Saturday, September 06, 2008


“The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories.”

The heather blossoming, the rose hips ripe for harvesting.
For three months I have hardly been out with my friends. Now the time allowed me to participate on the Tuesday hikes again.
Did I feel blessed even if the rain was pouring.

Tilly, Turid and Liv well equipped for a stroll in autumn scenery.
There's no hurrying. Inhaling the odours of the clean air, bending down to examine, taste, feel; lots of laughing and talking. Picking blueberries and eating, recalling childhood memories, whilst moving slowly forwards.
No competition, just sharing in perfect harmony.
We went along on hill tops and along the shore side. I picked lots of sea shells for my garden.Liv had planned it all perfectly. Even brought wood for a bonfire in the lavvo (that is a hut or a tent with an open roof to let the smoke out).
There are at least ten lavvos in the outskirts of the town and on the island. Kindergartens, schools, scouts and ordinary hikers are free to use the lavvos whenever they want.
The community is even providing raindeer fur for us to sit on. and even though adelossents often will use the lavvo in the evenings, there's supprisingly little damage.
We, the elderly women enjoyed our tea, coffee and sanwitches for almost an hour, before we called it a day.
"Oh gift of God,
oh, perfect day,
whereon shall no man work but play,
wheron it is enough to me,
not to be being,
but to be."


Jim said...

I guess those three months don't count with your best things that come in threes?
Looks like you all were having a lot of fun. I never did do field hiking except when I was a kid and played in the fields.
Have a nice week.

Felisol said...

Dear Jim,
you are right. Real friends do not lose contact, never. (Besides we had met and spoken on the phone. Just these wonderful, weekly hikes I was not able to participate in.)
Guess your golfing might count for a field hike, or what?
I would have missed the blueberries and the flower-picking though..
Bless your week too.
From Felisol

Maria's Space said...

This looks like a wonderful way to spend time with friends.

Mrs. Mac said...

What a grand day to be in the company of dear friends, sharing a warm cup of tea ... munching of shared food . ... warmed by a nice fire and heartfelt conversation! The reindeer fur is a great bonus to sit upon, eh??? You have indeed been blessed with a generous 'rainbow' from the Lord. Your Ruby Tuesday picture is well composed ...even if it's taken with your cell phone. What a rich red beauty it is. Hugs from the North Woods

Renae said...

OH, what a rich life you have! But then again, so do I. This season of my life doesn't include hikes with friends; instead, it has sticky fingers and messy kisses and wonderful snuggles which I know will soon be gone. I am trying to relish the season while it is here.

Felisol said...

what a beautiful name for a blog.
Yes we have found our way to talk, walk, explore nature and history in an easy and profound friendship.
I feel blessed.

Dear Mrs. Mac,
wonderful thing is that we keep growing sharing losses, pains as well as joking and laughter.
The longer we stick together, the stronger the bonds are getting.
Again; I am blessed.

Dear Renae,
for every thing there is a season.
I think no one would trade our time home with our children for the world.
Sharing is such a wonderful thing though.
I have known Turid, one of the hikers, from the time she had 3 children at home 31 years ago, through sickness and in health, death and divorces, getting a daughter of my own 20 years ago, through work,
traveling, ups and downs, to her and the other becoming proud grandmothers.
Our friendships have lasted longer than many marriages.
Again; I am blessed, for sure I am.
From Felisol

Unknown said...

Loved your photo essay and your warm portrayal of your friends.
And the ending poem says it all!
Aren't we blessed, at this stage of our lives, with so many amazing women friends?
They are the staple and the spice of my life!
PS: We have a mutual friend: Renae :)

Felisol said...

Dear Jlo,
it's week-end and I am visiting my Mom.
I briefly went over to your places and checked out your blogs. Next week, when i have more time, I'll be back. There were so many things
I found interesting.
Thank you for visiting.
I'll "see" you, soon.
From Felisol