enough dinner for one meal. The leftovers only rarely survives till the next day.

Dearest Terry,
I guess the Almighty made it right to let us see more of the sun in the summer, since we have to go through the dark winter months.
Just now I will not think of that, just live in the moment and enjoy.
I thought Manitoba was further north than Ontario, and that Saija perhaps had more like midnight sun??
In my thought I have placed her there, maybe because she originally comes from Finland.
I guess it was in the southern part of Finland and that makes a huge difference.

I do think you would like to love the ocean, prairie girl. Most do. The living, ever changing, talking, life bringing sea.

I already had a bath late one night, with full clothes on. That was a sight for soar eyes. Maybe I'll blog it.

I certainly had to place the good memories back on Yeti. Love and wisdom are what I have collected there. Brother Ole saying "people need more goodness than they deserve," and "don't fill your life with years; fill your years with life." He's well reflected, the good munch.

I for certain can imagine Mom Golden's dresser chest with babies in the drawers. My grandmom also had nine children and the chest was hers. I think my granddad brought it back from Montana in his youth. They sailed with big America ships back then, no airplanes with overweight to care about.
Actually I don't think big houses have made us happier. So many elderly walking around in their over furnished rooms with no people in them.
I like your parents house with all the pictures hanging on the wall; memories of a rich life.

I don't worry about mosquitoes, I just place a plant called "pors" on the terrace, and the bloodsucking buggers fly elsewhere.
I'm so looking forwards to visiting Mrs. Mac. Every detail in her home is chosen and placed with such elaborate care.
(I guess I'd have to bring my own cup. I'm the slippery kind, tending to break fine china.)
Guess Adi has the most beautiful eyes I ever seen, and I suspect her of being as wise and cunning as good ol' Snoopy!
I also have a frog in my garden, only Serina will not kiss it.
I'm always saying one's got to kiss a lot of frogs to catch a prince. maybe it's better settling for someone more ordinary. Princes tend to be somewhat spoiled.
Not so with my princess. Hmm.

Dear Mrs. Mac,
you cannot blame a girl for trying(!)
We had a wonderful, but simple celebration of my Mom's birthday up in the mountains.
Best birthday ever, my Mom said.
I think she never imagined to see that old hut again.
Birthday wishes were passed and many happy returns from my Mom.

Dear Saija,
unlike you I cannot take pics. Your halo and stormsky pics are artwork.
I just flip my Nokia cellphone and catch the moment. No fancy equipment, no light and shadow thinking, no nothing; snapshot might that be the word?
Hugs back to you & Leo.

Dear Renae,
hope you don't give up on me commenting all the nice words given. You are always to fast with your lap-top and inspiring with encouraging communication.
I don't quite get how you are managing all your writing and commentating as well. Being a pastor's wife sure must take its time and efforts as well.
I sometimes watch the series 7ths Heaven and think of you..Then being this exiting author just as a sideshow to all your daily Martha's tasks.
I am looking forward to each new chapter of Esther's story.
Hoping for a soon recover...
I guess Gunnar would gladly help you with your patio, if you provide him with a hammock..
Jim, on the other hand, being an engineer, will gather his wild bunch a get the work done before Bar-BQ time. I don't think he'd settle for sardine sandwiches only.
Half his blog is about eating and eating well. Not much though, the family is looking fit for both work and golfing.

Dear Jel,
nice to be seeing you, a fairy in my summer garden..

Dear Sioux Sue,
long time no see!
I guess I should have a beach party to inaugurate my swimsuit.
I fear it might be a bit heavy to actually swim in, but one never knows.
I have Joey in my thoughts, and you as well.

Love and hugs from Felisol
P.S.anyone happens to be at Las Vegas Hilton from Monday on, be free to say hello to brother Kel. He'll be staying there at fortnight, playing bridge.
You simply can't miss that long, thin bearded guy.

Jim said...

Hi Felisol -- I'm thinking you might be in California now. I can't remember when this all will happen. I do hope you guys are alright.

I hope you have some time for blog surfing. We have been out of pocket, going to Nebraska (for Blogstock '08) and then to Colorado (visited our next door neighbors who live there in the summers, and took them a car to stay over there). I am in the process of posting about that.
I did post a little from on the road.

You and Terry are making me hungry for a sardine sandwich, maybe I'll make one for supper tonight. And visit Renae's blog first.

Felisol said...

Dear Jim,
daughter Serina was in Calif with her schoolmates. We, the old ones, are staying by the tents.
I have followed your journey to and from Blogstock. Think I left a word there as well.

I do wonder, was you ever at the real thing. Back in my head I remember you telling something about staying in New York in your youth?
Give my best to Renae. She's a seldom rose.
From Felisol