Tuesday, June 03, 2008


"Never did I realize that all those days that came and went were life itself,"an elderly lady said looking back.
I guess that's what I'm trying to do with my blog.Writing about those days that are my life.
Not many knows that the copper the Statue of Liberty is made of comes from Norway. A French owned copper mine near Haugesund provided all the material for the giant gift from France.
Aunt Lilly's husband worked in that copper mine all his life. Now he's dead and the mine has since long been turned into a museum.
The statue I'm posing by,is an American silicon replica brought over the Atlantic by Norwegian/American fishermen.

The great Skypainter doing a new masterpiece by the Whale.The district where we live is called Whaleae. Maybe after the formation on the ness or because the bay was used to catch whales in long, long time ago.
May 10th friend Turid celebrated her 60th birthday in a chocolatespa in Riga.The rest of the Gang of Four went up to decorate her house for her homecomming.
Aunt Lily has been hospitalized once more. An inflammation in her forehead forces her to use strong medication, cortisone, but she keeps smiling and is a source of joy to all of us.
My herb garden is already sprung into flowers. Fresh cut in salad they are healthbombs.
My two garden angles and a frog waiting for a kiss to turn into the prince on a white horse.
Flower girl under the clematis, God's own garden curtains.
At the peak of Haugesund's tallest mountain. my legs were aching for three days afterwards. To my left the third biggest glacier of Norway, Folgefonna may be vaguely spotted.
God's summer curtains from our livingroom.
The lilies and tulips from may are long gone. The Forget-me-nots are still praying their humble wish.
The Rhododendron is flooding over the terrace.
The Clematis,the Redbells and the Icelandic lava are almost hiding the steps up to the terrace.

Gunnar looking for food after a late "sundown tour".
When Norwegian eyes are smiling. At Sola beach hotel, waiting for dinner and Bob Dylan.
The hotel is a well hidden local secret. Here a wedding feast just outside the dining room. Wonder if Jim's son ever was here? It even has a small golfcourse.
This was the third Bob Dylan concert Gunnar, Serina and I attended together. First when she was three, second a her age of fourteen, and this time she was twenty. Nice tradition we intend to follow as long as the never ending tour keeps rolling.

Serina having a good time in the middle of a rather civilized crowd, in her own words.
I was rather annoyed with the drunken young monkey men.I managed to shuffle them away though and give them a suitable elbow while stumbling on.
Gunnar, all calm and focused,but never letting his daughter out of sight.
Dylan played for two hours, so cool jazzing and rocking the time out of mind.
He was in a remarkable good mood, even did encores.
The beach outside our hotel window.
I cannot think of a better lullaby than the rhythmic rolling of the sea.

Half of me is from this landscape, Jaeren. We had to visit the Old Vicarage at Haa. There're always interesting exhibitions in the mighty stone age grave landscape.
Norwegian and Russian fairytales were themes this summer.
The new barn had weird weavings displayed for sale.
Outside no shore, but roll stone graves from the stone age.
Dylan is right again, no moss on a rolling stone.
The mighty high sky brilliantly painted.
My mother's favorite brother Leif (they were nine siblings)living in the immediate neighborhood the place he was born.

He and my aunt Olaug are the most hospitable persons I know of. My uncle just out of the hospital and my aunt in severe arthritic pains. No way we were allowed to leave without a proper meal!

Just now Gunnar is working hard to transfer our terrace from shabby to chick before our long advertised garden party.
If the weather will continue to stay so extraordinary warm and sunny, we'll have the day of the year.


Amrita said...

REALLY ENJOYED THE SUMMER PHOTOS. The flowers and trees are so pretty. NORWAY IS such a beautiful country.

Serina looks so pretty as ever.

YOU LOOK GREAt with Miss liberty.

Jim said...

Hi Felisol -- If that golf course was within commuting distance of Stavenger then Mitch probably golfed there.

