Monday, September 01, 2008


Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.
I am only human. I admit like shopping. I also like to make a bargain now and then, like I have not been out spending money, but actually saving...
Who am I fooling? Certainly not my hubby.
The only shop he'll follow me shopping is the Salvation Army's store. He's steering straight to the books. I, after long of hesitation, also buy clothes.
This rubyrosed dress I found just a couple of months ago. It is actually a tiny bit too small, so I did not buy it first time. I kept dreaming of it, solid cotton fabric and those thick ivory laces both on the dress and the shawl.
My daughter said she could help me change it, so I dived in. Bought it. Serina, when she should rip it open, noticed the label. She blogged it and found that Liberty of London was an English made fabric from the seventies, used by famous designers.

The antique lover in me spoke. Now i wear the dress with pride, but always with a jacket, to hide the half open zipper.
Morale; recycling is good, bright, googling daughters even better.
Double click to see the dress properly.


Gemma Wiseman said...

What a fascinating post! And that first pic is so romantic! I agree with you! The material is glorious!

Jim said...

Hi Felisol, that is a beautiful dress you found. Serina did good finding the antique (or almost antique) heritage of the cloth for you. :-)

Leora said...

It's lovely material. My mother would have loved that dress! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

MyMaracas said...

It's a beautiful dress, so romantic with its flower and lace, and you can see the quality of the fabric even over the internet. Lucky, smart you to find such a treasure!


Mojo said...

Love the photo, but I gotta ask abotu this "googling daughters". Umm... what??

Or do I want to know?

Great shot!

Ralph said...

This picture is of styles not seen in the USA. The house and red tiles in the roof is old-world, and stylish. The dress is different and old-world as well.

The referenced to 'old' means that it is of true style and class, not faddish. Just good looking!

Mimi Lenox said...

That is one awesome post. This blog has a nice peaceful stepping in cool waters.

I am here.

Anonymous said...

Oh I really love finding treasures like these. the fabric is great...

Anonymous said...

That's a terrific story. What a great find. I can see why you enjoy wearing the dress. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Norm said...

what a lovely dress! looks's mine sweetnorms and travelnorms..

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures and beautiful dress.

Amrita said...

That dress is very pretty.You look really nice in it.Good you bought it.

Anonymous said...

Liberty fabrics are beautiful.

♥ Denise BC ♥ said...

Hi, Felisol
I love the fabric, is wonderful, like the prints of flowers, but recycling is very very important.
Ruby wonderful.
hugs, Denise

Dianne said...

the top pic is like a postcard!!

you should frame it and sell copies to pay for more lovely dresses :)

the material is wonderful

Raven said...

Gorgeous dress! Glad you bought it. Nice red shoes to go with it too. And what a lovely spot to be photographed. It really must be nice to have a talented googling daughter to help you out. Fun post.

Mrs. Mac said...

Great find ... Your photo tour was, again, wonderful to spy! Such rich history you have. Your neighborhood vacation must have been just perfect. I'm just now mended from the bronchitis. But the cough has lingered on forever. Breathing is much easier now, praise the Lord. You and Mr. Jimmie ... always 'sharing' your food in pictures ;) ... Now with school in full swing ... and our company departed, I shall be back visiting you more often. Hugs from the North Woods.

Renae said...

I don't blame you for buying that dress! It is beautiful, and looks so pretty on you. You have excellent taste, my friend!

Felisol said...

I did not fully realize that the material was of that remarkable quality, until Serina found it on Wikipedia.
That ought to learn me something about trusting my own hunch.

Items from our youth in the sixties and seventies have become if not antique, so collectible.
I think we must have been the first real consumer generation.

Hmm, googling daughter; as in daughter who naturally uses Google as a searching engine.

I like the old red tiles of burnt clay too.
In fact I've got about a dozen down in my hobby room, waiting to be decorated.

How nicely said, Mimi, "like stepping in cool waters".
I cherich that.

Amrita, my dress is nothing to your saris, but I appreciate your comment.

Yes, I too think recycling is important. I try to practice my theories, but only half succeed.

Dianne; what I think is sad is that the pic was taken just two minute bicycling from our home. An old and known viewpoint, which is not at all appreciated by our local journalists. They call the place an empty parkinglot.
People are naturally drawn to the place; at sundown there will always be quiet spectators,enjoying the perfect harmony.
Evidently that does not be of importance to our trend setters.
(Guess they've never bothered to sit down at Sao Vicente either..)

Raven; you're the one I'd really like to share the quiet picturesque spots with.

Oh, dear Mrs. Mac, I'm so sorry to learn about how ill you were. Just remember; it'll take at least three more weeks till your body is fully recovered.
Now is not the time to do hard gardening labor.
Now is time to delegate tasks.

I don't know about my taste, it's more peculiar, than excellent, I'm well aware of that.
I never was the one to fit in with the camel cardigans.
Once in a while I make a lucky bargain.
I also have a supportive husband, who let me do my "things" in peace.

From Felisol

Terry said...

If I was on the far side of the sea right now, I would wait until the dead of night and while everyone was laying fast to sleep, I would swipe that beautiful dress from you and speed away with it back to Canada,,,Ha!!
It is sooooo pretty!....Love Terry

Sue Seibert said...

Beautiful, Elise.

Sunshinelene said...

the color of the dress is perfect and it looks good on you. that's one of my favorte color combinations. :)

that's a good find!