I like your garden angels, we need some. And there is someone else in the background waiting for the prince's horse :-) !

This post was most interesting, I know it didn't go on very quickly.

Isn't that Gunnar wonderful in getting things ready for the garden party!
"I went to a garden party
To reminisce with my old friends
A chance to share old memories
And play our songs again
When I got to the garden party
They all knew my name
No one recognized me
I didn’t look the same

But it’s all right now
I learned my lesson well
You see, ya can’t please everyone
So ya got to please yourself


People came from miles around
Everyone was there
Yoko brought her walrus
There was magic in the air
‘N’ over in the corner
Much to my surprise
Mr Hughes hid in "Dylan’s shoes
Wearing his disguise

But it’s all right now
I learned my lesson well
You see, ya can’t please everyone
So ya got to please yourself"

Rick Nelson, R.I.P, a big fan of "Bob Dylan.

Vicki said...

It's so nice to come here and visit with you. I enjoy so much all your photos and love your Norwegian home!
(didn't know that about the statute of Libert). How is Selina doing these days? She glows with your beauty.

I had to smile about the Bob Dylan concert...I went to only one, and that was many years ago!

Sending hugs across the pond,
Your friend,

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I think you are right; Norway at her best is beautiful. This year she has superseded herself by bringing us sun and lovely weather for 5 continuous weeks.
From what I have seen on TV and read India is our superior by far.
Flowers, rivers, seas, majestic mountains and rich landscapes. Besides the enormous cities and a flood of well educated youth, finding their way even to our remote and cold part of the world.
Indian doctors, nurses and IT personal are highly respected here.
I think Norway has less wealth but also less poverty, we are so very mediocre.
The same goes for our climate.
Nevertheless life has been good these summer days, and even better when I manage to stay content with what I've got.
I should for sure like to take you here for a tour, just for relaxation.
Serina is the Jewel in my crown, but she is a bit torn and worn these days.

Dear Jim,
I am not sure if that golf course along the beach is of American standard. There is an American community in Stavanger with their own schools, churches etc, I'm sure they have a better golf course as well. Not in those unique surroundings though.
The prewar Sola Beach Hotel is situated just seven minutes drive from the airport.

Our garden party will have only old, dear and familiar friends gathered.
No chance of experiencing the Rick Nelson trauma,-I hope.
I have a few tacks of Mr. Nelson covering Dylan, they're good.
I have my best Rick Nelson memories from my very early teens, listening to this yellow records on a portable player in the dark.
"Lonesome Town" and "Sweeter than you" were my favorites.
I was very romantic and sentimental, Mary Lou did not touch my feelings in the same way. Too jolly and what a name.
I certainly could never identify with an other girls name. "You" could be anyone. It might even be me.

Dear Vicki,
thank you for stopping by.
I am afraid that Gunnar and Serina find my pictures very plain.
I'm clicking away with my cellphone camera, it's always at hand, easy and uncomplicated.
Serina just was accepted for two years study at a photo school, she's planning to compose a bachelor's degree with writing and photo as main subjects.
Hopefully she'll find a place to live while studying. In Norway students are responsible for getting their own accommodations while going to school. Rich parents buy their kids apartments. We are not that wealthy.

Hope you are doing fine and that life is easy in the summertime to you too.

From Felisol

Terry said...

Dear Felisol...the older we get the more we look back to those precious memories of the past and we try to hold on to them tightly and keep them.
Just the last little while, I have had more time on my hands and have been going through old photo albums.
I remember when I turned twelve and was finally allowed to baby-sit outside the home, that I used to use all of my earnings to buy film for the old brownie camera that I had swiped from Mom and Dad Golden. There were not many pictures taken of the first four children in my family but I took so many pictures, once I had that camera that Mom Golden filled several photo books with them all. I have never had any regrets about taking that camera. After all Mom and Dad Golden were far too busy working and looking after nine kids to be taking pictures!
Please do keep writing such good posts Felisol and putting in such nice pictures. That one of you and your Dad was just awesome! When you make the picture bigger and look at it, is not hard to notice the double dimples on your Dad's cheek and the twinkle in his eyes! Your mom must of taken that picture.

It is right that you should be proud of Norway that they produced the copper to make the Statue of Liberty, Felisol.
And just to think Aunt Lilly's husband, your uncle worked in that mine!
Do you know who Terry Fox is?
He was a young Canadian boy who had cancer and he decided to run across Canada to raise money. He had lost one leg to that terrible disease. In the 143 days that he took on that trip he ran 3339 miles. When he reached Thunder Bay, he became really ill and there ended his trip. Well they made a nice statue of him there in Thunder Bay and the cement base that they put the statue on was made in Welland at one of our cement factories. I was really proud of Welland at that time.
And so you should be proud of your Norway.

I wonder why the people would catch whales Felisol? They are such beautiful animals...so majestic!
I hope that you don't mind if I use this picture for Dad Golden's father's day card.
I was going to use the one I put Mom into but this will be different. although I did kind of tell Dad Golden that I would put his picture in the same one as Mom and he was kind of pleased, It is almost like you are looking at them from the far side of the sea....so maybe I will stick with that plan.

I never heard you speak if Turid before but I won't forget her name now. Betty just turned 60 this year too and she doesn't even look it.
Who are the other two in the gang of four?Is one of them Liv?
I feel so bad about your auntie Lily. I pray that she will get well and that she will have a happy summer,the poor dear!
She DOES have a nice smile!

Are you growing those herbs for the salad that you are going to make me? Yummy! Is there garlic growing in there somewhere? NOT yummy!! Ha!!

Gee that pretty little princess doesn't have to kiss no frog! Her prince will be riding on a white horse in God's good time and she doesn't have to go kissing frogs!

Oh what a beautiful sight![your princess is] I might just have to steal this picture some frosty Friday..
I wish that I could do a little climbing Felisol, but my legs have been so weak lately that sometimes I can barely walk.
I used to love to go with Bernie on the motorcycle out west to the mountains. You would ride on a curving road and when you looked to the sides the cliffs there was just a shear drop. So exciting!
You sound like my favourite author, LM Montgomery when you write like this Felisol. That is something that she would have said.
Our tulips didn't last too long this year but I am really surprised that the lilacs are still flowering and they smell so nice!

The Rhododendron... The name of THAT flower is a mouth full Felisol but they sure are pretty!
It must be sooo nice with all these blossoms and it must smell sooo spring!
Gunnar DOES look starved. He is so thin he can eat whatever he wants!
Just like Mom Golden can!
I took Mom Golden out for a tea and pie tonight and that little lady can stuff all the goodies in that she wants and still weigh 92 soaking wet!
She had the pie but I had the tea!
Oh sooo exciting Felisol! Wasn't it just Bob Dylan's birthday on the 24th of May? Did you guys get his autograph?
Never mind Jim's son being there! The feasts that that Mr.Jim goes to, I wouldn't doubt that HE has been here!
You are so fortunate that Serina loves Bob Dylan Felisol. All of Betty's kids hung around their mom so much, that they all love the 50's music and they all love the old love movies!
Ha!!! You didn't do no such thing Felisol.You couldn't hurt a flea!!!
Man is that girl ever pretty though, eh?
Yeh! I would just like to see any of those guys getting out of step. They would have to deal with Daddy for sure!
It is a nice beach Felisol but if I was by myself I would be afraid. Whenever Dad Golden would take us to the beach, I would always wear my shoes when I went in the water because I hated to step on the fishes..
Betty would have been interested in your little tour Felisol. If there was lots of people to see, I would like it too.
I used to read every fairy tale book I could get my hands on. I guess if I had the time, I still would enjoy reading them.
Some shiny barn THIS is!! Good enough to live in!
What are roll stone graves Felisol?
Yes no better artist than God Himself..Such a stunning picture!
Nice picture! How many are still living Felisol?
My mom lost her last uncle this week. She only has two aunts left. It is sad growing older and losing so much family!
Nice picture! How many are still living Felisol?
My mom lost her last uncle this week. She only has two aunts left. It is sad growing older and losing so much family!
It looks like your aunt Olauf not only knows how to cook a proper meal, she uses the right kind of cups...China!!!
Tea always tastes better from a china cup!

Bernie transferred our house plants out to the front veranda and all but one of them died. He used to have a green thumb! Maybe the reason they died though was because of the cool nights.
When the weather gets a bit warmer, Bernie will plant tons of impatience flowers. That's the only flowers that we plant because they really spread good and last well past September!
This is not hard looking after and that gives us lots of time to go for burnt toast and coffee!

Really like this post Felisol...Good night my dear friend and Aunt Lily is in my prayers...Love Terry

Saija said...

God has placed you in a nordic garden of eden ... lovely photos! really enjoyed looking at the pics ...

and your little family ... it is nice to see families getting along like that ...

you always make me smile ... and my heart thrill with the photos!

blessings on you ...

p.s. and you got to see dylon again - how cool!

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

HI Felisol, it's been a while since I've popped by your blog....beautiful pictures!!

Julie (little missionary)

Mrs. Mac said...

You are very fortunate to have five weeks of nice weather. We still have rain ... but hopefully, if the weatherman is correct, we should have nicer weather by Friday. Other parts of the country (USA) are having terrible heat and flooding so I can't complain too much. I've been enjoying watching the wild birds that are making a feast from our bird feeders. Today I saw a most unusual large yellow fellow ... he caught my interest for quite some time. Please post pictures of your garden party and how Gunner trimmed away the overgrowth. Never once went to a Bob Dylan concert ... and you've been to three ;) ... enjoy your garden, family, life, and your beautiful corner of the world. Hugs

Curious Servant said...

Thanks for the kind comment, Elise!

Not sure what a chocolate spa is, but I bet it is good!

I haven't seen Dylan in a very long time (though I have all his albums). The last time I saw him was with the Grateful Dead. He seemed pretty drunk. Hope he is better now.

Nice checking in on you!



Anonymous said...

Felisol -- Mrs. Jim left for golfing about 30 minutes ago. She may have had a recipe.

I did what Dr. Jim of Ask Dr. Jim (blog) would do, I Googled snickers cake recipe and got this. Some sounded pretty good, why don't you look at them an 'just pick one.'

Please beware, I see that today, Friday the 13th (June) is Kitchen Klutzes of America Day. I wouldn't dare try making that cake today here in Texas, it may be OK to do it where you live.
I hope this helps, Dr. Jim
p.s. You can publish this comment or not. But I am going to use it for my Ask Dr. Jim column Q & A. If you really object I will pull it off there. I won't use your name or blog URL unless you tell me to.

Jim said...

Hi Felisol

Perhaps you would like my e-mail address. It is

Terry has it if you forget. Or you can leave a comment (if you lose my address). and within half day I normally check and could pull it off of there.

I do hope you can make your cake. I am not supersticous but I suppose there is a 'Friday the 13th Day' cake. I will Google that before I write my column.


Laura said...

I really enjoyed the flower pictures, especially the clematis. It's one of my favourites, I have one at my house, but yours is just so grand!!

Renae said...

Loved the pictures so much. I would give almost anything for one of your fresh herb salads!

Thank you for prayers for Chloe.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
thank you so much for your long comment. I love bloggers who have something on their heart that in some way makes my thoughts spin further.

About photo:
My Dad had several hobbies, amongst them photographing. He had an old cam and during ww2 when everything was rationalized he would even change old records for films.-He was a music lover too.
For my confirmation I got some money and my dad persuaded me to buy a Germaan camera.
It is still alive, but not in use.
Guess I never had the eye for taking sharp shots, but my cellphone cam is evidently always there, and I like to catch moments to remember.
Gunnar was always a more passionate photographer and he would buy Serina cameras and take her along for photo sessions.
Now Serina has developed skills beyond her Dad, and may even make a living from her dad's hobby.
Isn't that a good thing how when sharing, we might happen give the young ones values for the future.
I bet you never was out of motives with all your siblings. I also see the joy and skills you posses because of having worked so long with your camera. All of the Pilgrims have been blessed by you being so generously sharing your artistic compositions. Thank you once more for spreading sunshine in our lives.
I guess you too are making a small buck, being a wedding photographer. Cool.

About the whales. The Norwegian climate does not allow us to grow enough food to feed enough domestic animals for the population to survive. Even though we for long have been a nation of tradesmen and skilled sailors, it's only for about the last 70 years the logistics skills have allowed us to import food from all over the world.
When the old vikings were lucky enough to catch and chase a whale into a bay, the whole society was
supplied with meat and oil for the long winter months. Even the skeleton was used for making domestic tools etc.
Today there's still a food shortage on world basis. people are starving to death. The whales are ranging relatively high in the food chain. They eat fish as cod,mackerel. herring and others, and such empty the coast for valuable food supply.
Yes they are mighty and pretty, but nevertheless they should be used for food as should deers, moose, seals and so on. God gave us animals for food, not for pleasure. What we should not do, is killing for sports or slay so many that the species are threatened.
God for certain did not create cage hens as our only mean of food supply. I strongly oppose to cage animals, living as industry animals with no respect for quality of life.

If you red my blog thoroughly you'll find that Turid is broadly represented through many years. I have do start this label thing ,I suppose. March and April this year you'll find her.
Turid is and has been in my life for 31 years. She's a former colleague, a locomotive when it comes to activities, hiking,traveling, painting,fishing, baking and hobby work of any kind. She has been seriously ill many times,(cancer, brain stroke, artificial hip, loss of a finger and so on and on) but never consider the possibility of surrender.
Like the dandelion she's popping up from her sick-bed with a new idea and always more guts than ever.
Easy to say I simply cannot let go of her.
Gang of four is Turid, Mia, Elisabeth and me humble self. We've fought, cried, celebrated together for about 30 years.
Liv and Gjertrud are a good "new" friends for about 15 years. We've been swimming, hiking, sharing hobby interests and family ups and downs.
What a gift.

If you click on the pic looking out from the barn, you will see what we call roll-stones.
They are cabbage to watermelon sized stones brought out the the sea when the ice melted some 10 000 years ago. (The entire Norway was covered in ice back then.)
Now they're rolling around along parts of the shore, never gathering any moss, used by the stone-age men for making huge graves.
Mighty sight.

I am sorry for you not loving the ocean. It's so mighty and full of beauty and life. I remember Serina was a bit frightened when she first met with the mighty, open sea. We went along the beach for a while, she then dipped one foot, then the other in the soft sand and let the water roll over her feet.
"Oh, Mom, isn't life wonderful," she excalimed.
When in California she was at the very beach where a man was killed by a white shark. That did not frighten her off. Next day they visited another beach (names??) where an old hippie taught them bodysurfing. "Awesome,ma", she commented to my yeeking.
Wish you were here. No sharks or other danger whatsoever.

You never seize to impress me. Knowing dear Dylan's birthday.
That is my Terry.

Now I sincerely hope that youo have engaged your doc to help fixing your legs.
It's so tiresome not being able to use the apostle's horses.
Bicycling is known to be a good thing, whether you use a nowheel edition, or enjoy riding the real thing. Nothing like a summer's day
on a cycleabout. Just you ask Saija.
And it's healthy as a bonus.
Take care, my dear. We'll talk more ,-soon.
From yours Felisol

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
Yeah, I guess we are blessed. I also guess that adversity is a much stronger glue than a life on the sunny side.
my grandma used to say, "it takes a strong back to carry only good days."
Think you and Leo can sign to that as well!
I do enjoy the good days though, the ones so hot I can go with bare feet on my tiled kitchen floor at night.
..and the scenting flowers and the rare feeling of being light and free as a bird.
From Felisol

Dear Julie, Little Big Missionary,
nice hearing from you.
Guess you are all tided up, packing and moving by now.
I send you my blessings and expect things to turn out well. New job and everything.
Yours Felisol

Dears Mrs. Mac,
I think you've sent the rain from Oregon over the sea.
We've had a gray sky for a week now, not much rain though, only 12 Celsius degrees and that is not my idea of a summer.
God must be tired of me, we've had six wonderful weeks before that, so that many canceled their "going South" tickets.
Our pines are still standing with a most wonderful Blackbird concerting every night.
Hopefully it will last.

Dear CS,
I've never tried a chocolate spa either, but friend Turid said it sounded better than it felt, being massaged in liquid chocolate.
She recommended hot stone massage and bathing in clay!!
They are old baths from East Europe and have been in use for some centennials.
Now people from the west are highly welcomed as well.

Dylan & the Dead were a bad combination some twenty years ago.
This time He was in top shape rocking and jazzing with a phenomenal band.
The audience were captured from the first tune (Rainy Day Women)
and we were singing along for more than two hours. Wish you were here. Truly. This man has given so much of himself, he's playing his life and it's a wonder that he's still here.
I am followig up on you and your family, even if I don't write that much. You are always in my prayers.
From Felisol

Dear dr. Jim,
I tried writing some for the Dr. Jim post, but that vanished into thin air.
Must have been the data klutz' day as well.
My dear friend Liv came out of the blue and offered to make a Daijm cake for the party. Huge success.
One really don't need to be clever, if only one's friend are. I am blessed with four five star cook friends. Got a cream cake with strawberries and marchpane cover from Turid and had bought four ice cakes myself, so we were well covered.

Dear Laura,
thank you for visiting.
We all love our Clematis. My Mom found it lying on the ground eight years ago. She has green thumbs, and ever since it has kept growing. I give it some hen manure and a sack of enriched soil every spring, and what a reward we get. That's why we call it God's summer curtains.
From Felisol

Dear Renae,
your welcome anytime for fresh herbs and a good cup of coffee. We are coffee lovers as well.

Only a stone hearted human would not be engaged in the wellbeing of poor, little Chloe.
When a baby has a liver transplant any mother would bend knees, don't you think.
I am so happy that she's doing better every day.
From Felisol

Jim said...

Felisol, find Lyme borreliose here:
I'm glad you got some cakes. Watch out next year for the Klutz Day.
A lady told me I should have a 'Man Bag' until men started carrying purses a whole lot.

I don't know what happened to the question. I have comment moderation and should get a notice. I'll let you know if there is one and I just didn't know about it.
If you hear nothing, it vanished into the ether.

Renae said...

Felisol, I was scrolling back through the pictures and I remembered! I had clematis in my wedding bouquet, 17 years ago! Clematis, white roses, and baby's breath. The florist got pearl-head straight pins, and inserted them in the centers of each of the clematis, to give each flower a pearl center. It was so pretty - I remember being taken aback at how pretty it was. God is so good, and He cares even about what will make a little bride smile on her wedding day.

Terry said...

Dear Felisol
I have written you a couple of letters but my server seems to be acting up I had to do the same thing to Mrs. Mac...just write to her blog instead.
I was just wondering how everything is going with you guys.
Let me know OK?...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Jim,
in my next post I'll bring a June bug picture of our June bug, the borrelia.

Dera Renae,
I've been making some investigation about yor herbs. Sending then\m by mail as soon as I can.

Dear Terry, thank you for you letter. Will be answering as soon as I can.Probably tomorrow.
Love yours Felisol